ASI Conventions, 2016

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
16ASIC000001A Video Transcript 0:58:45 Called, Chosen, Committed Steve Dickman
16ASIC000002A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Members in Action ADRA: Jonathon Duffy, JUMPSTART: (Floyd Courtney & Dawn Lewis), MOTION VIEW SOFTWARE: (Dan & Sylvia Knoch), SEARCH FOR ONE: (Gary Morgan)
16ASIC000003A Video Transcript 0:50:30 The Radical Prayer Derek Morris
16ASIC000004A Video Transcript 0:50:30 Members in Action BANANA CROP STORY (Alan Knowles), Dee Hilderbrand), Karolyn & Richard Leonard), LIFESTYLE CENTER IN ISRAEL (Steve Grabiner), Melody Mason, PATHWAYS TO HEALTH (Lela Lewis, PERSONAL TESTIMONY (Lew Keith), TRAIN THEM 2 FISH (Ongasa
16ASIC000005A Video Transcript 0:48:15 Members in Action CHURCH PLANT (Sam Ngala), HANDICAP PROGRAM (Shawn D'Abreu), MYSDATV (Moses & Adima Primo), GYC (Moise Ratsara & Taylor Hinkle), SHARE HIM (Jeremiah Weeks), LIGHT/WILDWOOD (James Hartley & Vaughn Sparrow
16ASIC000006A Video Transcript 0:57:00 "Sexual Purity; Lost & Found Danielle Harrison (Host), , Souls West (Michael Tuazon), New Beginnings (Dan Houghton)
16ASIC000007A Video Transcript 0:58:15 Members in Action ASI, Youth for Jesus, Youth in Action
16ASIC000008A Video Transcript 0:51:15 Great is They Faithfulness: My Journey into Medicine" John Shin (Host)
16ASIC000009A Video Transcript 0:52:30 Members in Action ASI Time, Business Mission Stories
16ASIC000010A Video Transcript 0:52:15 "Jesus Mingled with the People" Natasha Dysinger
16ASIC000011A Video Transcript 0:55:00 Worship Service Preliminaries Ted Wilson & Duane McKey, Binding Broken Hearts, Quachita Hills, ICC Australia
16ASIC000012A Video Transcript 0:59:15 "Committed" John Bradshaw (Host)
16ASIC000013A Video Transcript 0:55:30 Members in Action (group questions & answers) NA
16ASIC000014A Video Transcript 0:57:45 Members in Action Various leaders
16ASIC000015A Video Transcript 0:58:45 Keynote Address Dan Jackson


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