ASI Conventions, 2014

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Participants: Charissa Fong


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00:19 It is true by investing in our young people
00:23 it will reap eternal benefits.
00:25 Our speaker this evening is Charissa Fong
00:29 and this passion for evangelism
00:31 was actually bred in her at a very young age.
00:34 At the age of seven,
00:35 she said she was actually really very shy
00:37 and she would look at people
00:38 who were speaking and say wow,
00:40 that looks really exciting.
00:42 And so she would go home
00:43 and she would preach in her mirror
00:46 and her little sister a year
00:48 or so younger than her would come,
00:49 what you are doing? I'm playing church.
00:51 Can I play? Certainly.
00:53 So her little sister would have the opening song
00:56 and the opening prayer and give the special music
00:58 and take up the offering.
01:01 Charissa would preach the word
01:03 and then meet her by the bedroom door,
01:05 thank her for coming.
01:07 So she was really excited and even at a young age
01:10 was passionate about sharing the gospel.
01:13 And tonight we will hear
01:15 what God has laid on her heart to share with passion
01:19 what God has given her just after our young people
01:22 will provide a special number.
01:24 Thank you.
01:43 What heavenly music
01:50 steals over the sea!
01:57 Entrancing the senses
02:01 like sweet melody!
02:07 'Tis the voice of the angels
02:12 borne soft on the air
02:18 For me they are singing,
02:23 their welcome I hear
02:29 On the banks of old Jordan,
02:33 here gazing I stand
02:38 And earnestly longing, I stretch forth my hand
02:45 Send a convoy of angels,
02:50 dear Jesus, I pray!
02:56 Let me join that sweet music,
03:00 come, take me away
04:14 Though dark are the waters and rough is the wave
04:22 If Jesus permit, the wild surges I'll brave
04:30 For that heavenly music
04:36 hath ravished me so
04:45 I must join in that chorus!
04:50 I'll go! Let me go!
04:57 Let me go!
05:08 Amen.
05:14 Amen.
05:15 Thank you young people, for that beautiful music
05:17 and good evening, everyone.
05:19 Good evening.
05:20 It is so exciting for me to be here with you.
05:23 I come from the other side of the world
05:25 and I just can't believe it I'm actually here
05:27 and to see so many of you.
05:29 Have you been blessed at ASI? I have been blessed.
05:31 Usually I watch you all on television
05:34 and when my sister and I got here
05:36 I was so excited to be seeing all of these people
05:39 that I see on television I said to her,
05:41 I don't know if I'm gonna coup when I get to heaven
05:43 because first of all if we get there
05:45 we will be surprised of that we are there,
05:47 but they will be so excited to see everybody else there.
05:50 So I'm so excited to be here
05:52 and I think I have said that several times already.
05:55 I would like to open with a word of prayer
05:58 and then get into our message.
05:59 I've entitled this,
06:00 this testimony and it's a message
06:03 which the Lord placed on my heart
06:05 at the beginning this year.
06:06 So let's bow as we open with the word of prayer.
06:10 Loving Father in heaven,
06:12 we thank you Lord for brining us here
06:14 to study Your word.
06:16 And as we open the pages of Holy Scripture now
06:19 we invite the Holy Spirit
06:21 to come and be present in our midst.
06:23 I pray Lord that You would speak through me
06:26 that this message would be clear
06:28 that You would help us
06:30 to catch a fresh picture of Jesus
06:32 and that You would inspire us
06:34 through faithfully is my prayer in Jesus name, amen.
06:38 If you have your Bibles and I hope you brought them,
06:41 I invite you to take your Bibles
06:42 and turn with me to the Book of Genesis,
06:46 Genesis 5 and we are going to being reading in verse 21.
06:51 Genesis 5:21.
06:56 Genesis 5:21 and we will read through to verse 24.
07:04 Okay, here we go.
07:05 The Bible says, "Enoch lived sixty-five years,
07:09 and begot Methuselah.
07:11 After he begot Methuselah,
07:13 Enoch walked with God three hundred years,
07:17 and had sons and daughters.
07:19 So all the days of Enoch
07:20 were three hundred and sixty-five years.
07:23 And Enoch walked with God and he was not,
07:27 for God took him."
07:30 Friends, I would like to say to you tonight
07:32 that I believe the life of Enoch
07:35 is summarized in the Bible
07:36 with some of the most amazing words.
07:39 Four words, Enoch walked with God.
07:44 In fact, twice the Bible says this.
07:47 It's almost as if, this is the Holy Spirit'
07:49 way of underlining
07:51 so that we do not miss this very important point.
07:55 I would like to submit to you tonight
07:57 that the greatest thing that your church,
08:00 that your colleagues, that your children,
08:03 that your family, that your friends could say
08:06 about you is that, you walk with God
08:10 Amen? Amen.
08:12 Enoch's life was a specimen of Christian consistency.
08:16 Constantly, continuously he enjoyed the companionship
08:20 of Christ for three centuries.
08:25 That's a grand total of at least 109,500 days.
08:32 God and Enoch were not just friends they were best friends.
08:38 And I believe that Enoch
08:39 just couldn't get enough of God.
08:42 He loved to talk of Him, he loved to talk to Him.
08:46 I have a hunch that if you were to ask Enoch
08:50 about God and ask him who is God?
08:52 I have a hunch of smile would spread across his face
08:56 and you would find it difficult to get him to stop talking.
09:00 Because he would tell you that God is enduringly--
09:03 He is enduringly strong. He is entirely sincere.
09:07 He is eternally steadfast. He is immortally graceful.
09:11 He is imperially powerful.
09:13 He is impartially merciful and He is altogether lovely.
09:17 Amen? Amen.
09:18 He would tell you, he said all I have needed
09:21 His hand has provided.
09:23 He gives pardon for sin and a peace that endureth.
09:28 Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.
09:31 Blessing all mine with 10,000 beside.
09:34 And he go on probably and he would tell you
09:37 that He is available for the tempted and the tried.
09:40 He sympathizes and He saves, He guards and he guides,
09:45 He heals, He delivers and He forgives.
09:49 He created this world in six days.
09:53 He is a price of peace. He is the Lord of lords.
09:56 He is the King of kings and he walks with me
10:00 and He talks with me and He tells me I'm His one
10:03 and the joy that we share as we tarry together
10:06 none other has ever known.
10:09 Amen.
10:10 I thought you would have more amen's to that
10:11 because this God is our God.
10:13 Amen? Amen.
10:14 He is a wonderful, wonderful God.
10:16 And right when you thought that Enoch had run
10:20 out of things to tell you about God I bet he would go on
10:23 and he would probably say something like this.
10:25 I wish that I could describe Him to you
10:29 but He is indescribable.
10:30 He is irresistible, He is invincible,
10:33 the heavens cannot contain Him.
10:35 In as sentence Jesus is more than wonderful to me.
10:40 Amen.
10:41 When I think about Enoch I believe that
10:43 that's the kind of person he was.
10:46 He was someone who was passionately
10:48 in love with Jesus.
10:50 And there are young people in this world today
10:53 who would faint
10:54 if Justin Bieber just smiled at them.
10:57 Friends, think of what the honor it is for us
11:01 to be able to walk with God.
11:03 Amen.
11:04 Take your Bibles and come over to Amos 3:3.
11:11 It's a short text but a good one.
11:13 Sheds a little more insight on this very amazing man.
11:17 Amos 3:3 the Bible simply says,
11:22 "Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?"
11:26 You know, the Bible never records that Enoch
11:30 ever argued with God about where they would walk.
11:33 And the alarm's going off.
11:37 Is that mean we have to evacuate?
11:42 Should I continue? I suppose I continue.
11:46 All right, Enoch never argued about where they should walk.
11:50 He just went where God told him to go
11:53 because he knew that God knew the best way forth.
11:56 And I believe that Enoch's heart
11:59 was perfectly in harmony with the will of God.
12:02 And you might say and I know this is very destructing.
12:05 Should I continue? Is this illegal?
12:07 We should pray.
12:09 Let's pray. Let's pray.
12:11 Father in heaven, we can hear the siren that's in room
12:14 we just pray that you would help them
12:15 to find a source of this problem
12:17 so that we can continue.
12:19 We ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.
12:23 Now you might say do they show us a little bit,
12:25 that's nice but we live in different times.
12:28 His circumstances were different to our.
12:31 But friends, listen to me, antediluvian society
12:34 was only something to write all about
12:37 for all the wrong reasons.
12:39 The Bible tells us that during these times
12:42 the thoughts of men's hearts were only evil continuously.
12:47 In fact, let me read to you this quote
12:49 from the writings of Ellen White.
12:51 She says, "There never has been" amen.
12:54 Amen.
12:55 "There never has been and never will be an age
12:58 when the moral darkness will be so dense
13:01 as when Enoch lived a life
13:03 of irreproachable righteousness."
13:06 That's amazing.
13:07 So listen if a man can consistently walk with God
13:11 for 300 years in a world like that
13:14 then this is a remarkable thing.
13:17 Enoch spirituality wasn't seasonal,
13:20 it wasn't short lived, it wasn't lukewarm
13:23 and it wasn't only active during ASI
13:27 or as my mom when she has been praying for me
13:29 she's been praying
13:30 that God would bless my sister and I at the CIA.
13:33 She's been getting
13:35 the letters mixed up but at ASI.
13:39 Friends, on and on through three happy centuries
13:44 Enoch was ever found consciously abiding
13:47 in the love of God.
13:49 And his was a life of spiritual progress.
13:52 At the end of 200 years
13:54 for instance he was not where he started.
13:56 He was still in the same companionship,
13:59 yes, but he had grown.
14:01 He had come to understand more to love more
14:05 and therefore he could give more
14:07 because he had grown in grace.
14:09 Amen.
14:10 So the question we all want to answer,
14:12 would like to know the answer to is,
14:14 how did Enoch walk with God?
14:18 Let me read to you this quote.
14:20 Enoch's walk with God was not in a trance or vision
14:25 but in all the duties of daily life.
14:29 As a husband and father, a friend, a citizen
14:33 he was the unwavering servant of the Lord.
14:37 I would like to submit to you just four ways--
14:39 from the my Bible study that I can see that
14:41 Enoch was able to develop
14:43 this wonderful relationship with Jesus.
14:45 The first thing that I note when the Bible says
14:48 that Enoch walked with God
14:49 I believe it means that he had a prayer life.
14:53 To him and I quote prayer was the breath of the soul.
14:56 He lived in the very atmosphere of heaven.
14:59 Prayer was to him
15:01 the opening of his heart to his best friend.
15:04 And who could be unhappy
15:06 with such a wonderful friend as Jesus?
15:08 Amen? Amen.
15:10 I got my first speeding ticket
15:12 while listening to Wintley Phipps sing
15:14 "His Eyes Is on the Sparrow"
15:16 while I was hurtling down the highway in Australia,
15:19 I was on my way to Avondale College
15:21 and I was running late for class.
15:23 And I have traveled this road many, many times before.
15:27 I know where all the police cars sit
15:29 when they are waiting to try and catch somebody.
15:31 So I know that areas where I can speed up,
15:34 this is not good.
15:36 I know the areas where I could speed up
15:37 and the areas where I need to slow down.
15:40 This particular day
15:41 there was a policeman waiting in a spot
15:44 where I had never seen a policeman before
15:47 and next this I know
15:48 these flashing lights behind me.
15:50 He comes out behind me, it was like a shock.
15:52 Pulls me over and he said, excuse me,
15:54 do you realize you are speeding?
15:56 I was doing 125 kilometers per hour
15:59 when I should have been doing 100.
16:01 And I said yes, I realize that.
16:03 He said, may I have your license?
16:04 Took my license.
16:05 He wrote up my fine, he gave it to me
16:08 and he actually was quite gracious to me.
16:10 He gave me much less than what I deserved.
16:12 Maybe because he thought
16:13 I was a nice person I don't know.
16:16 But he gives it to me and then he left.
16:18 And when he left I was so discouraged
16:21 because this was my first ticket and I just,
16:24 I just wanted to talk to somebody who cared.
16:27 Now I wasn't gonna ring my dad because I knew
16:30 that he would tell me that I deserved it.
16:32 So I didn't ring him. I rang my mom.
16:35 But she didn't answer the phone so I rang my sister,
16:38 she didn't answer the phone.
16:39 It was early in the morning
16:40 so I think who can I call for some sympathy
16:42 and I thought I will call my friend Sania.
16:44 So I called Sania, I said Sania,
16:46 I just need to talk to someone who cares and she says yes
16:49 and you think that's me.
16:53 Friends, aren't you glad that Jesus always cares about us.
16:58 He is interested in all
17:00 the little details of our lives.
17:02 In fact, when we walk with Jesus
17:05 we can say with the Psalms, and I'm not gonna turn there
17:07 because I believe you know the text.
17:10 Psalm 23:4, "Yea, though I walk
17:13 through the valley of the shadow of death,
17:15 I will fear" how much?
17:17 "No evil, for You are with me."
17:20 Psalms 84:11 "For the Lord God is a sun and shield,
17:24 the Lord will give grace and glory,
17:26 no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly."
17:31 Enoch walked with God
17:33 in all the changing circumstances of his life.
17:36 He was walking and talking with Jesus
17:38 in the good times and in the bad times.
17:41 In fact, the Sprit of Prophecy even tells us
17:44 that when Enoch would come away
17:45 for sometime with Jesus he would withdraw
17:48 from the society of others.
17:50 When he came away from the quiet time with Jesus
17:52 she tells us that his face was illuminated
17:56 with the glory of God.
17:58 He had a shine at his face. His face was glowing.
18:01 Friends, are you spending time with Jesus in prayer?
18:06 I know a lady in Australia,
18:08 she is a senior lady but she has an amazing prayer life.
18:12 She has a prayer list with 500 names on it
18:16 and she tells me she prays
18:18 for those names three times a day
18:21 and she tells me sometimes I'm on my knees
18:24 and I get sour, my back get sour and I get tired
18:27 and I just hold the list up to heaven
18:29 and I say Lord, you can read this.
18:33 My dad was on that list.
18:35 My dad stopped walking with Jesus
18:38 shortly after he married my mom
18:40 but he was on this lady's prayer list
18:42 and he got re-baptized in 2007.
18:44 Amen? Amen.
18:46 Not only that, as soon as he got re-baptized
18:48 she crossed him off the list
18:50 but we need to be a prayer people, a people of prayer.
18:54 The communication between us and God should never stop.
18:58 Amen. Amen.
18:59 Oh, when I do this means, amen.
19:03 All right, so number one, Enoch had a prayer life.
19:06 Number two, when I say,
19:09 the Bible says he walked with God
19:11 I believe it means that he preached
19:13 and practiced what he preached.
19:15 Amen.
19:16 Take your Bibles and come with me to the Book of Jude,
19:19 Jude, there's only one chapter, chapter 1
19:22 and notice with me verses 14 and 15.
19:26 These are the only recorded words of Enoch in the Bible.
19:31 Jude 1:14, 15 says,
19:36 "Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam,
19:39 prophesied about these men also, saying,
19:42 'Behold, the Lord comes
19:44 with ten thousands of His saints,
19:46 to execute judgment on all, to convict all
19:50 who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds
19:54 which they have committed in an ungodly way,
19:56 and of all the harsh things
19:58 which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him."
20:04 He was not a sadventist.
20:05 You know, amen.
20:07 Enoch was an Adventist.
20:08 Amen.
20:09 And he preached the undiluted message from the Word of God.
20:13 He looked down through the tunnel of time
20:16 and he saw Jesus coming again.
20:19 And this blessed heart compelled him
20:22 so much so that he could not be silent.
20:25 He had to tell others about Jesus.
20:28 There was fire that burned in his poems of passion
20:31 for the salvation of the lost around him.
20:35 And as you read I don't know
20:36 if you noticed but he is classic prophet, isn't it?
20:40 Four times he mentions the word ungodly in the passage
20:44 that we just read.
20:45 Do you think that people liked everything that he said?
20:49 No. No.
20:50 He wasn't probably the most popular preacher in town
20:53 so we can expect the same reaction to our message today
20:57 and yet admits the taunt of blasphemy and rebuke.
21:03 In a world so full of wickedness
21:05 that it was catapulting towards an epic drowning Enoch preached
21:09 the plain and simple truth and not only that
21:12 but he lived what he preached.
21:15 Amen.
21:16 Martin Luther once gave a very brief
21:19 but expressive eulogy for a pastor
21:22 and I hope I say this right in Zwickau in 1522
21:25 his name was Nicholas Haussmann.
21:27 And of this man the great reformer simply said,
21:31 "What we preach, he lived."
21:35 Can that be said about you?
21:38 Enoch had a prayer life.
21:41 Enoch practiced what he preached and preached
21:43 what he practiced.
21:45 Number three, when Enoch walks--
21:47 when the Bible says he walked with God
21:49 I believe it is telling us that Enoch had a pure heart.
21:54 Enoch was heaven material.
21:57 Listen to this quote here from the Review and Herald,
22:00 "Not a thread of coarseness or selfishness
22:03 was woven into the web that this servant of God
22:06 was weaving in his daily life."
22:09 This man was a pure man.
22:11 He dressed different, he talked different
22:14 because he was different.
22:16 Enoch was a paragon of purity in his time.
22:19 His private, domestic, social and Facebook life
22:24 was ever regulated by the belief
22:27 that he was ever and always in the presence of God.
22:32 He was not conformed
22:33 to the world nor controlled by it.
22:35 And the closer he came to Jesus,
22:38 the further and further he came away from the world.
22:41 Am I saying to you tonight that Enoch never sinned?
22:45 No.
22:46 He needed a Savior just as much as we do
22:49 but Enoch was just an every day guy
22:52 with an every day faith.
22:55 He was every day raising his family
22:58 to love and know Jesus.
23:00 He was every day loving his wife.
23:03 Friends, he was married
23:04 to the same woman for 300 years.
23:08 Amen.
23:09 Amen. Amen.
23:11 All right, he was every day being a witness for God.
23:15 He was every day living his life for God's glory.
23:18 He was every day walking with Jesus.
23:22 And because he had a heart like this,
23:24 a heart that was so set on purity
23:26 and following Jesus God blessed him, God loved him.
23:31 And of course, in Matthew 6:8
23:34 what does Jesus say in His sermon on the mount?
23:38 Sorry, Matthew 5:8 it says,
23:41 "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
23:48 He had a prayer life.
23:50 He practiced what he preached and he preached
23:52 what he practiced.
23:53 He had a pure heart.
23:54 Point number four, I believe
23:56 when he walks with God it means that he pleased God.
24:00 And I get this straight from the Bible.
24:02 Come over to Hebrews, Hebrews Chapter 11,
24:06 Hebrews Chapter 11
24:10 and I will read to you from verses 5 and 6.
24:14 Hebrews 11:5, 6 the Bible says,
24:17 "By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death,
24:22 'and was not found, because God had taken him'
24:26 for before he was taken he had this testimony,"
24:30 mark that because that's a title
24:31 "that he pleased God.
24:34 But without faith it is impossible to please Him,
24:37 for he who comes to God must believe that He is,
24:40 and that He is a rewarder
24:42 of those who diligently seek Him."
24:44 Friends, what a testimony is this.
24:48 This is not Enoch's testimony about himself,
24:52 this is the Holy Spirit's testimony about Enoch.
24:56 Would you love for God
24:58 to be able to say the same about you?
25:00 Amen.
25:01 I would love for God to be able to say this about me.
25:03 In fact, in the Book of Romans, Romans 15:3 the Bible tells us
25:08 that even Christ pleased not himself.
25:11 He was always seeking to please the Father in heaven.
25:14 So forget people pleasing. Enoch was a God pleaser.
25:19 He lived for the audience of one.
25:22 Ever conscious of God's company the constant tenner of his holy
25:27 and devout mind was ever and always to please Him.
25:31 And the Bible says without faith
25:33 it is impossible to do this.
25:35 Impossible is a very strong word.
25:38 And notice here too that it doesn't say
25:41 that Enoch had a testimony
25:43 it says that Enoch had this testimony.
25:48 Now that is very specific.
25:51 Every Christian has a testimony.
25:53 Every single one in this room can tell us
25:56 the day we met Jesus and the wonderful change
25:58 that happened in our lives.
26:00 But sadly not every Christian has this testimony.
26:05 Not every Christian is able to say
26:07 that their life pleases God.
26:09 Not every Christian is able to look up to heaven
26:12 and say that there is nothing between my soul and the Savior.
26:15 I have renounced those sinful pleasure.
26:17 Not every Christian can say this,
26:20 but Enoch could say it.
26:22 In the midst of a generation
26:24 that constantly displeased God he continually pleased Him.
26:30 So let me ask you a question.
26:32 When you do what you please does what you do please God?
26:39 The Bible tells us that Enoch's life
26:42 was so pleasing to Him that guess what friends,
26:46 he walk straight into heaven.
26:48 Amen.
26:49 Can you imagine that? I love how one preacher put it.
26:53 He said, he imagines that one day
26:55 Enoch might have not in the fields
26:57 and he been walking and talking with Jesus.
26:59 And they had a wonderful day.
27:01 But the sun was setting and Enoch knew
27:03 he had to go home
27:04 because it was dark soon and so he said Lord,
27:06 it's getting late, I best be going home now.
27:08 I should probably turn back.
27:10 And then came God's gentle but instant reply.
27:13 Enoch, come to My home it's closer.
27:16 I love that thought.
27:18 All for a closer walk with God.
27:20 Amen? Amen.
27:21 All for a closer walk with God.
27:23 And until this point the Spirit of Prophecy tells us
27:26 that Enoch had been wondering,
27:28 he had been questioning the wicket,
27:31 he wondered that maybe the wicked
27:33 and the righteous had the same end
27:34 because all seem to die.
27:36 But in the life of Enoch God showed him and He shows us
27:40 that there is a reward for the righteous, amen.
27:44 Amen.
27:45 And what a wonderful reward that, that is.
27:48 And so Enoch the first among men to enter heaven.
27:51 He walked through the pearly gates into the holy city.
27:56 I love this story.
27:58 And friends, the life of Enoch it intrigues me
28:02 and it inspires me.
28:04 This man must have been a man who loved Jesus so, so much.
28:09 Now, is it difficult for us to please God?
28:15 No. No.
28:17 Your enthusiasm in answering that question
28:20 makes me feel I should tell a little story.
28:23 I'm part of a singing group back in Australia
28:25 and we have a regular rehearsal every week
28:28 and one night we were rehearsing
28:31 and then we had a break.
28:32 And while we were in the break
28:34 I noticed one of the guys in our group
28:36 he took out his phone and he was looking at it
28:39 and suddenly the smile swept across his face
28:42 and he went, oh, this is so good.
28:44 And we looked at him and we said,
28:45 what happened?
28:47 He said, it's Sienna, his little baby girl.
28:49 He said, she just rolled over.
28:52 Now friends, that was really special
28:54 but if that is how easy it is for a father,
28:59 a human father to be pleased with a child.
29:01 Friends, the moment we set our hearts about seeking God
29:05 and serving Him it thrills Him, it pleases Him.
29:08 Amen? Amen.
29:10 Enoch is my mom's favorite Bible character
29:14 and now that I've spend some time
29:15 studying his life I can see why.
29:18 His life has no recorded adventures.
29:20 It's not like he conquered a city,
29:22 built the city, did anything like that.
29:24 But isn't not adventuring enough
29:27 for someone to walk with God?
29:30 I think that this is the greatest ambition
29:33 that one could ever have,
29:35 one could ever crave is to walk with Jesus.
29:39 And friends, the life of Enoch when I think about it,
29:42 it really begs us to studying the life of Jesus.
29:46 If you have your Bible come over to 1 John,
29:49 1 John 2:6,
29:55 1 John 2:6.
30:01 Here the Bible simply says
30:03 "He who says he abides in Him
30:06 ought himself also to walk just as He walked."
30:12 I read a book by Norman Gulley called
30:14 "Christ, our substitute" it's a beautiful book.
30:17 And as I was reading it there is a moment
30:19 in the book where he lets his spiritual imagination run
30:23 and in there he imagines that once upon a time
30:26 all the inhabitants from the far flung cosmos
30:29 gathered into heavens amphitheater
30:32 one day many years ago.
30:34 And as they did Jesus announced to them
30:37 that the time had come for him to leave
30:39 and to come down to this earth to redeem the humane race.
30:43 And as he is describing this picture in his book
30:46 he notes that there would have been
30:49 three members of that company
30:50 that would have been especially concerned,
30:53 Enoch, Moses and Elijah.
30:56 They've all live on this planet.
30:58 They all know how hard it is to follow God down here.
31:01 They know what a bad world this is.
31:04 And he imagines that they might have said to him Lord,
31:07 why must you go?
31:08 Why can't you-- is there not any other way
31:10 that You save the human race?
31:13 And in his book he says,
31:14 he imagines that Jesus might have turned to them
31:17 and said for You I must go.
31:20 And you imagine what that must have been like
31:22 as those men had processed
31:24 that thought for us he has to go.
31:28 God himself cannot keep us hear
31:31 unless He pays the price for our sin.
31:35 And so Jesus comes down to this earth
31:36 and he watch how he lived.
31:38 He watch how he walked with God.
31:40 Friends, he comes down
31:42 and he lives a spirit filled life
31:44 so much so that he lived without sin.
31:49 Wow.
31:50 And friends, let me tell you Jesus was tempted beyond
31:53 what you and I will ever be tempted.
31:55 And you say, hang on a minute Charissa,
31:57 don't bring your strange
31:59 Australian ideas to this country.
32:01 How can you prove that, that's impossible?
32:03 But listen, if temptation is all about encouraging us
32:07 to become reliant upon ourselves
32:10 and the separated from an abiding relationship
32:13 with God then who Holy Spirit the greater temptation.
32:17 Jesus who is divine
32:18 and He had everything worth depending upon or us.
32:23 I think the answer is pretty self explanatory.
32:27 But friends, Jesus comes down and He lives
32:30 and He walks in the spirit, amen.
32:32 And he sets for us this perfect example
32:35 which Enoch goes and he follows in his life
32:38 and because Jesus did this.
32:41 Come over to Romans 8:1, because Jesus did this
32:46 and set for us this wonderful example.
32:50 The Bible tells us in Romans 8:1,
32:53 "There is therefore now no" how much?
32:56 "No condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus,
33:00 who do not walk according to the flesh,
33:03 but according to the Spirit."
33:05 Amen.
33:06 Now if you like thee
33:08 you totally asking this question,
33:10 what was it that triggered this amazing walk
33:13 with God that Enoch had?
33:15 I mean, you do not just roll out of bed one morning
33:18 and start walking with Jesus like this.
33:20 Enoch's walk was not some wonderful accident.
33:24 Friends, this walk was something he intentionally
33:27 and passionately pursued.
33:30 So let's do a little bit of investigation.
33:33 If you did the match from the account of Genesis
33:36 you will discover the Adam would have been about
33:38 622 years old when Enoch was born.
33:43 This means for the first 308 years of Enoch's life
33:48 Adam and Enoch are on earth together.
33:52 Wow, that's pretty amazing.
33:54 So here's what I think happened.
33:56 You have all of these antediluvian people
33:58 on the phase of the planet
34:00 and they've all heard the story of creation
34:03 and the fall but to them it is just a story
34:06 that is to everybody except for Enoch.
34:09 For some reason the story
34:11 of Adam and Eve just gripped him.
34:13 He couldn't-- it just wouldn't release him.
34:15 He couldn't shake the thought from him mind
34:18 to think that his own great times seven grandfather Adam
34:22 had walked with God.
34:24 And so I imagine that every opportunity
34:27 that he had he would make time
34:29 to spend time chatting with Adam.
34:32 And in every conversation when he made that time with him
34:35 he would make a beeline at every opportunity
34:37 for his favorite subject and he might have said grandpa,
34:40 tell me about the good old days.
34:42 What was it like when you walked with God?
34:46 What did you talk about? How did you do it?
34:49 And Adam must have been quite the storyteller
34:51 because there was something about the stories
34:54 that was just so captivating for Enoch.
34:57 Maybe as he told the story of the fall
35:01 his eyes would grow glossy and his voice would quiver
35:04 as he recalled that faithful day
35:06 when he and Eve had partaken of that forbidden fruit
35:10 and lost paradise.
35:12 But then one day Enoch becomes a dad.
35:17 And those of you who are parents
35:18 you will know just how life changing that is.
35:22 It must have been pretty exciting for him to be 65
35:25 and suddenly have a baby in the house.
35:28 But as Enoch looks upon his son,
35:31 this wonderful new picture of God bursts upon him
35:35 begins to develop for him.
35:37 I imagine that as little Methuselah grew
35:40 they would take walks together hand in hand
35:43 and every time Methuselah looked up at his dad
35:46 with his bright beaming eyes
35:48 Enoch could see that his son saw him to be the greatest
35:51 and the strongest most wonderful person
35:53 that had ever lived.
35:55 And he could see that
35:56 his son was never afraid in his presence
35:59 because he knew that if there was some trouble
36:01 along the way well, dad would take care of it
36:04 and so he never worried.
36:05 And as Enoch thought about this
36:08 and his relationship with his son
36:10 he suddenly realized that maybe
36:12 this was what it was like when Adam walked with God.
36:16 And maybe the love which he felt
36:18 towards his own son
36:20 was reflective just a little bit
36:22 of how God must feel towards him.
36:25 And so he dedicated his life to walking with Jesus.
36:28 In fact, his name in the Hebrew means dedicated
36:33 and he never looked back.
36:36 And friends, mark this because as Enoch's life was deepened
36:41 by experience so to our own are deepened by experiences.
36:45 Well, sometimes God uses trials.
36:47 God uses those hard times to bring us
36:50 into a place where we can walk with Him.
36:54 Now I want to focus on one other thing
36:56 and I see my clock is running
36:57 so I just want to tell you one other detail
36:59 which I think is fascinating.
37:01 The name Methuselah, it's an interesting name
37:04 for choose for your child don't you think?
37:06 I mean, there is a guy in my church
37:08 and I find names really interesting.
37:10 We have a man in our church in Australia called
37:12 Bill Gates and he says he is the original
37:16 because he was here before the other Bill Gates.
37:19 But he is a lay evangelist, you could imagine
37:21 how that guy is down when he travels.
37:22 Bill Gates is coming to town.
37:24 And when Bill came back from Zimbabwe
37:27 and he told us about this family he met
37:29 that had three beautiful children,
37:30 their names were Hallelujah, Hosanna, and Amen.
37:34 So can you imagine calling the family to come for worship?
37:38 Hallelujah, Amen, Hosanna, time.
37:41 But anyway the name Methuselah,
37:43 did you know what the name Methuselah means?
37:44 It means when he dies it shall come.
37:48 It was if God was saying to Enoch, Enoch,
37:50 you see this little baby that you hold in your hands
37:53 when he dies the end will come.
37:57 Imagine how this would have fuelled his preaching.
38:00 No wonder Enoch walked
38:02 with God every time Methuselah fell sick
38:04 I'm sure he wondered if this was it.
38:07 But friends, when Enoch was taken to heaven
38:10 Methuselah continued to live on
38:12 and he saw another preacher of righteousness come.
38:15 Who was it? Noah.
38:16 Noah. That's right.
38:17 His grandson.
38:18 And when I imagine that he would have seen
38:20 the ark he perhaps helped build it
38:22 and maybe as he was there by the ark Noah said
38:25 you see my grandfather there, when he dies the end will come
38:29 and people would look at Methuselah
38:30 and they could see he was seasoned with years
38:32 and they might think okay, well, must be soon.
38:35 But friends, in the same way
38:37 that Methuselah was a walking sermon
38:39 so do we are walking sermons as well.
38:43 Methuselah lived just 31 years shy of a millennium
38:47 and one day after 120 years of building the ark
38:51 the final hammer fell.
38:53 And then if you do the math the Bible tells us
38:56 that in the very year he died the flood came.
39:01 You read some other Hebrew scholarship
39:03 and they believed that in the very week
39:05 prior to the flood Methuselah died.
39:08 What's my point?
39:10 My point is this, friends,
39:12 I'm proud to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
39:14 There is no other church that I would rather be part of.
39:18 In fact, I bumped into somebody here in Grand Rapids,
39:21 so we were before the conference started and I--
39:24 I knew them because I had seen them before
39:26 and I waived at them.
39:27 They didn't know me but they waived back anyway
39:30 and we started talking and I said yes,
39:32 we thought you were an Adventist,
39:34 I was so happy with that.
39:36 Because listen friends,
39:38 we could have been called the church of Jesus Christ
39:40 because Jesus is our central theme,
39:42 He is our central doctrine.
39:44 We could have been called
39:45 the church of the latter day saints
39:46 because we too believe
39:48 that we are living in the last days
39:49 and that this is God's last day remnant people, amen.
39:53 We believe that we could have been called evangelical church
39:56 because we love evangelism, it flows in our veins.
40:00 We could have been the Pentecostal church
40:02 because we believe in the baptism of the spirit
40:04 and being born again
40:05 and we are praying for the out pouring
40:08 of God's spirit in latter rain power.
40:10 Amen. Amen.
40:11 We could have been the Methodist church
40:13 because we believe in God's method of salvation
40:16 through faith in Jesus.
40:17 We could have been Baptist
40:19 because we believe in baptism by immersion.
40:21 But guess what, we are Seventh-day Adventist
40:24 and every time you say your name
40:26 it preaches a sermon to somebody.
40:29 It brings hope and conviction to those who are around you.
40:33 And this time friends, as Enoch was back
40:35 then we too are waiting for the end of the world
40:38 when Jesus will come.
40:40 And Bible prophecy tells us that soon laws will be enforced
40:45 that will forbid people from worshiping God's way.
40:48 In fact, if you-- can I just read this to you
40:52 "Patriarchs and Prophets."
40:54 "In prophetic vision" this is for that Enoch.
40:56 "He was instructed concerning the death of Christ,
41:00 and he was shown His coming in glory,
41:03 attended by all the holy angels,
41:05 to ransom His people from the grave.
41:08 He saw the corrupt state of the world
41:10 when Christ should appear the second time."
41:12 God showed him all of this and we know
41:16 from Bible prophecy that before Jesus comes back
41:18 there will be a death decree.
41:20 God's people will have to flee and hide.
41:23 But friends, right when it looks like
41:26 God's church is about to be defeated,
41:28 run what it looks like we will not win guess what,
41:32 Jesus will come.
41:33 Amen.
41:34 And when He comes we will look up
41:36 and we will be able to say
41:38 "For the Lord himself will come down
41:40 from heaven with a shout,
41:42 with the voice of the archangel,
41:43 and with the trumpet call of God,
41:45 and the dead in Christ they are gonna rise first.
41:48 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up
41:52 together with them in the clouds
41:53 and so shall we ever be with the Lord."
41:56 Amen. Amen.
41:57 I'm so-- I'm an Adventist
41:58 and I get really excited
42:00 when I think about the advent of Jesus Christ.
42:03 Amen. Amen.
42:04 My grandma passed away in 2010, my dad's mom.
42:08 She was Samoan.
42:10 My dad is Samoan,
42:11 I should have said that in the beginning.
42:13 My dad is Samoan my mom is Australian
42:15 so if I look mixed up that's what.
42:18 But when my grandma passed away
42:21 just before she did
42:22 my dad managed to get to Samoan in time
42:24 to spend time with here which was really special.
42:27 But he told her mom, listen for the trumpet.
42:30 Listen for the trumpet
42:32 because when Jesus comes back you will hear it.
42:35 Let me read this quote
42:36 and then we need to run to our finish line.
42:38 "Enoch's life and character were so holy
42:42 that he was translated to heaven without seeing death.
42:45 It represents what the lives and characters of all must be,
42:52 if, like Enoch,
42:53 they are subjects to be translated
42:55 when Christ shall come.
42:57 His life was what the life of every one
43:00 may be who closely connects with God."
43:05 I didn't just come to the study
43:06 because I thought it would be nice.
43:08 I came to the study because it's necessary.
43:11 Ladies and gentlemen,
43:12 if you want to be men and women of God then walk with God.
43:18 If you want to make something of your life walk with God.
43:22 Lift Him up in all that you do because no one
43:25 who has ever walked with Jesus has ever gotten lost.
43:29 Amen. Amen.
43:30 That nothing and no one come between you and Him.
43:34 Like Enoch as I said we are waiting
43:36 for the end of the age and it won't be long now
43:39 God's wanted ad is out there I just shared it with you.
43:43 God is looking for people who will worship him
43:47 in Spirit and in truth
43:48 and are people who will walk with Him
43:51 so that He can walk them home.
43:54 Now mark this, that when you walk with Christ
43:58 the same world that crucified him will not be kind to you.
44:02 But walk with Jesus anyway because there is a reward
44:06 for those who are obedient to Him.
44:09 There is a reward for the righteous.
44:11 I want to be part of an Enoch generation
44:14 that by God's grace will walk into heaven.
44:18 And even if I should die before He comes
44:21 then the promise is still there
44:22 that I will be caught up to meet Him in the end.
44:26 Friends, do you want to be a part of this generation?
44:29 Amen. Amen.
44:30 Really?
44:31 Amen. Amen.
44:34 Then listen to this, you must do what Enoch did.
44:39 You want to experience what he experienced?
44:42 Do what he did.
44:43 Enoch's life reminds me that I'm responsible
44:47 for my earned relationship with Jesus.
44:49 Amen.
44:50 And if Christianity is a relationship with Jesus
44:53 and you are not communicating with Him
44:55 you do not have a pure life,
44:57 you're not practicing what you preach and preaching
44:59 what you practice.
45:01 If all of these points that I mentioned before
45:02 and not reflected in your life then there is no relationship.
45:06 So beloved church, walk with God.
45:11 And if you struggle to find the motivation
45:14 may I encourage you to go to Calvary
45:17 because go there daily because when you go to Calvary
45:21 and you see Jesus high and lifted up
45:23 dying and bleeding for love of you,
45:27 I tell you that will give you motivation
45:29 that nothing else can give you.
45:31 That will bring love to your heart for Jesus
45:34 and nothing else can
45:36 because the cross didn't change His mind,
45:38 it changes my mind.
45:40 The cross didn't change His character,
45:42 it changes my character.
45:46 Flying is a very spiritual experience for me.
45:49 Flying is for birds and I really don't like flying at all
45:53 but there is a story of a pastor
45:55 he was traveling on a flight
45:56 and as he was traveling the pilot came over
45:59 the intercom whatever you call,
46:01 the loudspeaker and he said ladies and gentlemen,
46:04 there's turbulence ahead
46:05 so we will be unable to serve your refreshments at this time.
46:08 Please, buckle your seatbelts.
46:10 So everybody buckled up.
46:11 Shortly after that the voice came on again,
46:14 cabin crew, please be seated turbulence just ahead
46:17 and moments later bang, lightening burst
46:20 into the sky and suddenly this plane was like a cork
46:24 being toss over on a celestial ocean.
46:27 It was up one minute, down the next and frankly
46:30 the pastor said everybody on this plane was frightened.
46:33 That's when he noticed her,
46:35 just across the aisle from him was this little girl,
46:38 she had her legs folded and she was just reading a book
46:41 and everything in her world seems
46:43 so calm and so serene.
46:45 And he was just captivated with her.
46:49 He thought to himself I got to--
46:50 I got to talk to this girl when we land.
46:52 Oh, the plane made it
46:54 and as soon it landed everybody got off that plane real quick
46:57 but the pastor hung around
46:59 because he wanted to meet this girl.
47:01 She comes off the plane all peaceful, all calm.
47:03 He says to her, may I ask you a question?
47:06 She says, yes.
47:08 He says, I noticed you on the plane.
47:10 When everybody was scared you weren't.
47:12 May I ask you why weren't you afraid
47:15 when was plane was being tossed around?
47:17 And she just looked at him with her big beautiful eyes
47:20 and she said sir, my daddy is a pilot
47:22 and he is taking me home.
47:24 Amen. Amen.
47:26 Friends, when the storms of life are raging
47:31 and they will rage, physical storms,
47:34 family storms, financial storms,
47:36 all kinds of personal storms will darken our skies.
47:40 Let us remember that our Father in heaven
47:42 is the pilot and even though it seems
47:45 that the plane is not gonna make it,
47:47 it will because He is taking us home.
47:49 Amen? Amen.
47:50 And we need to be like Enoch.
47:52 Friends, evidently from my study of life of Enoch
47:56 everywhere is within a walking distance even heaven.
48:00 Walk with God and you will never walk alone.
48:03 Walk with Him in the times of great joy.
48:06 Walk with Him in the times of great sorrow.
48:09 And when you feel you don't have the strength ask Him
48:13 and He will carry you through in His loving,
48:16 every lasting arms.
48:17 Amen? Amen.
48:18 So church, are you walking with Jesus?
48:22 Not really.
48:23 How is it with you?
48:26 This is a challenging message to me
48:28 and I believe the Lord brought me here
48:30 because He wanted me to ask myself this question,
48:33 Charissa, are you walking with Jesus?
48:36 So I just want to end with a little appeal
48:38 and simple this, do you want to walk with God?
48:42 Amen.
48:44 All right, that's the first part of the appeal,
48:46 that's good.
48:47 Second part is this, hey, friends,
48:49 you have been reflecting on the life of Enoch
48:52 maybe the Holy Spirit spoke to you
48:54 and we realize that there is something in your life
48:56 that is preventing you
48:58 from having that close walk with God.
49:01 Maybe there is something that needs to change.
49:03 Maybe you need to make more time,
49:05 you haven't been making enough time well,
49:07 you know what it is, it's between you and Jesus.
49:09 But if there is something in your life
49:11 that you would like to change and you want to give it up,
49:15 you want to make that change make that decision now
49:18 then I would just invite you to stand in your seat
49:20 where you are and I would offer a special prayer for you.
49:26 Amen, let's pray.
49:31 Father in heaven, we stand here
49:34 because we want to walk with You
49:36 as Enoch walked in days of old.
49:39 We place now our trembling hand in Yours
49:42 and we invite You Lord,
49:44 to help us to be faithful to Jesus.
49:47 We've made commitments just now and for every person
49:50 that commitment maybe different
49:52 but Lord, I pray and that You will bless them
49:54 for this decision that they have made.
49:56 May we too be part of that last day
49:58 Enoch generation
50:00 that will let nothing come between us and Jesus.
50:03 This is our prayer, fill us with Your spirit Lord,
50:06 that we too may live that spiritual life
50:09 that Jesus called us to live.
50:11 We ask this in Jesus precious name, amen.
50:14 Amen.
50:15 God bless you. You may be seated.
50:51 When the storms of life are raging,
50:57 stand by me
51:04 When the storms of life are raging,
51:10 stand by me
51:17 When the world is tossing me,
51:24 like a ship upon the sea
51:31 Thou who rules the wind and water,
51:38 stand by me
51:45 In the midst of faults and failures,
51:51 stand by me
51:58 In the midst of faults
52:01 and failures, stand by me
52:09 When I've done the best I can,
52:15 and my friends they misunderstand
52:22 Thou who knows all about me,
52:28 stand by me
52:36 In the midst of tribulation,
52:41 stand by me
52:47 In the midst of tribulation,
52:53 stand by me
52:59 When the host of hell assail,
53:04 and my strength begins to fail
53:11 Thou Who never lost a battle,
53:18 stand by me
53:26 Thou Who rules the wind and water
53:34 stand by me
53:41 Amen.


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