Generation of Youth for Christ 2016

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
16GYC000001A Video Transcript 0:55:00 Wed. Evening Plenary: Keynote Address Moise Ratsara
16GYC000002A Video Transcript 0:55:30 Thu. Morning Devotional: Laughing Out Loud Randy Skeete
16GYC000003A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Thu. Morning Plenary: Human Trafficking Alex Niculaescu
16GYC000004A Video Transcript 0:44:00 Thu. Evening Plenary: -part 1 Gem Castor
16GYC000005A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Thu. Evening Plenary: -part 2 Jason Sliger
16GYC000006A Video Transcript 0:57:00 Fri. Morning Devotional: The Value of Dirt Randy Skeete
16GYC000007A Video Transcript 0:47:15 Fri. Evening Plenary: -part 1 NA
16GYC000008A Video Transcript 0:59:00 Fri. Evening Plenary: -part 2 Jason Sliger
16GYC000009A Video Transcript 0:58:45 Sat. Morning Devotional: A Tsunami Warning Randy Skeete
16GYC000010A Video Transcript 0:59:00 Sabbath School Chantal Kayumba
16GYC000011A Video Transcript 0:44:30 Divine Service -part 1 NA
16GYC000012A Video Transcript 0:58:00 Divine Service -part 2 John Bradshaw
16GYC000013A Video Transcript 0:59:15 Sat. Afternoon Plenary: No Need to Fear Christian Reeves
16GYC000014A Video Transcript 0:51:15 Sat. Evening Plenary: -part 1 NA
16GYC000015A Video Transcript 0:54:00 Sat. Evening Plenary: -part 2 Jason Sliger
16GYC000016A Video Transcript 0:56:15 Sun Morning Devotional: Esau was a Seventh-day Adventist Randy Skeete
16GYC000017A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Sun. ECOM Snapshot Various talks
16GYC000018A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Sun. Final Charge Chad Kreuzer


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