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00:01 The U.S. News and World Report
00:02 with the help of some health experts
00:04 revealed the best diets overall out of list of 25.
00:09 However, they neglected to include two experts,
00:13 and people who follow these two expert's advice
00:15 are the healthiest, longest living people on planet earth.
00:19 And they advocate only three diets.
00:21 So our program is entitled "The Three Diets."
00:24 We will be right back.
00:51 Hi, welcome to "Abundant Living",
00:53 I am Curtis Eakins and want to introduce my wife,
00:56 beautiful bride of over 18 years, Paula Eakins.
01:01 Hi. You are doing pretty good today?
01:03 I am doing wonderful.
01:04 You're looking mighty good too. Thank you.
01:06 And I was just thinking about, you said 25 diets.
01:10 Twenty five diets overall.
01:11 And only three approved of, really approved of.
01:16 Well, they rated all 25 diets list up
01:19 several parameters as far as nutrition. Okay.
01:23 Safety, price, their impact on diabetes,
01:28 their impact on cardiovascular disease
01:30 and also impact on weight loss, short term and long term.
01:34 And they grouped all 25 diets based on those parameters.
01:37 And so--but again, you know you have all kinds of diets
01:40 on the list, of course.
01:42 The Atkins diet, the raw food diet,
01:45 the Mediterranean diet, the Slim-Fast,
01:47 the Weight Watchers, the DASH,
01:49 the TLC, therapeutic lifestyle changes, Slim-Fast.
01:54 So many diets out there and-- but these are experts.
01:59 But they left out two experts that were not even included
02:02 in determining the best diets.
02:05 So that's amazing to me and we're going to be talking
02:06 about those two experts as well.
02:08 But before we do that we're going to--
02:11 this is going to be a series folks,
02:13 a series of the eight natural remedies.
02:18 Now we as Seventh-day Adventist Christians,
02:20 most Christians know of that the seven--
02:24 I mean, the eight natural remedies
02:26 and these are lifestyle principals.
02:28 And some people-- this may be new to some.
02:31 And so to remember those eight natural remedies--
02:35 this going to be a series for the next several weeks.
02:37 Honey, let's talk about those eight natural remedies
02:39 and I think there's an acronym to help us
02:42 to remember those eight natural remedies.
02:43 Let's talk about that.
02:45 Well, you know, it's been said a quite a bit
02:47 about these eight natural laws.
02:48 And we call them laws or eight natural principles
02:51 or eight natural doctors,
02:52 but the whole theory is a term called 'New Start.' Okay.
02:56 Now that's a easy way to remember it.
02:58 Of course, my understanding is there was a gentleman
03:00 who was having a hard time trying to remember them,
03:02 come from the book of Ministry of Healing.
03:04 And he had a hard time trying to remember the concept
03:06 and so that New Start was coined by him. Okay.
03:09 The 'N' stands for nutrition
03:11 and the 'E' stands for exercise.
03:14 The 'W' stands for water.
03:16 The 'S' stands for sunshine.
03:19 The 'T' stands for temperance.
03:21 The 'A' stands for air.
03:23 The 'R' stands for rest
03:25 and the 'T' stands for trust in divine guidance.
03:30 Now, Curtis, are you saying we're going to be going
03:32 through this whole eight natural principles. That's right.
03:35 And laws and doctors and all that?
03:37 So you know as we stay tuning and watching and listening,
03:40 then you know we're going to hit each one of those.
03:42 And you have got to stay by,
03:44 so you can see what's going to be the next one.
03:46 That's the way you did that you went through the New Start,
03:48 I mean just you hit all eight.
03:49 I mean, that's remarkable.
03:51 Can you do it again-- but do it backwards?
03:53 No, we're not going to go backwards with that but I will--
03:55 now that's not a bad thing now
03:56 because then backwards would mean
03:57 honest and truly the last one,
03:59 trust in divine God should really be the first one.
04:03 But then it wouldn't spell New Start. That's right.
04:04 So we got to make sure that we keep that one there,
04:07 where it is--although it is through God in Himself
04:10 that could actually help us get through.
04:11 Talking about those diets-- Yeah.
04:13 You said, there were two experts that was left out of the 25.
04:18 They were simply ignored, the two experts.
04:21 And so one of the experts that was not consulted
04:24 in determining these diets overall is God's word. Oh.
04:30 God Himself. I mean, He was not even included. Okay.
04:34 And it seem to reason that God should have been included
04:36 in consulting the Word of God
04:38 as far as the best diet for mankind,
04:41 because God created our bodies.
04:44 So it seems to reason that He would know
04:46 what's best food for our bodies, but He wasn't even consulted,
04:50 wasn't even looked at as far as God's word is concern.
04:53 Well, I think that that's kind of important point right there,
04:56 because when you think about God being a creative God
04:59 actually in the first book of the Bible. That's right.
05:02 In the Book of Genesis, Genesis 1:29,
05:05 I mean, He didn't even go that far down.
05:07 He started right in 29, He gets the whole world together,
05:09 the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean,
05:11 everything is set in place.
05:13 All the stuff that we needed, then He puts us here.
05:16 And then that diet is sitting right there in Genesis 1:29.
05:19 Okay. And God speaks about that diet.
05:22 When it wasn't that really a big deal,
05:24 He could have put it in Psalms or Revelation,
05:26 but He puts it in the very first book of the Bible. That's right.
05:29 I think we should go and read that.
05:31 Oh, right now.
05:32 Oh, I think it's a good idea. Let's go and see this verse.
05:34 Okay. Well, let's go and do it right now
05:35 because-- yes Genesis 1:29.
05:38 Again like my wife said.
05:39 And again as we go through this series, folks
05:41 we're going to be walking through God's word.
05:44 So we encourage you to have your Bibles ready
05:46 or at least have a pen and a paper
05:49 to jot some of these texts down.
05:50 We're going to use God's word as our standard of truth
05:54 and healthful living is without exception.
05:57 So God's word is very efficacious for that.
06:00 The Bible says in Genesis 1:29,
06:04 "And God said, Behold, I have given you
06:07 every herb bearing seed,
06:10 which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree,
06:14 in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed
06:20 and to you it shall be for meat." All right.
06:25 Now the word meat here in the Hebrew mean food,
06:28 because in this text there's no meat mentioned. Yes.
06:32 So when we see the word meat,
06:33 it's talking about food or what we should eat.
06:36 So therefore the herb bearing seed and the fruit of the trees.
06:39 So we've a saying that goes something like this,
06:41 "I am going to enjoy the fruit of my labor."
06:46 It doesn't mean that I am going to enjoy apples and oranges.
06:48 I am going to enjoy the product of my labor.
06:51 So a tree produces more than just fruit,
06:54 what a tree produces more than just fruit also nuts as well,
06:59 so again, nuts and fruits etcetera.
07:01 And so now that's before sinned.
07:04 Now honey, when sin entered into to the world.
07:07 God added something to that diet and this is Genesis 3:18.
07:12 The Bible says, "And thou shall eat
07:14 the herb of the field."
07:18 Now we're talking about the plant kingdom, the legumes,
07:21 the whole grains and the vegetable kingdom.
07:24 So with these two again, this is actually man's best diet.
07:32 Found in Genesis, the first book of the Bible,
07:35 the first chapter of the Bible and then after sin of course,
07:37 Chapter 3 in verse 18.
07:40 People who espouse on this diet
07:43 are the healthiest and longest living people on planet earth.
07:49 God's original diet, diet number one.
07:51 So we've got God's original diet, number one.
07:53 But you said, there was two experts.
07:56 So therefore there's another expert.
07:58 There's another expert. Yes.
07:59 Okay, and this expert was not even consulted as well. Okay.
08:03 Just left this expert out as well.
08:05 This expert, lot of you may not have heard of this author.
08:10 She is a prolific author, wrote many volumes
08:13 on health and healthful living.
08:15 And according to the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.
08:18 this author is the most translated author
08:21 in United States, second in the world.
08:24 As a matter of fact, this author is so prolific
08:27 that Paul Harvey, the radio icon dedicated an entire hour
08:32 of his programming talking about this author
08:34 and how she wrote many volumes on health and healthful living.
08:38 This author's name is Ellen G. White.
08:41 And so through this series of the eight natural remedies,
08:45 we're going to be using these two references,
08:47 these two experts.
08:49 God's word, number 1
08:51 and then author Ellen G. White, number 2.
08:54 And then we're going to-- appropriate we'll be also using
08:57 some clinical studies as well to go,
08:59 walk you through these eight natural remedies.
09:03 So God's word is sure, because the Bible says,
09:06 "Whether we eat or drink or whatever we do,
09:11 do all to the glory of God."
09:14 Well, you talked about these two experts
09:16 and now there's a question, of course,
09:18 I notice someone got this question,
09:19 so exactly then what are the three diets?
09:22 Okay, so we mentioned one already,
09:25 because we kind of went first one first.
09:27 So the first diet is the best diet.
09:30 All right. All right.
09:31 Genesis 1:29 and Genesis 3:18, that's the best diet.
09:34 That diet has zero cholesterol, zero saturated fat
09:40 and practically zero trans-fatty acids.
09:43 That diet has a lots of fiber, the carbohydrates,
09:48 unrefined the foods and vegetables in that kingdom.
09:51 People who espouse on that particular diet
09:54 are the longest living people on planet earth.
09:57 Now there's two other diets as well.
09:59 Let's go to Leviticus 11 because remember now,
10:05 when God created this world
10:08 and after while He saw that He had created the world,
10:11 because the world was so corrupted and evil.
10:14 So He destroyed the world by a flood
10:16 and he told Noah and his eight people to go into the ark
10:20 to be safe from the waters.
10:23 God know that the waters would destroy all the vegetation,
10:26 so after they got out of ark,
10:28 there would be nothing to eat. Right.
10:30 So God told Noah, taken into the ark
10:33 the clean and the unclean.
10:37 Those are two other diets, clean and unclean.
10:41 These are animals.
10:42 These are animals, right. All right.
10:43 So the clean went into the ark by-- Sevens.
10:47 And the unclean went in ark by-- Twos.
10:51 Therefore it must be that God did not intent for man
10:55 to eat the unclean.
10:58 Otherwise if you ate one of the two,
11:00 then that animal species would be simply wiped out.
11:06 Okay, now, now you got that seven clean and two unclean.
11:09 'Cause most people think, people in the ark--
11:11 I mean, the animals went to ark by two.
11:13 I know, I know, you always say that.
11:14 You know, they forget about the seven.
11:16 Yeah. You got to read the word.
11:17 Yeah, that's right.
11:19 Okay. Now of the unclean, why the unclean?
11:22 Okay, the unclean, and let's define
11:24 what is unclean and what's clean.
11:25 And the Bible describes what is clean and what is unclean,
11:28 there's a list here.
11:29 And we are going to go now to Leviticus 11
11:33 and we're going to look at verse, let's look at verse 3.
11:37 "Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and cheweth the cud,
11:41 among the beasts, that shall ye eat."
11:44 These are the cleans.
11:46 So they have to have two things, a parteth the hoof,
11:48 a cheweth the cud.
11:50 So it's as a cow, all right?
11:52 You see the cow just chewing. Yes.
11:54 Cow has three stomachs and goes back up
11:56 and the food comes back up and chews again,
11:58 that's chewing the cud.
11:59 All right. That's clean.
12:01 And they have here something that does not cheweth the cud
12:05 or does not parteth the hoof that is unclean.
12:09 And one in particular we're going to zero
12:11 in is the swine, verse 7.
12:14 "And the swine, though he divide the hoof,
12:17 and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud,
12:21 he is unclean unto you."
12:24 So the swine is singled out as something that's unclean
12:28 and that's one of the many animals, honey,
12:30 that a lot of people take into the system.
12:33 The swine, the pork.
12:35 Or just in case somebody might say,
12:37 "Well, what's the swine?" That swine is the pig.
12:39 Yeah, pig. Just in case. Yeah, it's a pig.
12:42 Just in case. Just in case.
12:43 Now, now, now so he's unclean.
12:46 He's unclean to us because he's a scavenger.
12:49 That's right. Okay.
12:51 So being a scavenger means
12:53 he's actually eating up all the stuff.
12:56 What is it about that pig, that swine that so--
12:59 Well, okay the thing about that is--
13:01 and let me turn to one more text here
13:03 because this is really profound as well. Okay.
13:05 I am going to look at Isaiah 66:17.
13:09 This is a profound text, Isaiah 66:17,
13:14 "Eating swine's flesh, and the abomination,
13:18 and the mouse, shall be consumed together,
13:21 saith the Lord."
13:23 God singles out the swine,
13:25 pork as being unclean among other things as well.
13:28 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me understand.
13:29 Let me explain to you why God singles out the swine.
13:32 Number one, like I said before the cow has three stomachs.
13:36 The swine, the pig has one stomach
13:40 and that stomach is poorly constructed, number 1.
13:45 And number 2, the habitant of a swine,
13:48 it has lice and it has different types of worm,
13:52 the kidney worm, the large round worm.
13:57 It has at least 13 parasites.
14:01 And not only that, we need to understand that
14:04 for our bodies to function very well, it needs blood.
14:09 And blood sends the nutrients to different organs
14:11 and glands in the body,
14:12 so that these organs and glands can function properly.
14:16 So what type of blood then does a swine have?
14:19 Well, that's the question, let's go to our first graphic
14:21 and let's see what type of blood does the swine gives us.
14:26 The worst diet, "Swine's flesh above all other flesh meats,
14:31 produces a bad state of blood.
14:35 The tissues swarm with parasites."
14:39 Again coming from this author Ellen White,
14:41 page 392 of Counsels on Diets and Health.
14:43 So again, swine's flesh
14:46 is in the worst diet category, all right.
14:49 And of course the other diet is the clean foods.
14:52 The clean foods are better than the worst diet,
14:55 you know, the swine and other things as well,
14:57 but the clean foods also has cholesterol, beef, chicken,
15:02 you know, etcetera, turkey.
15:04 It also has saturated fat, it also has carcinogens.
15:09 So these diets also, the clean and the unclean
15:14 both are not the best. Okay.
15:16 All right. One's the worst, unclean. Okay.
15:20 Includes the swine.
15:21 The second is the clean, it's better than the worst,
15:24 but it's not as good as the best which is God's original diet.
15:27 And so what are the benefits?
15:29 Well, there's a lot of benefits for those who obsesses
15:31 on man's original diet, that's the best diet.
15:34 There's the study done with Seventh-day Adventist
15:36 who incorporate more of the plant based diet.
15:39 Let's go through the last graphic at this time.
15:41 We call this the Adventist Lifestyle.
15:44 Quote, "Total cholesterol, blood pressure
15:48 and cancer incidence was lower.
15:50 Total mortality was significantly lower,
15:54 especially cardiovascular"
15:56 Dealing with heart attack and strokes."
15:58 So those who subsist on the best diet based on Genesis 1:29,
16:02 Genesis 3:18 has those benefits as well.
16:05 So we want to share that with the rest of the people here
16:08 as far as nutrition, proper diet and also stay up off
16:12 a lot of the major killer diseases at this time.
16:15 Well, this is surely good.
16:17 I mean, the time is moving so fast
16:18 and I know you are saying,
16:20 are they going to be cooking at all today?
16:21 Well, yes, we are going to in our kitchen
16:23 and we are going to cook
16:24 and we've got a couple of more things
16:25 we want to talk about on this subject
16:27 as we're not quite finished with this one yet.
16:28 So what are we fixing?
16:30 We are fixing a spicy black bean and tomato soup
16:34 and we are also fixing a thyme and chili cornbread.
16:39 Get your paper and your pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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