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Participants: Youth for Jesus


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00:18 Well, Danny,
00:19 it's the Sabbath morning in ASI.
00:22 Absolutely. We see thousands of people here.
00:25 That's right. And lot of music, lot of--
00:28 it's gonna be a lot of prayer, lot of music, lot of testimony
00:31 and great speaking by Pastor Mark Finley.
00:33 Yes, and we get the privilege of introducing this program.
00:37 Absolutely.
00:38 Now, we have a tough act to follow.
00:39 The Micheff Sisters did the 9 o'clock.
00:41 The Sabbath School.
00:43 By the way Cinda's mike went out there for a second.
00:46 And what she was saying is,
00:49 through all three sisters were born in Battle Creek
00:52 which is about 40 miles from here.
00:53 Oh, yeah, yeah.
00:54 So they were Michiganders. Yeah.
00:57 Now their dad's from Southern Illinois.
00:59 On that side West Frankfort, you know.
01:01 Right.
01:02 But the girls and family they were all from up here.
01:04 Well, we certainly make a claim to the family,
01:07 I guarantee that. Absolutely. Absolutely.
01:08 But Grand Rapids, Michigan is the place
01:10 to be this morning, Jim.
01:12 For those of you joining us around the world.
01:14 You got to be inspired this morning
01:16 to see what God is doing ASI or people
01:20 who shared Jesus and the marker place
01:23 around the world and we're glad
01:24 that you've joined us here today.
01:26 You know there's nothing more thrilling than ASI
01:28 because what you're looking at is people
01:30 that truly are involved
01:33 because they love God and love His work.
01:35 They're not--
01:36 and many of them are not paid to do what they do.
01:40 And they go around the world-- Absolutely.
01:42 So right now we want to join them
01:45 on the platform so that you don't miss
01:47 one single moment of this Sabbath morning.
01:52 Being able to welcome a lot of people
01:53 but I know there is more here.
01:55 And we want to make sure that everyone knows
01:57 how grateful we are that you are here.
02:00 That you are coming to worship with us,
02:02 that you are coming to spend some time
02:04 at the ASI Convention.
02:06 We appreciate you for that.
02:08 We hope you'll come again and the same thing is true
02:11 for our viewing audience warm, warm welcome today
02:14 to the ASI Convention.
02:16 I'd like to encourage you
02:18 all to say a special word of prayer
02:21 in your own hearts that you may open
02:22 your hearts to whatever it is
02:24 that the Lord is going to do for us this day.
02:26 God bless you all.
02:33 I'd like to invite you to bow with me in prayer.
02:36 I'm going to kneel
02:38 and if you're comfortable doing that,
02:39 you can do that to.
02:48 Our kind heavenly Father,
02:49 thank You so much for the privilege
02:52 of coming to You in prayer.
02:55 I thank You that we have
02:56 the opportunity to join
02:59 with the heavenly universe today
03:01 and praising You for Your creative power
03:04 to restore the image of Christ in our hearts.
03:07 I pray for the ASI family,
03:10 for us as a whole and for each family individually
03:13 that's represented here in our world wide church family.
03:17 I pray for the leaders and for the lay people
03:21 and that You will send Your Holy Spirit
03:23 to draw our hearts close together.
03:25 We confess that we have been self righteous
03:29 and we haven't always been in tune to hear Your voice
03:33 but today I pray that in the service
03:36 and in all that's done that we would lift up Jesus.
03:40 I thank You in the precious name
03:42 of Your Son, amen.
04:01 I invite you all to stand together
04:02 as we sing our opening song this morning Jesus Saves.
04:22 We have heard a joyful sound
04:26 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
04:30 Spread the gladness all around
04:34 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
04:38 Bear the news to every land
04:42 Climb the steeps and cross the waves
04:46 Onward, 'tis our Lord's command
04:51 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
04:57 Waft it on the rolling tide
05:01 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
05:05 Tell to sinners, far and wide
05:08 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
05:13 Sing, ye islands of the sea
05:16 Echo back, ye ocean caves
05:21 Earth shall keep her jubilee
05:25 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
05:31 Sing above the battle's strife
05:35 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
05:39 By His death and endless life
05:43 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
05:47 Sing it softly through the gloom
05:51 When the heart for mercy craves
05:55 Sing in triumph o'er the tomb
06:01 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
06:07 Give the winds a mighty voice
06:11 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
06:15 Let the nations now rejoice
06:19 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
06:23 Shout salvation full and free
06:27 Highest hills and deepest caves
06:31 This our song of victory
06:37 Jesus saves, Jesus saves
06:46 You sounded beautiful. Please be seated.
06:53 Good morning and happy Sabbath ASI.
06:58 Isn't it a blessing to be here today?
07:01 Yes, it is.
07:03 And you know when you see me
07:04 what am I gonna be talking about?
07:07 The offering and projects that the offering will support.
07:11 And so today is no different,
07:13 we want to bring before you some projects
07:16 and highlight how God is going to bless us
07:19 through the offering.
07:21 With me is Dr. Larry Blackmer
07:23 and he's the vice president
07:24 with the North American Division
07:26 Education Department
07:28 and Ed Zinke who is a businessman with ASI.
07:32 And so he is on several General Conference committees
07:36 and as a consultant with By Design Science.
07:40 Dr. Blackmer, tell us about the project
07:44 By Design Science and how it began.
07:47 A number of years ago,
07:49 when the curriculum committee brought a recommendation
07:53 to the union directors of education
07:55 to put a secular science textbook
07:59 on the kitchen table of every Adventist home
08:02 in Adventist education.
08:04 We really struggled with that decision.
08:07 There were no other Christian textbooks available
08:10 so in faith the directors of education
08:15 and the office of education North American Division
08:17 voted to develop a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist science,
08:22 elementary science series grades one through eight.
08:27 That's just-- Isn't that's phenomenal?
08:31 I know that when I was growing up,
08:34 I was learning about science
08:35 but it was from a different perspective
08:37 and I was grateful to have Christian parents
08:39 and Christian teachers to tell me
08:41 what the Bible said about creation.
08:43 You have some pictures
08:45 that you would like to share with us
08:46 that gives us some idea what they're gonna look like.
08:49 Yes, you can see here on the pictures.
08:52 This is the grade one to four.
08:56 On the right you will see all of the scope in sequence.
09:00 We really set out rigorous science develop
09:03 within the worldview of the Adventist church.
09:06 So every grade level has a science,
09:09 a journal as a teacher's edition
09:12 and it has a student edition.
09:17 There's also included with this are e-text books,
09:21 so we began from the very beginning.
09:24 When we designed this curriculum,
09:26 we said that we wanted to have e-text books,
09:29 high technology, rigorous science
09:32 developed for not only our classrooms
09:36 but for multi grade classrooms.
09:39 We had a committee that worked on home schooling
09:41 to make sure that these textbooks were available
09:44 for home schools and it was interesting
09:47 because we had to raise about $6 million
09:51 to do this textbook series.
09:53 And the first half million dollars
09:56 came from a publishing company of Catholics,
10:00 that said we can no longer put a secular textbook
10:04 on our Catholic kitchen tables.
10:06 And we want to put your Adventist textbook,
10:09 we will give you the first half million dollars
10:12 if we can put your Adventist textbook
10:15 on our Catholic kitchen tables.
10:17 Amen.
10:22 Now we'll take a inside look at layout.
10:24 Yes.
10:25 The next picture, you can see
10:27 that the layouts are very colorful.
10:30 They have scripture, lessons, all the way through the text,
10:37 they are well done, they're--
10:40 it's an inquiry base science program.
10:42 So it's not a lecture program.
10:44 We actually lead the students through to love science
10:48 and to learn about the Adventist worldview.
10:52 And this covers all of the grades.
10:54 Grades one through eight.
10:55 Grades one through eight, so that's in the next picture.
10:56 Yes, the next picture are the covers
10:59 for all of the textbooks.
11:00 You can see this is the eighth grade textbook
11:03 and all the other textbook covers are there.
11:05 Now interestingly you have a grid
11:06 with all the theories of evolution, so help me.
11:09 This is in the eighth grade textbook.
11:12 We believe that our students need to understand
11:16 the theory of evolution, the theory of evolution
11:20 and so we talk about evolution in our textbooks,
11:23 but we always bring them back to an Adventist worldview.
11:27 So it is very-- we cover it very clearly,
11:32 we talk about evolution and we don't hide the fact
11:35 that many people believe in that.
11:37 And I understand,
11:38 you're actually developing a high school text.
11:40 Right now, we're in the process of developing a 9 and 12--
11:45 9th and 10th grade biology textbook
11:49 that would be a By Design,
11:51 Dr. Tim Standish is going to be our editor from GRI,
11:55 and here is the cover that you can see,
11:58 what we're working on for By Design.
12:00 Now for whom will this text be available?
12:02 I already hear that there are Catholic,
12:04 the Catholic denomination is interested,
12:06 obviously for Seventh-day Adventist
12:08 or are there other that might be interested?
12:10 Sure, we make this available, they're e-textbooks,
12:13 the printed textbooks are available for home schoolers,
12:17 for Griggs University and International Academy,
12:20 we're partners in this process to make sure
12:23 that they have access to the books,
12:28 so it's available to anyone.
12:29 Excellent, excellent.
12:31 And tell me, you know, I think that can I see
12:34 where this is something where the time has come
12:37 for this to happen but why now?
12:39 Well, that's a good question.
12:42 And actually I guess my question is
12:44 why not 60 years ago?
12:46 I would have loved to have this set of textbooks
12:49 when I went through.
12:51 And I would like to thank Larry
12:53 for the wonderful vision that has pulled this together.
12:56 It's not an easy task to write a textbook.
12:59 I didn't realize that till I had the privilege
13:01 of having a very small part in it,
13:05 but there has been many resources from a publisher
13:09 that's capable of handling textbooks to people
13:12 that know what's required for every stage,
13:15 so that the textbook will pass all the requirements
13:17 to scholars, to Adventist scholars,
13:21 to Adventist worldview, Adventist philosophy
13:24 and theology, as well as testing it on various levels
13:29 and getting input from teachers
13:30 and finally revising again based upon that,
13:33 so it's a huge task and, Larry, I appreciate it.
13:37 And to connect the dots for us.
13:39 Why is it important for us
13:40 to teach our children about creation?
13:43 Well, you know, the theory of evolution
13:46 is the contemporary God of our society.
13:49 And it really denies the role of the Bible
13:54 in understanding the world.
13:56 Most of evolution actually denies the existence of God,
14:00 and where it does accept the existence of God,
14:04 it dramatically reinterprets God
14:07 from the biblical perspective.
14:09 But evolution is a way of looking at the universe,
14:13 a way of looking at the world,
14:14 way of understanding ourselves,
14:16 it's made it into almost every discipline, sociology,
14:20 psychology, business, education,
14:24 all the sciences, and so on and so forth
14:27 and so basically when our children are taught
14:30 evolution or theistic evolution,
14:33 they're taught a worldview
14:34 that is completely foreign to the Bible.
14:40 And I think probably the most tragic thing
14:44 is they're not taught about the God of the love,
14:47 the God of love of the Bible and given the opportunity
14:51 to enter a personal relationship with Him.
14:53 Gentlemen, thank you so much,
14:55 we are thrilled about this project
14:57 and happened to be in partnership to support it.
14:59 Thank you very much. Thanks.
15:02 And now we will have a very inspiring report
15:06 about our New Beginnings DVD Project.
15:09 Thank you, Debbie.
15:10 You know today, Grand Rapids is a very historical spot
15:14 because brothers and sisters,
15:16 14 years ago we're in Grand Rapids
15:18 and we introduced this product,
15:20 this program called the New Beginnings DVD Project
15:23 and it was right here.
15:24 And because of your generosity and support,
15:26 we could tell stories,
15:28 Norman and I could spend the whole convention
15:29 telling stories about what has happened
15:32 with this program through the last 14 years.
15:35 But today we're only gonna talk about two of them.
15:37 And, Norm, what has happened
15:38 with DVD Project since we started?
15:40 Well, I believe that thousands of training sessions
15:46 have been held, hundreds of thousands have been trained
15:49 and millions have been impacted for the gospel.
15:52 We're gonna talk about Angola first, last year--
15:54 Did you all hear that?
15:56 There is been millions of people
15:57 that have heard this gospel through this program.
16:00 Millions, I tell you we're so blessed.
16:03 Last year, Angola was the featured target country
16:07 in the South African Indian Ocean Division
16:09 for evangelism.
16:11 Every pastor, every lay evangelist,
16:13 every church worker was tasked to go to Angola
16:16 and hold the meeting.
16:17 We have brethren here from Angola.
16:19 Can you wave to us today?
16:21 There are approximately 60 Angolans over here,
16:23 I see the hands.
16:30 They also invited international ministries,
16:33 they invited Maranatha to build churches.
16:35 They invited Remnant Publications
16:37 that provided 100,000 Bibles.
16:39 They invited Lightbearers Ministries
16:41 that sent them container loads of literature
16:43 and they invited ASI to do DVD training.
16:48 And we responded
16:49 because you have given generously in the past.
16:51 We had money in our fund,
16:53 we were able to provide 4,000 Portuguese language DVDs.
16:58 We were able to provide
17:00 4,000 Abundant Living Portuguese language DVDs
17:05 and we printed 8,000 manuals in the Ukraine
17:09 and aero freighted them from Kiev, Ukraine to Luanda.
17:13 This was only possible because we were organized,
17:17 we've done this funding and this program was ongoing
17:20 and we could respond to the invitation.
17:23 Amen.
17:24 If you think about it, we train 4,000 lay people.
17:27 Now, this is unique
17:28 because the one of the requirements of this
17:30 is that they had to been baptized last year.
17:34 So these were all brand new Adventists
17:36 that we trained in the-- it was a sandy area,
17:39 it was very difficult situation,
17:41 very hot but the lay people,
17:43 the people that were excited about telling others
17:45 about Jesus came to the meeting
17:47 and we trained 4,000 lay people,
17:49 brand new lay people to share the gospel.
17:53 Number one, the reason why they did that is
17:55 because number one
17:56 is they don't know they can't do it,
17:58 because they are new Adventists.
18:00 Number two is you can't teach what you don't know.
18:05 And number three is that they are--
18:07 they have non-Adventist friends
18:09 that they can bring to the meetings
18:11 and tell them about Jesus.
18:12 And they are using these players
18:14 and these materials over and over again.
18:16 And I wrote down the number but so far today,
18:19 now this is been since September of last year,
18:22 so hasn't been a full year yet.
18:24 And these new Adventists have brought in
18:29 5,437 souls into the kingdom.
18:33 Amen. Amen.
18:39 Now when you think about that
18:41 and you think about the opportunity of sharing
18:43 Jesus around the world and you've been so blessed
18:47 and generous to give of your means
18:49 to be able to help fund this project
18:52 and we got more and more exciting things
18:54 that are happening around the world, and Angola,
18:56 we please pray for our brothers and sisters in Angola,
18:59 because we know that they have a opportunity
19:02 to tell others about our soon coming Savior.
19:05 Thank you. Sure.
19:07 But now second place that I want to talk about,
19:09 that we want to talk about today is Manila.
19:12 And we had the privilege of going to Manila.
19:15 Now what's special about two of these--
19:17 these two gentlemen that are before us,
19:19 Benny Moore and Duane Mckey
19:20 as they were from the very beginning,
19:23 started the idea.
19:24 They were one of the main people that came around,
19:26 came to us, to came up with the idea
19:28 for the New Beginnings of getting lay people
19:31 involve with sharing Christ in this dramatic way.
19:34 And, Benny, what did we do?
19:35 We went to the Manila, didn't we in this year?
19:37 What did we do?
19:38 Well as I recall, I had a suitcase full of DVDs.
19:43 Yes.
19:44 I think we took 2,000 DVDs to be used in training.
19:47 There is something I've learned in working in evangelism
19:50 through the years and that is that empty seats
19:52 don't respond too well to the gospel.
19:55 And the only way the seats can be full
19:57 is when our members are involved
19:59 and bring their friends and family.
20:01 And so with the DVD training,
20:04 we were able to help give them tools
20:07 that they could use
20:08 and actually beginning the study process
20:11 with their friends and family.
20:12 Amen.
20:13 And then bring them to the meetings.
20:14 And it really made the success for the meetings.
20:17 And, Duane, what happened after that?
20:19 Absolutely exciting.
20:20 It was back, just in May we were there.
20:24 That's right. This May, that's right.
20:25 We had almost-- well, you'll tell us later,
20:28 Elder Wilson said how many baptisms?
20:30 But can you imagine a swimming pool,
20:32 thousands of people being baptized.
20:34 We had ASI people there, we had--
20:36 we had Adventist World Radio.
20:38 We had 3ABN. That's right.
20:41 And the North American Division president,
20:43 a secretary Elder Wilson, he had the major meeting.
20:46 It was thrilling, 75 meetings in all.
20:48 Amen. Amen. The youngest speaker?
20:50 The younger speaker was 16
20:52 and the oldest I think was 85, is that right?
20:54 85. 75.
20:56 75 that is great.
20:58 And tell us the results of what happened after that?
21:02 Well, by the end of the meetings May 17,
21:06 there were 9,558 baptisms.
21:11 Amen.
21:12 But soon after that because of the follow ups,
21:15 it went past 10,000.
21:18 So we're very thankful for the Lord's guidance
21:21 and certainly we are thankful to you,
21:23 ASI for the help that you have given us
21:26 and on behalf of North Pacific Union conference,
21:28 please allow me to express this to you.
21:31 So I also thank you to Share Him to all of you
21:33 and also yes to Elder Wilson for coming over
21:37 and being our main speaker there.
21:39 Thank you. Thank you very much.
21:41 You know, it's amazing
21:43 how that when we take our ministries,
21:44 when we work together what happens?
21:47 Lord never adds,
21:48 He multiplies when we work together for Him.
21:51 And that's what so exciting about being in these churches
21:53 by working together, all bringing,
21:56 all these ministries together.
21:57 We're able to do way more
21:59 than we could ever do by ourselves.
22:01 Thank you, gentlemen for your contribution
22:03 and it's exciting to see what the Lord is doing.
22:08 You mentioned about Harare, Zimbabwe.
22:10 Oh, please, real quick. Yes, oh, yeah, please.
22:12 We have DVD trainings going on in Harare, Zimbabwe
22:15 another 2,000 people will be trained in December.
22:19 And the next May, the middle two weeks of May,
22:21 we need a 100 speakers.
22:22 I already had 30 from the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference.
22:26 I need 30 young people.
22:27 I need another 70 preachers from here.
22:30 This group of people could come for 70.
22:32 You know, Denzel, if you only deal
22:35 with the gifts of God has given you.
22:37 You don't really need God's blessings
22:40 but if you get out of the boat,
22:41 like Peter and you start to sink,
22:43 when you're preaching the evangelistic series,
22:45 you need God's blessings.
22:46 If you want to experience a special experience,
22:48 come and preach in Harare, Zimbabwe.
22:50 So those of you that would love to go to Harare,
22:52 please see Duane and we would love to have you come
22:54 and participate in the joy of telling others about Jesus.
22:58 But you can also do it in your own home as well.
23:00 You don't have to go to Harare
23:01 but we'd love for you to come as well.
23:03 Thank you very much.
23:04 Now one of the--
23:06 one of the advantages of being in ASI
23:08 and being involved in leadership
23:11 is a fact of admiring people
23:12 that really that inspire us to lead.
23:16 And I'm just so blessed to have Elder Wilson here,
23:18 who has not only-- he's so busy
23:20 but he's actually taking his own time
23:23 and holding evangelistic meetings himself.
23:25 And, Elder Wilson, thank you for your leadership
23:28 and the inspiration that you are giving us
23:30 to do our part to hasten the Lord's return.
23:33 Thank you.
23:35 I just want to praise God
23:37 for the incredible evangelistic emphasis
23:41 that ASI has in everything that they do.
23:46 Thank you for your personal involvement
23:48 and thank you for your corporate attention.
23:52 Everything from Youth for Jesus,
23:57 last night we saw incredible display of that
24:00 of what's happened here in Grand Rapids
24:03 to the one day church, to evangelistic activities
24:07 all over this world and what you've just heard about.
24:10 This exhibit hall is filled with people
24:13 who have evangelism as a passion.
24:19 One of those aspects
24:20 that ASI has been very heavily involved with an--
24:24 in which they have helped the 2014
24:30 Hope Manila iCare evangelistic effort,
24:36 which covered scores and scores of locations
24:41 is the New Beginnings Bible studies
24:45 and evangelistic outreach.
24:47 It was a tremendous blessing to this enormous outreach
24:53 to the Greater Manila Area.
24:55 And I want to thank ASI, thank Denzel,
24:59 thank so many others who personally invested
25:02 time and effort into laying an incredible foundation
25:07 for the reaping that took place in Manila.
25:12 Without the involvement of our lay people,
25:17 our church members involved in carefully sowing the seed,
25:22 public evangelism would reap hardly anything.
25:27 But it is the combined effort of everyone working together
25:31 including the tremendous outreach of New Beginnings.
25:35 And we're looking forward to the same thing
25:37 happening in Harare, Zimbabwe as has been mentioned
25:41 and it can happen everywhere.
25:44 Don't just rely on those who are publicly involved,
25:49 be involved with evangelism on a personal basis.
25:54 God will bless you for it.
25:56 It's part of God's great plan for the loud cry,
26:00 the latter rain is coming, be a part of God's great work
26:05 as we look forward to Jesus soon coming.
26:13 And now we have a very interesting interview
26:18 about a project the Holbrook
26:20 Seventh-day Adventist Indian School.
26:24 And with me here at the podium
26:26 is Jovannah Poor Bear-Adams.
26:28 She is the vice principal and the principal Pedro Ojeda.
26:34 And I want to start first, Jovannah,
26:37 to have you share a little bit of
26:39 what you were sharing with me
26:40 about your childhood and teen experience?
26:43 All right.
26:44 Well, I'm in Oglala Lakota Sioux,
26:46 from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
26:48 in South Dakota.
26:50 And with that comes a lot of beauty,
26:53 a lot of culture and a lot of pain.
26:59 Before I went into my teen years
27:04 'cause you said childhood and teen,
27:06 I was sexually abused by my step dad for two years
27:11 before I had the courage to tell my mom.
27:13 And the reason I was afraid to tell her was
27:15 because I was afraid she was gonna be mad at me.
27:17 I know she was on her--
27:18 she had been married three times right now
27:20 and my step dad.
27:21 When we--
27:23 when I finally had the courage to tell,
27:26 we went to court and they--
27:28 we got a restraining order out of it
27:30 and that's the most that happened with it.
27:34 During that time I was raped by one of my cousins,
27:38 you know, when he was supposed to be watching us at our house.
27:41 The first time I had alcohol,
27:44 I was about six or seven years old.
27:46 The first time I had a cigarette
27:47 was around the same time.
27:51 When after my mom had divorced my step dad,
27:54 she left us at my grandma's house
27:56 and she abandoned us there and moved to the city.
27:59 And it was at my grandma's house
28:01 where I experienced
28:03 what it felt like to really be hungry.
28:07 They were times, my grandma was bipolar,
28:11 she has diabetes and she was almost blind.
28:15 So she-- we tried to take care of her in her wheelchair,
28:19 cleaning her feet and we lived off a food stamps.
28:23 And something about the food stamps
28:24 'cause you're thinking you know,
28:25 you got taking care of-- you got food stamps.
28:28 But the way that we shopped, we bought Doritos,
28:33 soda we drank soda like it was water.
28:36 We ate frozen pizzas.
28:39 You know, pork chops, bacon, just junk food.
28:43 And we would eat, you know,
28:45 like we were kings for about a week and a half.
28:48 Now through this whole childhood experience,
28:50 I get the pictures just very difficult
28:53 and you didn't have a lot of positive family support
28:56 or role models.
28:57 Then you came to a point in your teen years
29:00 where you decided, you wanted to do something different.
29:02 You thought that you could beat this
29:04 and be someone different.
29:07 You know, I thought that I was going to be different
29:11 from everybody on the reservation
29:13 that, you know, they think that, you know,
29:16 we're just drunks.
29:17 You know, the people we lived just off the reservation
29:19 and I thought I'm gonna be different from them.
29:22 But nobody noticed, no one noticed
29:24 that I was trying to be different
29:26 and I was rejected by my friends
29:28 by people in the town
29:29 that I lived in just assuming that I was like every other,
29:32 you know, person who came off the reservation.
29:35 And I decided I didn't care anymore.
29:38 You know, I-- you think I'm gonna--
29:40 you think I'm a drunk, I'm gonna be a drunk.
29:42 And I was 14 years old, you know, 13, 14
29:45 and I started drinking more like a lot.
29:49 I started getting high marijuana
29:52 started smoking, going to parties.
29:53 I dated a different guy every week.
29:56 And my sister told me my younger sister,
29:59 she told me that she hated me.
30:01 And she just wished you know--
30:03 that I wasn't-- I wouldn't be around her anymore.
30:06 So then what happened?
30:07 Your sister said, I wish you would leave.
30:09 So you left? Yeah, I did leave.
30:12 I looked at myself
30:14 and I became disgusted with who I was.
30:16 You know, I was exactly
30:17 what I told myself I wasn't gonna be.
30:20 And so you got on the truck,
30:21 kind of through an invitation
30:22 you're going with your friend and you ended up at Holbrook.
30:26 So tell us now what happened at Holbrook
30:28 that started to turn this around?
30:32 I had a family there,
30:33 I had people at Holbrook Indian school
30:37 who, they didn't even know me
30:39 and they got me birthday presents,
30:41 they took me on their family vacations
30:44 over home leave
30:45 because I couldn't have go back home.
30:47 I knew Christ and I you know, I didn't want to know Christ
30:52 but I started to know Christ
30:54 like I didn't understand any kind of love to be.
30:59 That's phenomenal.
31:00 That's wonderful, now
31:01 you did that and obviously now
31:04 you're vice principle at Holbrook,
31:07 so tell me how that happened?
31:11 Well, I went to Union College
31:14 and you know, I wanted to make more,
31:16 I knew that I was going to help native American people,
31:20 I knew that you know, the people who--
31:22 the stuff that I went through God wouldn't have allowed it,
31:25 unless he was gonna make me strong enough
31:28 to be able to help other people like me.
31:30 And so I went to Union College,
31:32 got my degree in English education
31:34 and that wasn't easy,
31:36 you know, that wasn't an easy thing to do,
31:37 I struggled through college, I struggled,
31:40 my grandma died, my sister became homeless
31:42 and I wanted to go back and be with her.
31:45 But I fought through college and I stayed and you know,
31:49 I had a job offer in Lincoln, Nebraska
31:52 to be able to start working there
31:54 immediately afterward but I told them,
31:56 I said, if Holbrook will have me
31:58 that's where I'm going first.
32:00 Amen so Holbrook saved you of sorts
32:04 and you wanted to go back and give back
32:06 so that you could help save others.
32:07 Absolutely. Amen.
32:09 Pedro, I want to ask you is Jovannah's experience
32:14 different from the kids that come to Holbrook?
32:18 Well, thanks for asking that question, Debbie,
32:20 and the unfortunate answer is no.
32:24 Many of our students go through similar circumstances.
32:29 And what is Holbrook doing
32:31 to address that issue with the kids?
32:34 We're doing everything that we can
32:36 but that sounds really general,
32:39 program that we started a year ago
32:41 is called the New Year Health Initiative.
32:44 New stands for nutrition, exercise and wellness.
32:48 And it covers the whole child wellness includes counseling.
32:53 We're setting out the quality counseling program
32:56 at our school.
32:57 And one of the particular aspects of this program
33:04 is what we called our garden-to-plate program.
33:08 And for that we need to restart our agricultural program,
33:13 our green houses and our garden.
33:15 They're in a little bit of disrepair
33:17 because they haven't been used in a few years.
33:19 And so we need help with that.
33:22 And that's where ASI through the offering
33:24 will provide some assistance for this program.
33:26 Very much so. Okay.
33:28 And tell me why is this program so essential to the students?
33:33 It is essential because it deals
33:35 with the basic needs that students have.
33:40 Without those basic needs been met, Debbie,
33:44 our students cannot function, especially academically
33:48 and the public is figuring this out.
33:52 If you read the articles by ASCD and CDC
33:55 they're figuring this out now.
33:58 I want to ask, Jovannah, if there is one thing
34:01 that you want to tell the ASI audience
34:03 that you want them to know about students at Holbrook.
34:07 And how they can help
34:08 or what would you want to say to them?
34:10 All right, hello, ASI.
34:14 One thing that I would want you to know
34:15 is I've heard a lot of controversy
34:18 about giving to a place like Holbrook Indian School,
34:22 people who come from this kind of poverty,
34:24 this kind of abuse that even though
34:27 we're giving to this,
34:28 they come to our school, it's not making a difference.
34:31 There are kids who leave our school
34:33 and they go back to their lifestyle
34:35 or they go to college and they get called home
34:37 and they actually go home
34:38 and they don't go back to school.
34:40 But every now and then and there is somebody
34:44 who comes out of it, there is somebody like me
34:47 who comes out of it and they go back
34:50 and they help people and there is more
34:52 and that I see kids in our school right now
34:56 who are going to do that, I just know it.
34:59 And how much is one life worth?
35:03 Thank you very much, Jovannah.
35:06 Now we have a project that we're familiar
35:10 with the one day church project.
35:13 Thank you.
35:17 And we want you to take in the information
35:20 to understand how one day church
35:22 is actually helping children just like Jovannah.
35:29 Good morning, ASI.
35:33 You know, when I think of ASI,
35:35 I think you make the difference--
35:39 that ASI makes such a difference here.
35:42 I think back just on a few projects
35:44 and we had big projects, small projects.
35:48 I remember the picture rolls,
35:50 120,000 picture rolls around the world.
35:55 And you know as I go out into some of the villages,
35:58 I see them, they have around their neck
36:01 and they're preaching with them
36:02 and they're just as good today
36:04 as they were when we send them out.
36:06 It's incredible, I think of Myanmar, Burma,
36:10 365 churches and schools in one year.
36:14 And I think of roofs over Africa.
36:16 You remember we had the building over here to our left,
36:21 and sat there all week with no roof.
36:24 Then we had the roof program
36:26 and the roof came down and sat on there.
36:30 As a result 11,000 roofs were put on large
36:35 and small churches through out Africa.
36:37 ASI that's making a difference,
36:39 but then I think of this special place,
36:43 Grand Rapids, 14 years ago.
36:47 Evangelism in India had just started.
36:51 Now since then as a result of ASI and Maranatha
36:55 it's been over 1 million members
36:58 in India, the growth.
37:00 Yes, ASI, you make a difference,
37:02 but I think the one special little girl,
37:05 some of you old timers remember Laxmi,
37:09 the little girl that we carried out on the stage,
37:11 the girl put that effort would lay on her stomach
37:14 and pedal her bike there, Laxmi now has grown.
37:19 She is been rehabilitated somewhat,
37:21 and she walks with sticks.
37:23 She is been through Spicer College
37:25 and she is now a teacher.
37:28 Wow, what a wonderful thing.
37:36 Think how heaven will be to Laxmi,
37:39 when she can walk with Jesus.
37:42 Now I've had the opportunity to be involved
37:44 with many churches all over the world.
37:50 Work in many, many countries and many of these countries,
37:53 I have worked with Maranatha and self supporting ministry.
37:58 Then we sold our business
38:01 and I thought well, maybe retirement.
38:06 Well, that lasted about a day and half,
38:10 it's not for me I can tell you that.
38:13 And I just felt there is more God wanted me to do,
38:18 He had something big in mind and I wasn't--
38:25 I just wasn't comfortable.
38:28 Now at the same time, we had explosive growth in the church.
38:32 The church was growing several a day.
38:36 And one weekend Maranatha was
38:38 at our church having a weekend rally.
38:43 It was about 11 o'clock at night,
38:45 it's dark and then Don Noble, and I remember
38:47 he has sat on our couch, he put his head in his hands
38:51 and he says, Garwin,
38:52 I don't know what we're gonna do.
38:54 We had these thousands of thousands of requests
38:58 and we just can't take care of them,
38:59 we can't build them fasten enough,
39:01 it's growing faster.
39:04 And I had a thought
39:06 and I believe the one day church was God ordained.
39:09 I said, Don, have you ever thought
39:12 about building it from the roof down?
39:16 Now with the roofs over Africa,
39:17 they put the sides up and then we roofed it.
39:20 But the weather and so forth,
39:21 it was, it holds some challenges.
39:25 And that's how the one day church started.
39:28 Monday morning we went to work
39:30 with our first one day church and it's improved.
39:33 Since then we have built dormitories,
39:34 greenhouses, housing units,
39:36 complete hospital complex at Chad,
39:44 and the list goes on.
39:46 We built and sent containers to Zimbabwe,
39:48 Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana,
39:51 well, that it's a big long list most of the world.
39:55 Now here is the important thing ASI,
39:58 to date we have manufactured
40:00 5,700 one day churches and over one million
40:05 of your brothers and sisters are meeting today
40:08 in a one day structure.
40:10 ASI, that's making a difference.
40:13 That's making a difference.
40:18 Now we can manufacture them, but we need the supporting
40:21 ministries to erect them.
40:24 And that is where the ultimate example of ASI
40:30 and self supporting ministries working together
40:34 in a partnership is the one day program.
40:38 We have many partners but two of our partners
40:41 are here today.
40:43 One, Alan Knowles of Riverside Farms.
40:46 Lot of people know Riverside Farms.
40:49 And Don Noble of Maranatha Volunteers.
40:53 Now I'm gonna ask Alan.
40:54 I've known Alan, we've worked together building churches
40:59 since 1985 I believe, Alan.
41:01 Alan, tell us what is it like when you put
41:04 a one day church in a bush?
41:06 You know, Garwin, I got a phone call the other day
41:09 on Sunday morning.
41:10 Well, Luca Mionde called me, said, Mr. Alan, Mr. Alan,
41:13 we have a problem.
41:16 Well, we were going to camp meeting on Sabbath,
41:18 somebody burnt our grass roof down on our church
41:21 and it knocked the walls down, we were waiting for a roof
41:24 and I said, Luca, we're gonna have a solution for you.
41:28 And we got-- changed our schedule a little bit
41:30 and we drove in there about a 1,000 kilometers
41:34 from Riverside out in a very rural areas
41:39 and it's just amazing to see
41:44 in the poverty areas the energy
41:48 that was put out to help us build that church.
41:50 On the first picture we have,
41:54 it's the picture of the joy that happens, Garwin,
41:58 when we start that building
42:00 and as we start putting the roof on,
42:02 the ladies put down their cooking sticks,
42:05 put down their pots and they start marching
42:11 and clapping their hands and singing praises,
42:15 praises to their God in heaven
42:17 who Has given them a miracle today.
42:22 And at the end of that song, they say thank you
42:26 and they say thank you so loud, if you listen carefully,
42:30 I believe it's about three or four times a day,
42:32 Garwin, now that you'll hear a thank you
42:35 from all over the world for a one day church
42:37 that goes up.
42:38 If you listen carefully, you'll hear them singing
42:41 thank you, God.
42:42 Thank you for the brothers and sisters in North America
42:45 who have sacrificed that we can have this miracle today.
42:50 And they worship under that permanent roof,
42:52 now probably only one in miles around in their villages.
42:57 And they just want to say thank you to ASI.
43:00 Thank you for that.
43:01 Thank you, Alan.
43:03 But, folks, there's more.
43:08 Don Noble of Maranatha Volunteers.
43:11 Maranatha Volunteers is known throughout the world
43:15 and Don has been the president for a number of years.
43:18 Don, tell us what's happening.
43:22 You've heard about the Angola DVD.
43:25 Tell us about Angola and the one day church?
43:28 Thank you, Garwin. Good morning, ASI.
43:32 It's great to be here.
43:34 And, you know, the one day church
43:36 and school is working well in many places around the world
43:39 but one place that it's a really, really great fit
43:43 is the country of Angola.
43:44 If you're not familiar with Angola,
43:47 it's a country in Western Africa,
43:49 about 20 million people, Portuguese speaking.
43:52 They are rich in resources, oil, diamonds but unfortunately
43:58 most of the people are extremely poor.
44:01 In fact I want to show you a picture of where--
44:04 this is a typical street where your fellow
44:08 Seventh-day Adventist church members walk
44:12 when they go to church.
44:14 Another one that you can see is,
44:16 this is about what you would see
44:18 if you flew in on an airplane into Luanda, the capital.
44:22 It looks like that for miles but it's interesting to me
44:28 Seventh-day Adventists baptized
44:34 right now in the county of Luanda
44:36 out of 20 million members.
44:40 Good news.
44:41 I got better news.
44:44 How many do you think meet on Sabbath morning
44:46 with 400,000 members?
44:50 Any idea? Less than 400,000?
44:54 1.5 million.
44:57 1.5 million people meet on Sabbath morning.
45:05 And I want to show you some of the places
45:07 that they meet, just a couple of quick pictures.
45:11 This is one of many pictures that we took,
45:14 here's another one that-- yes, that is the church
45:19 and when you look at that picture,
45:22 you can think about when you're looking
45:25 for a Seventh-day Adventist on Sabbath morning,
45:27 how would you spot one in the city of Luanda?
45:30 What would you think you would look for?
45:33 Carrying a Bible?
45:35 Dressed as good as you could possibly hope for?
45:38 No.
45:39 The thing you look for is an umbrella...
45:44 on a sunny day because that's the roof
45:46 to their church, is an umbrella.
45:49 So when we provide them a church,
45:52 it's very exciting for them.
45:54 In fact I've a picture of a crew building
45:57 a one day church in Luanda.
45:59 Last week, Garwin, we just finished 100 churches,
46:04 one day churches.
46:06 Yeah, and some of them are extra long
46:08 and just in the Luanda area.
46:10 So you saw the crowds in the earlier pictures,
46:14 you know that they need churches
46:16 in that country,
46:17 so it's exciting to be able to part of that.
46:21 Another picture that you actually already saw,
46:24 the reason I wanted to show it again
46:26 is because this particular church
46:29 was finished by the women.
46:32 I don't know where the men were but the women stepped up
46:35 and they actually bought the property,
46:37 went on and bought the blocks and they did the physical work
46:42 and that church is the result of the women
46:46 in that area deciding that they wanted a good place
46:49 to worship God, so praise the Lord for that.
46:57 One of the things that actually came
46:58 a little after the one day church
47:00 is the one day school and that has really gone well.
47:05 And here's the place, Angola is the perfect place for it.
47:09 Here's a country that years ago used to have the largest
47:14 and perhaps the best education system
47:17 in the country.
47:18 Many of the government officials
47:20 currently were at the primary school
47:23 in the Adventist system before the war,
47:25 they had 40 years of war in that country
47:27 and it's almost devastated the country
47:30 but those leaders have--
47:33 now they're looking to Seventh-day Adventists
47:35 to come back and build those campuses again,
47:37 200 campuses were destroyed during the war.
47:40 And now, Garwin, I got the final number
47:43 yesterday of the requests for actual classrooms,
47:47 one day classrooms in the country of Angola,
47:50 it's 5,402.
47:54 Yeah, it's real.
47:56 It's a real big request.
47:59 Today we're only asking for your help with 200,
48:03 the first 200 and that's quite a few
48:07 but the first 200 and--
48:09 10,000 kids.
48:10 Yeah, we figure about 50 in a classroom,
48:14 they normally put 70 to 90 but we're gonna
48:17 make a little more spacious,
48:18 put 50 in so that's 10,000 young people
48:24 as a result of the offerings this morning, Garwin.
48:27 And if we want to see God's work expand in Angola
48:29 which we do, great place, we got to start
48:32 with Christian education.
48:33 Thank you.
48:35 ASI, you're making a difference.
48:38 Angola, 1,000 churches.
48:41 And, you know, all those churches in Angola,
48:44 they're 27 foot wide
48:45 and they're an extra three base.
48:48 So these are big churches, these are church schools,
48:52 Christian education, the genius
48:55 of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
48:58 We have 40,000 children
49:05 in one day church schools today.
49:07 40,000, that's making a difference
49:10 and with Angola, that will be 50,000.
49:14 50,000 people or children getting Christian education.
49:19 ASI, you make a difference.
49:24 And I would not be here today
49:25 if it wasn't for Christian education.
49:27 I believe in it with all my heart.
49:31 The one day program truly equals souls for eternity.
49:37 One day soon the heavens will open.
49:40 One day soon Jesus will return.
49:43 One day soon thousands and thousands of men, women,
49:47 boys and girls will meet their savior.
49:51 They will meet their savior because of the one day
49:54 church and school.
49:56 Thank you.
50:04 And, ASI, aren't we looking forward to that day
50:08 when Jesus will come?
50:11 Throughout this convention,
50:12 we have attempted to bring to you
50:15 and highlight projects from individuals
50:18 and from ministries to let you know
50:21 how we are trying to reach the world for Jesus.
50:24 We so desperately want to go home.
50:26 I was remarking to someone in the back just today
50:29 that when I think back when I was last here
50:31 in Grand Rapids at an ASI Convention,
50:33 that was 14 years ago, 14 years.
50:38 I don't want to be here another 14 years.
50:42 We heard this morning, Elder Wilson who said
50:45 one of the best investments
50:47 we can make is in our young people,
50:50 in our youth.
50:51 This is the time, this is now.
50:55 We heard this morning about the science books,
50:58 so that we can educate our young people
51:00 about the Christian-- the creation story
51:04 and so they can understand that God
51:06 is the one who created this world.
51:08 We heard from Jovannah that the Holbrook
51:11 Seventh-day Adventist school made a difference in her life.
51:15 We want these schools to make a difference
51:18 in other children's life just like our children.
51:21 The New Beginnings DVD training,
51:23 setting the stage for the difference
51:25 that can be made by training thousands of people
51:28 to take the word to the world.
51:32 Then finally the one day schools
51:35 and the opportunity for us to partner with one day
51:39 so that 10,000 to start,
51:43 10,000 children can learn about Jesus.
51:46 And while look at these children behind me,
51:48 I think about I just look at one of them,
51:52 there is probably about 100 kids coming up here
51:55 behind me, each one of them
51:57 representing 100 children in Angola.
52:03 So 10,000 children are represented visually here
52:08 before you and I ask you which of these children
52:12 would you not want to see in heaven.
52:15 Which of the children in Angola do we not want to go there?
52:20 Which of the children in around the world
52:23 do we not want to learn about Jesus,
52:25 the creator of the universe?
52:28 I don't think there's a correct answer
52:30 to that other than none.
52:32 We want all of our children and all of us and as many
52:37 as we can reach to go to heaven.
52:39 And I tell you, I talk to the children and I said,
52:43 I want you to come and join me so that we can ask
52:46 all of your parents and all of your friends
52:48 to please put as much forward in the offering
52:52 so that we can tell other children
52:54 like you about Jesus.
52:58 And they were so excited.
52:59 They had so many questions, they want to know
53:02 what they could do and I said, you know what, children,
53:05 all you need to do is to thank ASI.
53:09 And so I asked them and I ask them now.
53:12 Children, what do you want to say to ASI?
53:16 Thank you, ASI!
53:19 So they are thrilled and they are looking forward
53:23 to your offerings to support the projects listed
53:27 in your program so that we can reach out
53:29 and tell the world about Jesus.
53:31 Children, thank you for coming and helping me
53:35 collect the offering for ASI
53:37 and to support all of these projects
53:39 that we want to tell Jesus
53:42 that other children around the world
53:45 have a wonderful time
53:46 and you can go back to your classrooms.
53:48 They're having fun with these balloons
53:51 and I tell you I can't wait to see
53:54 10,000s of 10,000s of children around the tree of life
54:00 when we get to heaven.
54:01 And it'll all be because of partly
54:05 because of the offerings that you give today
54:07 in the ASI offering.
54:10 As the deacons come forward to collect the offering,
54:12 I just want to review with you and have you take out
54:15 your offering envelopes and I want you to be prayerful
54:21 as you place in the envelope,
54:25 as you consider what would God have you give,
54:29 what would God have you pledge,
54:31 just complete the information on the left,
54:33 you can just check off a box or add in the information
54:36 for the donation you would like to give
54:39 and or the pledge amount
54:41 as well as your contact information
54:44 there on the left.
54:45 So we would ask you to do that just now.
54:47 You may have already completed it
54:49 and feel moved that you need to do more,
54:51 just scratch it out and do what God tells you to do.
54:56 So I'm gonna ask the deacons if they would go ahead
54:59 and lift the offering at this time.
55:01 And while they do, would you pray with me?
55:05 Jesus, we thank You so much for giving us the opportunity
55:08 and the privilege to work with You,
55:12 to ready people for Your second coming.
55:15 We ask the Lord that you would help us
55:16 that we might be obedient to the leading
55:18 of Your Holy Spirit, that you would help us to see,
55:22 what it is that we can do to make this a reality.
55:25 We thank You, Lord, for the means
55:27 that You have provided
55:28 and that You have entrusted us
55:30 with the ability to store the resources
55:33 you've given to us and that you have
55:35 trusted us to be channels of blessing to others.
55:40 So be with us now and might we bless others
55:43 so that you can come quickly.
55:45 We thank You in Jesus' name. Amen.
55:59 It's my privilege to address our ASI audience on 3ABN.
56:03 And I want to thank you for joining and watching
56:06 the program this morning and also participating
56:08 in our offering.
56:10 I want to say a special thank you
56:11 to all of those individuals who maybe ASI members
56:14 that are not here this year, we miss you.
56:16 We want you to know that we're pleased
56:17 you're receiving the ASI blessing with us
56:19 via the 3ABN television network.
56:21 And those of you who maybe 3ABN viewers
56:24 that just happen to stumble on to ASI,
56:26 we want to welcome you here as well.
56:28 Hope you received a fantastic blessing.
56:30 If any of you, ASI members as well as other 3ABN members
56:34 would like to participate in this offering,
56:37 we just wanted to give you that privilege
56:39 and tell you how you could do that.
56:40 There are three ways that you can give.
56:43 One way is you can see
56:44 an address on the screen momentarily,
56:46 that is the address of our ASI organization
56:48 in Silver Spring, Maryland,
56:49 just write out checks, send that in, mark it,
56:51 ASI offering and for those of you
56:54 who may be having a cell phone, there's a text address
56:57 as well, if you want to text a pledge in,
56:59 you can feel free to do that,
57:01 as well if you want to go online
57:03 to
57:06 There's a big red button right there that says donate
57:09 and you are welcome to just hit that button
57:11 and follow the directions and you can participate
57:13 in this offering as well.
57:14 I want to thank you all for your generous support
57:18 and for being a part of our ASI Convention here
57:21 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
57:22 Now there's also a telephone number
57:24 up on the screen for our office in Silver Spring.
57:26 If for any reason any of you would like to
57:28 call and talk with someone there,
57:29 one of our team members
57:31 about the ASI organization or if you would like
57:34 to talk to someone about a gift that you want to make to this
57:36 offering, feel free to call that number.
57:39 God bless you and have a wonderful Sabbath.
01:00:02 I'd like to invite you, I'd like to invite you
01:00:05 to turn with me in your Bibles to Romans Chapter 1,
01:00:11 Romans Chapter 1.
01:00:14 One of my favorite passages in the scriptures,
01:00:16 one of the most powerful I believe.
01:00:19 We're in Romans Chapter 1 and we're gonna begin
01:00:22 reading with verse 14.
01:00:26 "I am debtor both to the Greeks,
01:00:30 and to the barbarians, both to the wise,
01:00:33 and to the unwise.
01:00:35 So as much as in me is, I'm ready to preach the gospel
01:00:40 to you that are in Rome also.
01:00:42 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
01:00:47 for it is the power of God onto salvation,
01:00:50 to everyone that believes, to the Jew first
01:00:53 and also to the Greek.
01:00:56 For therein is the righteousness of God
01:00:59 revealed from faith to faith, as it is written,
01:01:04 the just shall live by faith."
01:01:08 May the Lord add His blessing to this reading.
01:01:12 Pastor Mark Finley is not a stranger to any of us,
01:01:15 I assume.
01:01:17 Pastor Mark Finley is a friend to Seventh-day Adventist.
01:01:21 He's a friend to supporting ministries.
01:01:23 He's a friend to ASI.
01:01:26 He was telling me a few minutes ago
01:01:28 that he's been coming to ASI since 1988
01:01:33 and he says since that time,
01:01:36 he's only missed a couple of conventions
01:01:39 and so now we've come to the place
01:01:42 where we wouldn't think of having
01:01:44 a convention without him.
01:01:46 Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration
01:01:47 but I believe it's true.
01:01:49 We're truly, truly happy that he is with us.
01:01:52 He was sharing with me just a few comments
01:01:55 on what his sermon would be this morning
01:01:58 and I'm excited.
01:01:59 I'm not gonna miss a word of it.
01:02:00 He wants to develop for us the grace of God to our souls
01:02:06 and the cross of Calvary and I can't wait.
01:02:09 May God bless his reading.
01:02:47 One faith, one hope, one Lord
01:02:51 One church for which He died
01:02:54 One voice
01:02:56 One song we lift in praise
01:03:03 To Him Who was and is
01:03:06 And shall be evermore
01:03:21 There is one body, one spirit
01:03:29 As you were called to one hope
01:03:38 One Lord, one baptism and faith
01:03:46 One God and Father of all
01:03:50 One God and Father of all
01:03:54 One God and Father of all
01:04:00 Who is in you all
01:04:15 One faith, one hope, one Lord
01:04:19 One church for which He died
01:04:23 One voice
01:04:25 One song we lift in praise
01:04:32 To him who was and is
01:04:35 And shall be evermore
01:04:42 Though we be many people
01:04:48 Diverse with various gifts
01:04:55 We are given to each other
01:05:02 For the unity of faith
01:05:06 To grow in the knowledge
01:05:10 Of the Son of God
01:05:15 In the fullness
01:05:20 Of Christ
01:05:30 One faith, one hope, one Lords
01:05:34 One church for which He died
01:05:38 One voice, one song
01:05:42 We lift in praise to him
01:05:47 Who was and is
01:05:49 And shall be evermore
01:05:55 One faith, one hope
01:06:00 One Lord, one God
01:06:12 Amen.
01:06:20 Thank you for the song, it's inspired our hearts,
01:06:24 encouraged us and prepared us for worship.
01:06:27 For the last 25 years, Teenie
01:06:29 and I've attended ASI Conventions.
01:06:32 We have missed very, very few during that period of time.
01:06:36 And ASI has enriched our lives.
01:06:40 We've been blessed in our fellowship
01:06:43 with consecrated Seventh-day Adventist
01:06:46 lay people who are committed to the mission of the church
01:06:51 and committed to working
01:06:52 with church organization to see God's work powerfully
01:06:58 impact this world for Christ.
01:07:01 So thank you ASI for enriching our lives
01:07:06 and for leading us to a broader vision
01:07:10 of what lay people can do.
01:07:13 This morning as we talk about the one motivation
01:07:17 stronger than any other that will finish God's work
01:07:21 on earth, let's pray together.
01:07:23 Father in heaven, open our eyes to see
01:07:29 the cross in a deeper, fuller,
01:07:33 broader, richer way.
01:07:37 May we see Jesus giving up all for us
01:07:42 and may we give all to Him.
01:07:46 May we sense His grace pardoning us, forgiving us,
01:07:52 redeeming us, empowering us, transforming us
01:07:57 and may that make a difference in our lives.
01:08:00 The hour is too late to come
01:08:05 and to go as we are.
01:08:08 Your people are assembled on Sabbath in Grand Rapids.
01:08:14 Come and do something special, in Christ's name, amen.
01:08:19 Amen.
01:08:21 Robert Robertson was eight years old.
01:08:26 He was living a carefree life,
01:08:29 playing enjoying life in a little English village
01:08:33 and there in 1743, his father died,
01:08:39 changed his life dramatically as any child knows
01:08:43 who at a young age has lost the father.
01:08:47 Robert was bright, intelligent but headstrong,
01:08:53 difficult for his mother to handle.
01:08:55 She did everything she could but he went from bad to worse.
01:09:02 When he was 14 years old, his mother sent him
01:09:05 to London to apprentice with a barber.
01:09:09 She thought if he got a job and useful employment
01:09:12 that would make a significant difference in his life.
01:09:15 It did not.
01:09:17 Things went from bad to worse.
01:09:20 He began drinking heavily, gambling,
01:09:24 got in with the wrong crowd.
01:09:26 And when he was 17, he and some of his buddies
01:09:30 decided to go to an evangelistic meeting
01:09:33 held by George Whitfield and he wanted
01:09:36 to mock the evangelist
01:09:39 and wanted to create quite a scene
01:09:42 at the meetings.
01:09:44 But as Whitfield opened his Bible
01:09:46 and began to talk about Jesus.
01:09:49 There was a strange stirring in this
01:09:52 17 year old boy's heart.
01:09:55 There's a strange awakening in his soul.
01:10:01 He felt the warmth of Christ love.
01:10:04 He sensed the magnificence of Christ grace,
01:10:08 and although he did not go forward
01:10:10 in the altar call that night, for three years,
01:10:13 Robert was haunted by a vision of the cross
01:10:19 that he got at 17 years old.
01:10:21 When he was 20, December 10th, 1755,
01:10:25 he surrendered his life to Christ.
01:10:28 It changed his life totally.
01:10:30 Shortly thereafter he took theology, became a preacher.
01:10:36 Methodist preacher.
01:10:38 He was preparing a sermon one Sunday morning
01:10:42 for a little church in Norfolk, England,
01:10:45 and to accompany that sermon he wrote a song,
01:10:49 the hymns words speak of a grace
01:10:52 we do not deserve and a debt we cannot pay.
01:10:56 They speak of mercy beyond relief.
01:10:59 They speak of forgiveness beyond our comprehension.
01:11:03 They speak of grace beyond our human understanding.
01:11:06 You know the song well.
01:11:07 Come, thou fount of every blessing
01:11:11 Tune my heart to sing Thy grace
01:11:15 Streams of mercy, never ceasing...
01:11:18 You know the song.
01:11:20 Jesus sought me when a stranger
01:11:21 Wandering from the fold of God
01:11:23 He, to rescue me from danger
01:11:26 Interposed His precious blood
01:11:28 O to grace how great a debtor
01:11:32 Daily I'm constrained to be
01:11:35 Let Thy goodness, like a fetter
01:11:38 Bind my wandering heart to Thee
01:11:42 This morning we look at the Book of Romans
01:11:45 and we cry out with a hymn writer,
01:11:47 O to grace how great a debtor
01:11:52 Daily I'm constrained to be
01:11:55 Take your Bibles, please and turn to the Book of Romans.
01:11:59 Romans the first chapter,
01:12:02 you may have it in a printed copy,
01:12:05 you may have it on your iPhone, your iPad,
01:12:10 but look at the text and do not text.
01:12:16 Romans 1:14 and onward.
01:12:21 What is the single motivation
01:12:26 that impelled the early church
01:12:29 to take the gospel to the world?
01:12:32 I suggest to you that the cross came before Pentecost.
01:12:39 I suggest to you that being filled with grace
01:12:44 comes before being filled with the spirit,
01:12:48 unless the church comes to the cross
01:12:52 and it's broken at the cross and transformed by grace,
01:12:58 the power of Pentecost will not fall.
01:13:03 The cross always comes before Pentecost.
01:13:07 Take your Bible and turn to Romans the first chapter
01:13:12 and we're looking there at verses 14-16.
01:13:17 Romans 1 beginning with the 14th verse.
01:13:22 The Apostle Paul says...
01:13:26 "I am a debtor both to Greeks,
01:13:29 and to the barbarians, both to the wise,
01:13:32 and to the unwise.
01:13:34 So much as in me is, I'm ready to preach the gospel to you
01:13:39 who are in Rome also.
01:13:41 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
01:13:44 for it is the power of God to salvation,
01:13:47 for everyone who believes, to the Jew first
01:13:50 then to the Greek.
01:13:52 For in it the righteousness of God
01:13:54 is revealed from faith to faith, it is written,
01:13:57 the just shall live by faith."
01:13:58 Notice Paul makes three I am statements.
01:14:01 He says I am a debtor, he says I am ready
01:14:06 and he says I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
01:14:08 We will look at that first phrase this morning.
01:14:13 I am a debtor.
01:14:14 It is the essence of indebtedness
01:14:18 that in prompts and motivates Paul's witness.
01:14:22 Paul was a debtor.
01:14:23 In Christ he found mercy.
01:14:25 In Christ he found forgiveness.
01:14:28 In Christ he found pardon.
01:14:30 In Christ he found grace.
01:14:32 In Christ his life was transformed.
01:14:34 In Christ he was made new.
01:14:36 In Christ he had a new reason for living.
01:14:39 And the passion that motivated him
01:14:41 was this debt to the Christ that died for him.
01:14:45 The crucified Christ redeemed him
01:14:47 from the guilt of the past.
01:14:49 The resurrected Christ gave him power
01:14:51 for the present and the returning Christ
01:14:54 gave him hope for the future.
01:14:56 Paul cries out from the depths of his being,
01:14:58 I am a debtor.
01:15:01 It is the essence of death.
01:15:04 Paul continues describing this amazing grace
01:15:08 through the Book of Romans.
01:15:09 He could never get tired of telling of God's grace.
01:15:13 He was never bored of sharing the story of the cross.
01:15:18 There was a passion within him.
01:15:21 If you are motivated, merely to make a name
01:15:24 for your ministry that is insufficient motivation.
01:15:27 If you're motivated by pride,
01:15:29 that is insufficient motivation.
01:15:31 The cross of Christ, laying the glory of man
01:15:34 in the dust.
01:15:35 If you talk more about your ministries
01:15:37 than you do about Jesus, more about your accomplishments
01:15:40 than you do about Jesus.
01:15:41 Something is wrong, if there's a tinge of pride
01:15:44 in your soul about who you are.
01:15:47 The third angel's messages,
01:15:49 "Fear God and give glory to Him."
01:15:52 Amen.
01:15:53 The Book of Roman shares that glory is Jesus.
01:15:57 It's the laying of all glory of man in the dust.
01:16:00 When we don't care about who we are but who Jesus is.
01:16:04 When we're more concern about giving glory to him
01:16:06 than we are to ourselves.
01:16:08 When we we're more anxious to glorify his name
01:16:10 than we are our name.
01:16:12 When we talk more about Him than we do ourselves.
01:16:16 When we don't care who gets the glory
01:16:18 but we desire His work to go forward powerfully.
01:16:22 The spirit of God will be poured out in an amazing way
01:16:26 on a people that are united to give Him glory.
01:16:29 Amen.
01:16:30 Now what is the basis of this indebtedness?
01:16:33 What is the real story of the cross?
01:16:36 What is the real story of grace?
01:16:39 Romans the 3 chapter, Romans Chapter 3,
01:16:43 we look at the Book of Romans, the story of grace.
01:16:47 Grace is amazing, Romans the third chapter,
01:16:51 we look there at verse 23 and onward.
01:16:54 "For all have sinned and fall short
01:16:57 of the glory of God."
01:16:58 That is you, that is me.
01:16:59 We are sinners by birth. We are sinners by nature.
01:17:04 The heart is deceitful above all things
01:17:06 and desperately weakened.
01:17:08 In us there is no righteousness.
01:17:10 We are condemned to eternal loss.
01:17:13 Verse 23,"For all have sinned
01:17:16 and come short of the glory of God,
01:17:18 Being justified freely by His grace
01:17:22 through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,
01:17:26 whom God set forth to be a propitiation by His blood,
01:17:31 through faith, to demonstrate His righteousness,
01:17:35 because in His forbearance God passed
01:17:38 over the sins that were previously committed."
01:17:41 Now notice this word propitiation.
01:17:44 This is quite an amazing word.
01:17:49 You can translate propitiation satisfaction
01:17:54 in Christ death on the cross, he satisfies
01:17:59 the justice of God in meeting the demands of a broken law.
01:18:05 So you can translate propitiation
01:18:07 as satisfaction.
01:18:10 But there's an interesting association
01:18:14 in the Greek language.
01:18:16 The word propitiation is in a family of words
01:18:20 that are the Hilasterion family.
01:18:24 Now the word mercy seat in the sanctuary
01:18:27 is a Hilasterion and propitiation
01:18:30 is in a family of words
01:18:32 that leads you to the sanctuary.
01:18:35 In the sanctuary of the Israel in the court,
01:18:40 there is the altar, it is there
01:18:42 that the sacrifice is slain in the bloody shed.
01:18:47 The priest takes that blood and goes into the holy place
01:18:50 of the sanctuary.
01:18:52 And sprinkles the blood before the veil.
01:18:55 But once a year, on The Day of Atonement,
01:19:00 the high priest enters into the most holy place
01:19:03 of the heavenly of the earthly sanctuary.
01:19:07 And sprinkles the blood there on the mercy seat,
01:19:13 the Hilasterion.
01:19:14 Now below this mercy seat is the Ten Commandment law,
01:19:19 the Ark-- it's the Ark of the Covenant.
01:19:21 There on the mercy seat are the two cherubims.
01:19:26 And so there on The Day of Atonement,
01:19:31 reconciliation that has been wrote out in the court
01:19:37 is finally applied to the entire universe
01:19:41 in the universe ultimately becomes clean
01:19:45 at the end of the Day of Atonement.
01:19:47 The mercy seat is the place where God's love and grace
01:19:54 and justice meet together in the ransom of sinners.
01:20:01 The bloodshed in the court
01:20:03 is finally brought into the tabernacle
01:20:06 in an ultimate Day of Atonement
01:20:09 to cleanse the entire universe for sin
01:20:12 to apply what Jesus did on the cross.
01:20:16 So when Paul says here in Romans Chapter 3,
01:20:21 he talks about the fact in Romans 3:23,
01:20:27 "Whom God set forth to be propitiation by His blood."
01:20:31 What is he saying?
01:20:32 He's saying Christ satisfies the demands of the law.
01:20:36 The just assumes the role of those who are unjust.
01:20:42 The righteous assumes the role of those that are sinners.
01:20:45 The innocent assumes the role of those that are guilty.
01:20:49 The perfect one assumes the role of the ones
01:20:51 that are imperfect.
01:20:53 We see this again in Romans the 5 chapter.
01:20:56 Romans 5:6-8, what is the story of the cross?
01:21:02 The story of the cross is the divine son of God,
01:21:07 the one worshipped by all the angels,
01:21:11 the one who'd knew no sin becoming sin for us.
01:21:14 For cursed is everyone that hangs on the tree,
01:21:18 the story of the cross
01:21:19 is more than the story of nails through Jesus' hands
01:21:22 and a crown of thorns upon His head
01:21:24 and blood running down His face
01:21:26 and His feet being spiked to a wooden bar.
01:21:30 It is more than the story of Judas betraying Him
01:21:33 and Peter denying Him.
01:21:35 And the Romans forsaking Him and nailing Him there
01:21:40 and the Jews not quite understanding
01:21:42 what was going on there.
01:21:43 It is much more than that.
01:21:45 The story of the cross is the story of the divine
01:21:49 sinless perfect Son of God,
01:21:53 assuming the condemnation of sin
01:21:56 for the entire human race.
01:21:58 A judgment bar is set up on the cross
01:22:00 and Christ is considered before the whole universe
01:22:03 to be a sinner for you and me.
01:22:05 And He experiences on that cross,
01:22:08 the death that I should have died.
01:22:09 The death that you should have died,
01:22:11 not merely a physical death,
01:22:13 but He plunges the depths of the tomb
01:22:16 and He goes into hell itself for us
01:22:19 as He hangs on that cross.
01:22:20 Take your Bibles please
01:22:21 and look at Romans the 5 chapter.
01:22:23 Romans 5 we're looking there at verse 6 and onward.
01:22:28 "For when we were still without strength,
01:22:30 in due time Christ died for the ungodly."
01:22:34 Christ did not die because we were godly,
01:22:37 He died because we were ungodly.
01:22:40 Notice verse 8,
01:22:42 "But God demonstrates His own love toward us,
01:22:45 in that while we were still sinners,
01:22:47 Christ died for us."
01:22:50 Christ grace is unmerited.
01:22:53 It's undeserved. It's unearned.
01:22:56 Jesus died the agonizing painful death
01:22:59 that all sinners will die.
01:23:00 He experienced the fullness
01:23:02 of the Father's wrath against sin.
01:23:05 He was rejected so we could be accepted.
01:23:07 He died the death that was ours so we could live the life
01:23:09 that was His.
01:23:11 He wore the crown of thorns
01:23:12 so we would wear the crown of glory.
01:23:14 He was nailed upright in torturous pain,
01:23:18 so that we could reign on a throne
01:23:19 with the redeemed of all ages,
01:23:21 wearing robes of royalty forever.
01:23:23 Marvel of all marvels. Wonder of all wonders.
01:23:29 In our shame and guilt Jesus did not reject us.
01:23:33 On the cross, He descended to the depths of hell,
01:23:37 so we could ascend to the heights of heaven.
01:23:41 I love the way Ellen White puts it.
01:23:44 In language that no human pen could write.
01:23:50 In words so sublime, so magnificent
01:23:54 that one almost does not want to read them standing
01:23:58 but fall to their knees.
01:24:00 Listen Desire of Ages page 753,
01:24:03 "Upon Christ as our substitute and surety
01:24:08 was laid the iniquity of us all.
01:24:11 He was counted a transgressor, that He might redeem us
01:24:15 from the condemnation of the law.
01:24:18 The guilt of every descendant of Adam
01:24:21 was pressing upon His heart."
01:24:23 Now think of it.
01:24:24 He hangs on the cross
01:24:27 and the guilt of every descendent of Adam,
01:24:31 the guilt of every sin ever committed.
01:24:35 The condemnation of every sin ever committed.
01:24:38 The shame of every sin ever committed
01:24:41 is pressing upon Him.
01:24:43 We continue.
01:24:44 "The wrath of God against sin, the terrible manifestation
01:24:49 of His displeasure because of iniquity,
01:24:52 filled the soul of His Son with consternation."
01:24:56 Listen next paragraph.
01:24:58 "Satan with his fierce temptations
01:25:00 wrung the heart of Jesus."
01:25:03 What is Satan tempting Jesus about
01:25:06 as He hangs on the cross?
01:25:07 Next sentence.
01:25:08 "The Savior could not see
01:25:10 through the portals of the tomb.
01:25:12 Hope did not present to Him His coming forth
01:25:15 from the grave a conqueror,
01:25:17 or tell Him of the Father's acceptance of the sacrifice.
01:25:20 He feared that sin was so offensive to God
01:25:25 that their separation was to be eternal.
01:25:29 Christ felt the anguish that the sinner will feel
01:25:32 when mercy shall no longer plead for the human race.
01:25:36 It was the sense of sin, bringing the Father's wrath
01:25:39 upon Him as the sinners substitute,
01:25:42 that made the cup He drank so bitter,
01:25:44 and broke the heart of the Son of God."
01:25:45 So when Jesus is hanging on the cross,
01:25:48 Satan says to Him,
01:25:50 if you go through with this
01:25:52 bearing the guilt in shame of the human race,
01:25:54 You will never see your Father again.
01:25:56 The separation is to be eternal
01:25:59 and although Jesus said before the cross,
01:26:01 you destroy this body in three days,
01:26:03 I'll raise it up again.
01:26:04 On the cross, the guilt of sin is so great.
01:26:08 The shame of sin is so overwhelming.
01:26:10 The condemnation of sin that He bears for the human race
01:26:13 is so large, so huge.
01:26:15 All He senses on that cross,
01:26:18 is that if He goes into that grave,
01:26:21 He will be separated from the Father forever.
01:26:24 The separation will be eternal and Jesus says on that cross,
01:26:29 "I would rather experience hell itself
01:26:33 and be not in heaven with my father,"
01:26:35 if Mark Finley can be there.
01:26:37 If John can be there, if Mary can be there.
01:26:40 This is a love so amazing.
01:26:42 This is a love so incredible.
01:26:45 This is a love so divine
01:26:47 that all I can do is fall at His feet
01:26:49 and say, I'm a debtor.
01:26:51 A debtor to grace.
01:26:54 This is the story of the Christ that loves us so much,
01:26:57 that He would rather experience hell itself
01:26:59 than have you lost.
01:27:01 This is the story of boundless, unfathomable,
01:27:04 incomprehensible, undying, unending, infinite love.
01:27:09 That longs for us to be with Him through all eternity.
01:27:15 Notice the text. This is what motivated Paul.
01:27:19 This was the passion beating in his heart.
01:27:22 This was the fire in his belly and this is the passion
01:27:26 that will inspire an end time church
01:27:29 to go to the end of the world,
01:27:31 that the passion of the cross,
01:27:33 the transformation of the grace of Christ.
01:27:36 We cry out with Paul in Romans 1,
01:27:38 notice what Paul says.
01:27:40 Romans 1 Paul says,
01:27:43 I'm a debtor to the Greeks and the barbarians.
01:27:46 The Greeks were the educated elite.
01:27:48 The Greeks were
01:27:49 the sophisticated intellectuals.
01:27:52 The Greeks were the higher classes.
01:27:54 In Greek understanding of culture,
01:27:56 the barbarians were everybody else
01:27:59 and so what is Paul saying,
01:28:00 I'm indebt to the educated and the uneducated,
01:28:04 to the rich and the poor,
01:28:06 to the royal class and the working class.
01:28:08 I'm indebt for all humanity.
01:28:10 Catch a glimpse of Paul's passion for lost people.
01:28:14 He couldn't stop telling the story.
01:28:17 In Acts 16, he tells the story to a business woman
01:28:21 in Thyatira called Lydia
01:28:23 and she's converted and becomes a member of ASI
01:28:27 and uses her resources to spread the gospel.
01:28:31 Later in the chapter Paul and Silas sing
01:28:33 God's grace in prison
01:28:35 and a Philippian jailer and his family are baptized.
01:28:38 In Acts 17 Paul shares God's grace with philosophers
01:28:42 in Athens and some of them are baptized.
01:28:44 Later in the Book of Acts he tells the story to Felix
01:28:48 and to Agrippa, Roman rulers and they stand there trembling
01:28:52 before the grace of God.
01:28:54 Paul goes to Rome
01:28:55 and there in prison he tells the story of God's grace.
01:28:59 And some in Caesar's household are baptized throughout Acts.
01:29:04 Paul never tires of telling the story.
01:29:06 He echoes it from Jerusalem to Rome.
01:29:09 He proclaims it to Roman rulers and Jewish slave girls.
01:29:12 He shares that in prisons, on ships, in market places,
01:29:15 in the country side, in private homes
01:29:18 and public squares.
01:29:19 Why? What prompts him? What motivates him?
01:29:23 He's motivated by one thing not the desire to baptize
01:29:27 more than anybody else.
01:29:28 Not the desire to make his ministry
01:29:30 the best, the highest, the greatest.
01:29:31 Paul doesn't talk about himself, you read Romans,
01:29:34 you read Philippians, you read Colossians,
01:29:36 you read Ephesians.
01:29:37 He's is so in love with Jesus.
01:29:39 Jesus has changed his life and Paul says,
01:29:41 redeemed how I love to proclaim it.
01:29:44 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
01:29:45 Amen. That's Paul.
01:29:47 Passionate about this Christ. Transformed by this Christ.
01:29:51 Did he have any difficulties?
01:29:53 I'll tell you one thing, if there's a one proud
01:29:57 selfish tinge in your body.
01:30:02 When the going gets tough, you're gonna drop out.
01:30:04 You will get Paul.
01:30:06 2 Corinthians 11: 24-28.
01:30:14 Did Paul have problems preaching the gospel?
01:30:17 Why didn't he give up?
01:30:19 What kept him going on?
01:30:22 2 Corinthians 11:24-28,
01:30:26 here he is telling his story verse 24,
01:30:29 "From the Jews five times
01:30:30 I received forty stripes minus one."
01:30:32 Give up Paul, this thing about preaching the gospel
01:30:35 talking about grace this is tough.
01:30:37 Five times they beat you verse 25,
01:30:41 "Three times I was beaten with rods; once I was stoned;
01:30:45 three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day
01:30:48 I have been in the deep; in journeys often,
01:30:50 in perils of waters, in perils of robbers,
01:30:52 in perils of my own countrymen,
01:30:54 in perils of the Gentiles, in perils in the city,
01:30:56 in perils in the country."
01:30:58 And that must been easy life, right.
01:31:00 "In perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren,
01:31:02 in weariness and toil, in sleeplessness often,
01:31:05 in hunger and thirst, in fastings often,
01:31:07 in cold beside other things."
01:31:09 I mean that's kind of you know,
01:31:10 that's a little humor showing, intense his story, I'm beaten.
01:31:14 I'm shipwrecked. I stay in the night and day.
01:31:17 They hit me with rods, they forsake me.
01:31:19 Then he says beside other things,
01:31:24 why did you keep doing it Paul?
01:31:27 What was the motivation?
01:31:30 Why didn't you just give up?
01:31:32 Why didn't you go home and make tents
01:31:35 and live a comfortable life.
01:31:37 2 Corinthians 5 he explains why.
01:31:41 He summarizes the heart of the reason.
01:31:44 In 2 Corinthians 5
01:31:46 is one of the most powerful passages
01:31:51 in all of scripture that motivates evangelism,
01:31:55 that motivates witness when you come to the cross,
01:32:00 and your heart is transformed by the grace of God.
01:32:05 When you understand grace and its transforming power,
01:32:10 when it wills up inside of you
01:32:13 and you see what Christ has done for you
01:32:16 that He's forgiven you
01:32:18 that in Christ your guilt is gone.
01:32:21 In Christ there is no condemnation.
01:32:23 In Christ there's a new power in your life
01:32:27 that makes you over again.
01:32:29 In Christ there is a new hope,
01:32:32 when that living Christ enters your life,
01:32:35 you cannot be silent.
01:32:37 Amen.
01:32:39 Whether you get accolades or you do not.
01:32:42 Whether the days are tough or they are not.
01:32:47 Whether the journey is long and the mountain is high
01:32:51 and the road is rough.
01:32:53 There's a passion in your life to tell the story.
01:32:56 2 Corinthians 5 we see at there verse 14,
01:33:00 "For the love of Christ constrains us."
01:33:06 What's that word constrains me?
01:33:07 It compels us, it causes us to do things
01:33:11 for the love of Christ constrains us
01:33:14 because we judged us that
01:33:16 if one died for all then all die
01:33:19 and He died for all that those who live
01:33:22 should no longer live for themselves.
01:33:26 Amen.
01:33:28 And we who are saved by grace.
01:33:31 Echo the same sentiments as Paul, grace liberates us,
01:33:36 grace empowers us, grace changes us,
01:33:39 grace transforms us and grace compels us to tell the story.
01:33:43 What do you say?
01:33:45 We can do no other.
01:33:47 Good news is for sharing
01:33:50 and we too are debtors for grace.
01:33:52 What has Christ done for you?
01:33:54 In the divine drama of destiny in the providence of God,
01:34:00 you too have been touched by grace.
01:34:02 His grace has pardoned you.
01:34:04 His grace has freed you from guilt.
01:34:07 His grace has redeemed you. His grace has empowered you.
01:34:11 His grace has led you to be a son or daughter of God.
01:34:16 His grace has guided you into the advent movement,
01:34:20 a divine movement God has raised up
01:34:22 in the last days of earth's history.
01:34:24 You are here today because of grace.
01:34:28 And grace motivates us.
01:34:30 Great grace compels us.
01:34:32 We're not primarily motivated by numbers.
01:34:34 We're not motivated by statistics.
01:34:36 We're not motivated by the desire to attract attention.
01:34:39 We're not motivated by the desire
01:34:40 for notoriety or publicity.
01:34:43 We're motivated by one thing. We are motivated by grace.
01:34:48 We're motivated by the love of the one who redeemed us.
01:34:52 We're motivated by the love of the Christ that hung
01:34:54 on Calvary's cross for us.
01:34:56 We're motivated by a love that is so powerful, so redeeming,
01:35:00 so life transformational,
01:35:03 we could nothing else but tell the story.
01:35:06 What has motivated?
01:35:07 Adventists, through the centuries
01:35:11 to lead their families, to lead their friends,
01:35:15 to cross oceans, to traverse desert sands,
01:35:20 to climb rough mountain passes,
01:35:23 to fought rivers, to brave mosquito infested jungles.
01:35:28 What has motivated these Adventist pioneers?
01:35:34 One thing, the love of Christ.
01:35:37 They were motivated by grace.
01:35:40 And they could do nothing else but tell the story
01:35:46 of a soon coming returning Lord.
01:35:49 One of the hallmarks of much of today's Christianity
01:35:52 is many of us have lost the fire in our belly.
01:35:55 We've lost the burning desire in our hearts.
01:35:58 We've lost the zeal. We've lost the vision.
01:36:00 We've lost the passion.
01:36:01 But the weakness of early Adventist pioneers
01:36:04 is when they come to Christ and the cross
01:36:07 and have a vision of that cross
01:36:08 and when they're indebted to grace.
01:36:11 And they sense there's a story to tell to prepare a world
01:36:14 for the coming of Christ.
01:36:16 They often left family, friends,
01:36:17 braved unusual circumstance I think of George Riffel.
01:36:23 George Riffel and his brother Frederick
01:36:26 were Germans living in Russia, Moravians,
01:36:29 later part of the 19th century.
01:36:32 George Riffel and his brother decided to leave Russia,
01:36:37 move to South America or North America.
01:36:42 Frederick came to North America,
01:36:43 settled in Kansas,
01:36:45 George came to first Brazil
01:36:49 and then he moved into Argentina.
01:36:51 They were farmers, planted crops,
01:36:54 Frederick in Kansas, George in Argentina.
01:36:58 But George fell in tough times.
01:37:00 He had six years of very difficult farming,
01:37:05 crop failure, living among the Germans
01:37:08 speaking portion of Argentina
01:37:10 decided to join his brother in Kansas and he did.
01:37:14 And there in 1885, these two brothers
01:37:18 George Riffel and his brother Frederick
01:37:21 became Seventh-day Adventists.
01:37:24 They developed some of the richest farms
01:37:29 in the central portion of Kansas.
01:37:33 They were prosperous business people.
01:37:36 But there was a stirring in George's soul.
01:37:41 There was a moving in George's heart.
01:37:44 He could not live a comfortable convenient life
01:37:51 in Kansas.
01:37:52 Farms were prospering, crops were growing.
01:37:56 But George Riffel had come to Christ.
01:37:59 He was indebt and he thought about that
01:38:04 German speaking community in Argentina.
01:38:08 In late 1800s and he said to his brother,
01:38:12 I'm gonna sell out everything in the farm and I'm gonna go.
01:38:16 I'm gonna go to Argentina.
01:38:18 I have to tell the story.
01:38:21 I've got a passion in my heart. I've got a fire in my belly.
01:38:24 George Riffel, this lay person went to South America.
01:38:28 At that time we did not have
01:38:29 one Seventh-day Adventist church in South America.
01:38:34 Riffel gets there begins sharing Christ,
01:38:37 begins translating literature there in Argentina
01:38:42 place called Crespo, Argentina.
01:38:46 A number of people accept Jesus.
01:38:49 They accept the Adventist message.
01:38:51 They accept the Sabbath. They become Sabbath keepers.
01:38:53 They're looking for the coming of Jesus,
01:38:54 but there's no Adventist pastors of course,
01:38:56 no Adventist churches.
01:38:57 So George Riffel this lay person
01:38:59 baptizes 50 of them.
01:39:02 Writes to the General Conference
01:39:03 in glowing terms brethren
01:39:06 I've been down here in Argentina
01:39:08 working as a lay person.
01:39:09 I just baptized 50 people, come.
01:39:13 The General Conference wrote him
01:39:14 an interesting letter back.
01:39:17 My dear brother, you do not have authorization
01:39:20 to baptize down there.
01:39:23 Riffel writes them back.
01:39:26 Oh, I thank God for consecrated dedicated laymen
01:39:29 who want to cooperate with the church.
01:39:31 Riffel writes them back.
01:39:32 My dear brethren, thank you for giving me that counsel
01:39:36 but please send somebody quick
01:39:38 because I have more people to baptize.
01:39:41 The brethren did it
01:39:43 and when Frederick Wheeler rather
01:39:47 when Frank Westfall came in 1894 to Argentina,
01:39:53 he found a whole group that Riffel and other
01:39:56 literature evangelists had gotten ready to baptize.
01:40:01 The Seventh-day Adventist church in South America,
01:40:07 largely started
01:40:09 because a Seventh-day Adventist business person
01:40:15 was willing prompted by the cross of Christ
01:40:22 sensing his debt to all humanity
01:40:27 to share the story of Christ
01:40:29 and the Adventist message to go to South America.
01:40:33 And today we've over
01:40:38 Seventh-day Adventists in South America.
01:40:41 Ten thousand six hundred churches in South America.
01:40:45 I just got an email from the president
01:40:48 of the South American Division Erton Kohler,
01:40:50 and he was talking to me about comprehensive health evangelism
01:40:53 and we've just written a new book
01:40:55 on health and spirituality.
01:40:57 And he said, "Pastor Mark, in our division alone,
01:41:00 we're gonna pass out
01:41:06 of this book on helping Jesus, what do you say?
01:41:08 Amen.
01:41:10 The church was started by lay people.
01:41:11 I think of China.
01:41:13 Abraham La Rue, a shepherd, a woodcutter
01:41:18 and living in California comes to Christ.
01:41:23 He has a burning ambition.
01:41:24 He's praying one day, The Lord impressed him go to China.
01:41:27 He's 65 years old.
01:41:29 Writes to the brethren, and the brethren say,
01:41:32 oh, thank you for your commitment
01:41:34 but you are too old to go to China.
01:41:37 You're 65 and by the way we don't having the budget.
01:41:41 You know what that lay person does?
01:41:43 Hitches a ride on a freighter, goes half way to China,
01:41:47 goes to Hawaii but then he works witnesses there.
01:41:51 He ends up in China ultimately,
01:41:54 shares the gospel in China and eventually coming to China
01:42:01 is J.N. Anderson,
01:42:03 who finds converts from Abraham La Rue,
01:42:05 a lay people.
01:42:07 If you look at the countries around the world,
01:42:11 the Seventh-day Adventist church
01:42:15 is rooted in a lay movement.
01:42:18 Scores of our countries were started
01:42:20 by consecrated lay people,
01:42:23 who sensed the moving of the spirit of God.
01:42:28 Lay people, motivated by love, made sacrifices for Christ
01:42:32 and witness in the first century.
01:42:34 Lay people motivated by love
01:42:37 have made sacrifices throughout the history of Christianity
01:42:40 and these same lay people are motivated by the love of Christ
01:42:44 are doing some amazing things
01:42:46 in the last century of earth's history.
01:42:49 The work of God will not flicker like a candle
01:42:53 and go out in obscurity.
01:42:56 Listen to the words of the prophets.
01:42:58 Listen to the words of Jesus,
01:43:00 Matthew 24 look there please at verse 14.
01:43:07 Jesus completes His sermon on the last day events.
01:43:13 Matthew 24:14, this gospel of the kingdom,
01:43:18 this what of the kingdom?
01:43:20 This gospel. What is the gospel?
01:43:22 It's the good news that independent of my merit,
01:43:26 Christ has redeemed me on Calvary's cross.
01:43:28 What is the gospel?
01:43:30 It's the good news that in Jesus I'm justified.
01:43:33 What is the gospel?
01:43:34 It's the good news that in Christ I'm sanctified.
01:43:37 The same grace that justifies me
01:43:39 by His grace, he'll sanctify me.
01:43:42 What is the gospel?
01:43:43 It is the message of scripture that Christ died,
01:43:46 Christ was resurrected, Christ is living
01:43:49 and Christ is coming again.
01:43:52 "And this gospel of the kingdom
01:43:54 will be preached in all the world
01:43:56 as a witness to all nations, then the end will come."
01:44:00 The third-- the first angel's message,
01:44:02 Revelation 14 Chapter.
01:44:05 Notice in these end time messages
01:44:08 that there is an end time hope
01:44:11 and that end time hope is that men and women
01:44:15 transformed by God's grace.
01:44:18 Men and women empowered by God's grace.
01:44:22 Methods will not finish the work,
01:44:25 television, radio, literature will be used of God
01:44:30 but they are not the prime agencies
01:44:32 to finish God's work.
01:44:33 God will use people, lay people,
01:44:36 pastors, administrators.
01:44:38 Men and women like you and me
01:44:41 who have an authentic experience with Christ,
01:44:44 who've been transformed by the grace of God.
01:44:46 What did the early disciple say
01:44:48 when they were told not to preach?
01:44:51 You remember what Peter said.
01:44:53 He said, "How can we not speak the things
01:44:58 we've seen and heard."
01:45:01 The world longs for an authentic representation
01:45:08 of human life, in human life of the gospel.
01:45:12 And the Three Angels' Message, the first angel's message says,
01:45:15 "And I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
01:45:19 having the ever lasting gospel to go to every nation,
01:45:26 kindred, tongue and people."
01:45:28 The preaching of the everlasting gospel
01:45:31 will leap across geographical boundaries.
01:45:34 It will penetrate earth's remotest areas.
01:45:37 It will reach people of every language and every culture.
01:45:40 It'll impact the entire world.
01:45:42 The foundations of hell will tremble, for Jesus said,
01:45:46 I will built my church
01:45:48 and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
01:45:52 Amen.
01:45:54 Grace is greater than sin.
01:45:57 Love is greater than hate.
01:46:00 Light will dispel the darkness.
01:46:03 And Revelation 18 says, in verse 1, John says,
01:46:09 "I saw the earth lightened with the glory of God."
01:46:14 The glory of His love. The glory of His character.
01:46:16 I love the way Ellen White puts it.
01:46:18 Listen to these words, Great Controversy, page 670,
01:46:22 "Servants of God, with their faces lighted up
01:46:25 and shining with holy consecration."
01:46:27 What are their faces lighted up with?
01:46:29 The grace of God.
01:46:31 What are their faces shinning with the holy consecration
01:46:33 about the passion.
01:46:35 The fact that they are indebt to share the cross.
01:46:38 "Servants of God, with their faces lighted up
01:46:41 and shining with holy consecration,
01:46:43 will hasten from place to place
01:46:44 to proclaim the message from heaven.
01:46:46 By thousands of voices, all over the earth,
01:46:49 the warning will be given.
01:46:51 Miracles will be wrought, the sick will be healed,
01:46:53 and signs and wonders will follow the believers."
01:46:55 What we are going to experience in end time
01:46:58 is absolutely magnificent.
01:46:59 Yes, persecution has come.
01:47:01 Yes, there'll be a time when church and state unite.
01:47:03 Yes, there will be economic boycott
01:47:05 but my brother, my sister, look beyond that
01:47:09 to the glory of men and women transformed by the cross.
01:47:14 Paul says, "God forbid that I should glory in anything,
01:47:17 save the cross of Christ."
01:47:18 Men and women transformed by grace, filled by the spirit,
01:47:22 passionate about witness
01:47:24 who go out to the ends of the earth.
01:47:25 Listen to this statement,
01:47:27 Review and Herald, July 23, 1895,
01:47:30 "Many will be seen hurrying hither and thither,
01:47:34 constrained by the Spirit of God
01:47:36 to bring the light to others.
01:47:38 The truth, the word of God, is as a fire in their bones,
01:47:42 filling them with a burning desire
01:47:45 to enlighten those in darkness."
01:47:48 Look at this one.
01:47:49 Testimonies, volume 9, page 28-29,
01:47:52 "I saw jets of light shining from cities and villages,
01:47:56 and from the high places
01:47:58 and the low places of the earth.
01:48:00 God's Word was obeyed, and as a result
01:48:03 there were memorials for Him in every city and village.
01:48:06 His truth was proclaimed throughout the earth."
01:48:09 Memorials in every city and village.
01:48:12 IskolokoyCafe God's word true, what do you say?
01:48:15 Amen. Is God's word true?
01:48:17 Is God gonna do what He said?
01:48:19 Is He gonna do it through you?
01:48:20 Amen.
01:48:24 Is your one goal to be broken at the cross?
01:48:31 Amen.
01:48:36 Is your one goal to bring His name glory?
01:48:43 Do you have some self centeredness
01:48:46 still in the heart?
01:48:49 Some pride still in the heart.
01:48:52 You have a theological pride
01:48:55 because you know the word and others don't.
01:48:59 You have an institutional pride.
01:49:05 Because your ministry is doing so good.
01:49:09 You have a professional pride because of academic degrees.
01:49:15 You have a pride because you're not proud.
01:49:23 When Jesus has a people
01:49:27 that are more interested in His glory than their glory,
01:49:35 when Jesus has a people who are broken at the cross
01:49:41 and all they want is what He wants.
01:49:46 All they care about is what He cares about.
01:49:51 All they want is to bring glory to His name
01:49:56 and not theirs.
01:49:58 When Jesus has a people who are so charmed by grace,
01:50:05 so filled with love, so transformed at the cross,
01:50:12 they will be safe for him
01:50:15 to pour out His Holy Spirit upon
01:50:19 to finish His work on earth.
01:50:23 This is the destiny to which you have been called.
01:50:29 This is heaven's appeal to your heart.
01:50:33 This is Christ appeal to your soul.
01:50:37 Will you accept heaven's appeal?
01:50:41 As a debtor to grace,
01:50:44 will you fall on your knees
01:50:49 and say Jesus I'm a debtor to grace.
01:50:54 You paid such an infinite price for me.
01:50:58 There's a passion in my heart.
01:51:00 I've seen a vision of Christ,
01:51:03 a Christ who would rather go into the grave
01:51:07 and never come out then for me to be lost.
01:51:10 A Christ that would rather be condemned for all eternity
01:51:15 if that was necessary for me to be in heaven.
01:51:18 A Christ with a boundless unfathomable, undying love,
01:51:22 I've seen that price.
01:51:25 I have to tell the story.
01:51:28 Are the words of your heart, the words that--
01:51:32 I will sing of my Redeemer and His wondrous love to me.
01:51:37 On the cruel cross he suffered.
01:51:39 From the curse, He set me free.
01:51:42 Sing-- oh, sing of my Redeemer
01:51:45 with His blood He purchased me.
01:51:48 On the cross He sealed my pardon.
01:51:50 Paid the debt and set me free. Let's stand and sing it.
01:51:54 I will sing of my redeemer and his wondrous love to me.
01:51:59 Make this song your commitment.
01:52:01 Let Jesus touch your heart with the words of the song.
01:52:05 Their pride be crushed, may arrogance be demolished.
01:52:10 May self be set aside,
01:52:13 and may Jesus and Jesus only be exalted.
01:52:16 I will sing of my redeemer. Let's sing it together.
01:52:31 I will sing of my Redeemer
01:52:37 And His wondrous love to me
01:52:43 On the cruel cross He suffered
01:52:49 From the curse to set me free
01:52:55 Sing, oh, sing of my Redeemer
01:53:02 With His blood He purchased me
01:53:08 On the cross He sealed my pardon
01:53:15 Paid the debt, and made me free
01:53:23 I will tell the wondrous story
01:53:30 How my lost estate to save
01:53:37 In His boundless love and mercy
01:53:43 He the ransom freely gave
01:53:50 Sing, oh, sing of my Redeemer
01:53:57 With His blood He purchased me
01:54:04 On the cross He sealed my pardon,
01:54:11 Paid the debt And made me free.
01:54:18 Now we're gonna pray.
01:54:20 But before we pray, the spirit of God
01:54:23 is speaking to somebody here today.
01:54:26 What is righteousness by faith?
01:54:32 It is the glory of God
01:54:35 in laying man and woman in the dust
01:54:39 and doing for us
01:54:41 what we cannot do for ourselves.
01:54:45 Christ loved you so much
01:54:48 that heaven wouldn't be heaven without you.
01:54:51 He did not remain in that tomb.
01:54:54 He's resurrected from the dead.
01:54:56 He's alive, He's coming again
01:55:01 and He's longing for His church
01:55:04 to want to be in heaven as much as He wants us there.
01:55:09 He's longing for His church, transformed by grace,
01:55:15 empowered by love, indebted to grace
01:55:23 to share His gospel with the world.
01:55:24 Is there somebody here today?
01:55:26 This is not a general appeal, it's specific.
01:55:30 Somebody here today
01:55:33 that you sense this meeting is gonna change your life,
01:55:36 that you want to say Jesus,
01:55:38 there's something I've got to surrender,
01:55:39 something I've got to give up.
01:55:41 Lord, I want nothing between you and me.
01:55:44 Lord, if you love me that much,
01:55:47 Lord, I want to tell the story
01:55:49 somebody that senses the call of God to service.
01:55:57 Somebody that's sitting in the church
01:55:59 but you sense the call of God to witness.
01:56:01 And you just want to raise your hand and say,
01:56:03 I'm going out of these doors,
01:56:05 sensing Christ love in a new way.
01:56:07 Sensing Christ grace and I cannot be silent,
01:56:10 I want to make a change in my life to tell the story.
01:56:13 Can I see your hand?
01:56:14 God bless you, God bless you.
01:56:16 God bless you.
01:56:18 Somebody else the second appeal before I pray.
01:56:23 You can only know that there is no self-centeredness
01:56:28 and pride in your heart.
01:56:31 If you can honestly rejoice when somebody else's ministry
01:56:36 is more successful than yours.
01:56:40 Do you rejoice at the successes of others?
01:56:44 Do you sense that we're a team as an Adventist family?
01:56:52 Would you like to say Jesus?
01:56:54 See, Jesus wants to do more through you as an individual,
01:56:57 He wants to do more through you as a business person.
01:57:00 He wants to do more through your ministry.
01:57:03 We have not dreamed yet
01:57:05 what God is gonna do through ASI miniseries.
01:57:09 We haven't dreamed yet.
01:57:10 What's God gonna do through pastors?
01:57:12 What's God gonna do through lay people?
01:57:14 What's God gonna do through
01:57:16 initiatives of the General Conference?
01:57:17 We haven't dreamed of that yet.
01:57:19 The earth will be lighted with the glory of God.
01:57:22 Memorials for God in every village, in every town.
01:57:30 Would you like to say Jesus,
01:57:32 take away any tinge of pride in me.
01:57:37 May the glory of Your name
01:57:40 and Your name alone be revealed.
01:57:42 If you-- if that's Spirit of God has put his finger
01:57:44 on something in your life, you want to say God,
01:57:47 help me be broken at the cross,
01:57:49 so you can do something in my heart,
01:57:51 would you just raise your hand.
01:57:54 Oh, my Father, my Father, we've heard the voice of God.
01:58:01 We've heard the appeal of the cross.
01:58:04 We've heard the call of grace.
01:58:08 May we go out of here deep within our hearts
01:58:11 crying with Paul.
01:58:13 God forbid that I should glory
01:58:18 in anything except the cross of Christ.
01:58:20 For the cross comes before Pentecost
01:58:23 and Calvary comes before the outpouring of Holy Spirit.
01:58:27 Oh, God, work in us.
01:58:29 And work in these ministries and use us in ways
01:58:34 beyond for we could imagine
01:58:35 for the glory of the name of Jesus.
01:58:38 Amen.
01:58:40 Let's sing one more verse.
01:58:42 And then God bless you as you go.
01:58:43 Sing one more verse.
01:58:49 I will sing of my Redeemer
01:58:55 And His heav'nly love to me
01:59:01 He from death to life Hath brought me
01:59:08 Son of God with Him to be
01:59:15 Sing, oh, sing of my Redeemer
01:59:21 With His blood He purchased me
01:59:28 On the cross He sealed my pardon
01:59:35 Paid the debt, and made me free
01:59:43 Oh, Father, send us from this place,
01:59:45 filled with Your grace,
01:59:47 compel to tell the story of a dying,
01:59:52 living, interceding,
01:59:54 coming Lord in the name of Jesus.
01:59:57 Amen.


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