ASI Conventions, 2014

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
14ASIC000001 Video Transcript 0:50:00 Keynote Address Chris Holland
14ASIC000002A Video Transcript 0:56:15 Music / Morning Session Vicki Griffin
14ASIC000003 Video Transcript 0:54:00 Music / Offering in Action / Members in Action ASAP, Belt of Truth, Congo Frontline Missions, Glow Tracts, Maranatha Volunteers, One Mustard Seed
14ASIC000004A Video Transcript 0:57:45 Music / Members in Action Adventist Review, GYC, 3ABN, Medicore Partners, Search for One Inc., Randall Electric Co.
14ASIC000005 Video Transcript 0:56:45 Music / Offering in Action / Mission Stories Central Asia ministry, LIGHT, Pr. Ted Wilson (short talk), Radio 74, Ruby Nelson Hospital (India), VitaSalus
14ASIC000006A Video Transcript 0:51:00 Music / Members in Action Harbor of Hope, Jimmy Hansen, Revelation Publication Intl., ASI Mid-America, Dr. Brigit Hausted
14ASIC000007 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Music / Sermon Wes Youngberg
14ASIC000008 Video Transcript 0:54:15 Music / Testimony Youth for Jesus
14ASIC000009A Video Transcript 0:54:10 Music / Vespers sermon Charissa Fong
14ASIC000010A Video Transcript 0:54:00 Members in Action / ASI offering By Design Science, Holbrook School, Maranatha One Day Church, New Beginnings DVD project, Ted Wilson (short talk)
14ASIC000011A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Music / Sermon Mark Finley
14ASIC000012A Video Transcript 0:59:00 Music / Offering in Action / Sermon Eric Walsh, Water for Life Ministry


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