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Participants: Wes Youngberg


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Program Code: 14ASIC000007

00:18 Hello, and welcome to our annual ASI convention
00:21 and we are so excited to be here.
00:23 We are coming live right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
00:29 And it feels like we are coming home doesn't it, sisters?
00:31 Yeah, we were born and brought in Michigan
00:33 and our parents live not too far from here.
00:36 That's right. We are so excited.
00:38 We've been having amazing time.
00:40 You know, the messages have been
00:42 so powerful and inspiring.
00:44 That's right, they have.
00:45 And the music has been such a blessing.
00:48 Just a little taste of heaven and it's not over yet.
00:50 We have so much more today.
00:52 That's right, in fact, we've also been enjoying--
00:56 just getting to know the people here.
00:57 Every time we come around the corner
00:59 we are so excited to meet somebody new that
01:02 we haven't seen or somebody a familiar face.
01:04 It's kind of like what heaven's gonna be like.
01:06 And little children just running up to us
01:08 and just hugging us.
01:10 You know, one mother came to us
01:12 and she showed us a video on her little phone
01:17 and it was her two-year-old
01:18 little daughter watching Tiny Tots,
01:20 learning how to kneel and pray.
01:22 It was so precious.
01:24 She was praying when Auntie Linda was praying.
01:26 And I love all the adults, you know, go along the aisles
01:29 and they will be formed in groups
01:31 just lifting their heights up to God.
01:33 That's right, you see a lot of parents,
01:34 really been an incredible spiritual time already
01:37 and we have so much more planned today.
01:40 We do.
01:41 And you are going to enjoy every single program.
01:45 In fact, we want to encourage you
01:47 to be here at our ASI next year,
01:50 you won't want to miss.
01:51 Amen. That's right.
01:52 This is really been an wonderful experience
01:55 and in fact, let's join our program
01:57 right now already in progress.
01:59 When I shall reach that happy place
02:00 And be forever blest?
02:05 When shall I see my Father's face
02:10 And in His kingdom rest?
02:14 I am bound for the Promised Land
02:19 I am bound for the Promised Land
02:24 Oh who will come and go with me?
02:28 I am bound for the Promised Land
02:33 Filled with delight, my raptured soul
02:39 Would here no longer stay
02:44 Though Jordan's waves around me roll
02:49 Fearless I'd launch away
02:53 I am bound for the Promised Land
02:58 I am bound for the Promised Land
03:03 Oh who will come and go with me?
03:07 I am bound for the Promised Land
03:16 Our last hymn would be hymn number 338--
03:21 No.
03:22 I mean 438 "You Will See Your Lord A-Coming."
03:40 You will see your Lord a-coming
03:43 You will see your Lord a-coming
03:46 You will see your Lord a-coming
03:49 In a few more days
03:53 Hear the band of music
03:56 Hear the band of music
03:58 Hear the band of music
04:00 Which is sounding thro' the air
04:05 Gabriel sounds his mighty trumpet
04:08 Gabriel sounds his mighty trumpet
04:10 Gabriel sounds his mighty trumpet
04:13 In a few more days
04:17 Hear the band of music
04:19 Hear the band of music
04:22 Hear the band of music
04:24 Which is sounding thro' the air
04:28 You will see the saints arising
04:31 You will see the saints arising
04:33 You will see the saints arising
04:36 In a few more days
04:40 Hear the band of music
04:42 Hear the band of music
04:45 Hear the band of music
04:47 Which is sounding thro' the air
04:50 Ladies only.
04:52 Angels bear them to the Savior
04:54 Angels bear them to the Savior
04:57 Angels bear them to the Savior
04:59 In a few more days
05:01 Everybody please.
05:03 Hear the band of music
05:06 Hear the band of music
05:08 Hear the band of music
05:11 Which is sounding thro' the air
05:14 Gentlemen, please.
05:15 Then we'll shout, our suff'rings over
05:19 Then we'll shout, our suff'rings over
05:21 Then we'll shout
05:22 Our suff'rings over
05:24 In a few more days
05:26 Everyone please.
05:28 Hear the band of music
05:30 Hear the band of music
05:33 Hear the band of music
05:35 Which is sounding thro' the air
05:44 Thank you for singing with us. What a song, and God bless you.
05:47 Have a nice blessed evening.
05:53 Good morning and happy Sabbath.
05:58 On behalf our Lake Union Conference,
06:01 ASI chapter we want to extend a very warm
06:05 welcome to the 2014 Adventist Laymen's Services
06:10 Industries International Convention
06:14 here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
06:18 We've had the privilege of witnessing and participating
06:22 and being reunited from with friends from long years ago.
06:28 And as we've seen that I'm reminded of the words
06:32 that John shares with us
06:34 in the Book of Revelation chapter 7.
06:37 As he gives us a glimpse into that day in the future
06:42 when there will be a throng that
06:44 no man can number gathered about
06:46 the throne from every nation on earth.
06:50 All of God's children will gather together.
06:53 But you know, it doesn't start there,
06:58 it starts in that quiet time with Jesus.
07:02 And this week the world church has been studying
07:05 in the adult Sabbath school lesson
07:07 the concept of growing up in Christ.
07:11 And we are privileged to have a glimpse
07:15 into a clandestine meeting that occurred
07:18 with Nicodemus in John Chapter 3
07:22 and for the first time Jesus revealed the concept that
07:26 we must be born again.
07:30 And its our prayer that today
07:33 and for the days to come we will all grow in Christ
07:38 and enjoy the time together.
07:41 Happy Sabbath and welcome
07:43 to the Lake Union Chapter International Convention
07:46 of Adventist Services Laymen's and Industries.
07:51 Good morning and happy Sabbath.
07:54 I think if we are quite enough like
07:57 the last song that we sang
07:59 we could hear the banded angels.
08:02 Can you hear the trumpet sounding?
08:06 Good morning. Let's bow our heads for prayer.
08:11 Our loving and gracious heavenly Father,
08:13 I want to thank You for the Sabbath day,
08:17 thank You for the Sabbath.
08:19 Each of us work hard through the week
08:21 and look forward to this time to spend with You
08:25 and together as a family.
08:27 Lord, I bring to You, I stand before You
08:32 representing a congregation of Your children.
08:37 I'm humble to ask that You will be with us today.
08:41 Fill us with Your Holy Spirit.
08:44 I ask that You will help us in our walk with You
08:50 to abide in You to allow You to abide in us
08:56 so that we can bring others to You.
09:01 Bless our Sabbath day, fill us with Your spirit.
09:04 In our walk I ask that we will remember
09:08 the sacredness of this day
09:11 and guard it coming together to worship you.
09:14 We lift You up in our families and in our lives, in our work.
09:21 Be with us today accompanying us
09:23 through this day in Jesus name, amen.
09:32 Good morning and happy Sabbath, ASI.
09:35 Happy Sabbath.
09:37 All right, they are awake this morning, Wayne.
09:40 Now I have a question for you this morning.
09:42 How many of you know these two words "Social Networking?"
09:46 If you know what that means raise your hand.
09:48 Amen. Okay.
09:49 Quite a few of them know, Wayne.
09:50 Now next question for you.
09:52 How many of have a mobile device?
09:55 If you have it could you just pull it out of your pocket
09:58 and show it to us.
09:59 Just pull it out right now, go ahead and get it ready
10:02 because we are gonna have you
10:03 use this mobile device here today.
10:05 We believe that in these last days
10:09 before Jesus' return we need to use every avenue available
10:12 to get the message of our Christ soon return.
10:14 Amen?
10:15 And we want people to know about ASI
10:17 and what ASI is doing to get--
10:19 with all the ministries that are involved with ASI
10:21 to get this message to the world.
10:23 And so Wayne, we have a very unique way that
10:27 we can get that message out this morning.
10:29 Tell us a little bit more about how we can use our phones
10:32 and social networking to let people know about ASI.
10:34 That's right, Kyle. Thank you, so much.
10:36 In fact, we have a graphic that we are gonna put up
10:38 on the screen for you right now.
10:40 If you'll pay close attention to that
10:42 we want to actually get your participation
10:44 of every person here right now.
10:47 So we are gonna tell you how you can do that
10:48 and how you can help us out.
10:50 So you can use whichever social media network you like.
10:55 You can use Facebook, Twitter, you can use Instagram,
10:58 whichever one you would like
10:59 but we would like to ask you
11:01 to post a specific message there
11:03 and this message is hope for the world, isn't it.
11:06 "It's Lift Him Up."
11:08 So that what we want to ask you
11:09 to post right now on the network of your choice,
11:13 Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
11:16 If you will enter there a post where you type "Life Him Up"
11:21 and then this is very important,
11:23 this hashtag is very important.
11:25 The number sign, you need to enter
11:27 the number sign ASI2014 and basically
11:31 what that does in simple terms is it will allow anybody
11:35 who is searching to look for any post that
11:37 have that listed in there the hashtag
11:40 the number sign ASI2014.
11:43 And if you want to post anything else
11:46 in regard to the convention
11:48 as well be sure to include that hashtag
11:50 and that way people will know,
11:53 they will be directed to the right place
11:54 and they will be able to see what's happening.
11:56 And we another time that we want to also
11:59 encourage you to help us
12:01 and we are gonna announce it
12:02 at the exhibit hall tonight so that you will have
12:05 a chance to also feature your favorite ministry
12:08 over in the exhibit hall.
12:09 But this is very important,
12:11 we really need all of you to do it
12:12 because it's working together that we can reach our goal.
12:15 Amen. Amen.
12:16 So what I'm gonna do Wayne,
12:17 is I'm gonna ask everybody pull out the phones right now
12:20 and I'm even gonna take a picture of you
12:22 and I'm gonna post it, okay.
12:23 That's what we do
12:24 and I'm gonna put Wayne in there.
12:25 Okay, so right now if you guys
12:26 can all say happy Sabbath.
12:28 Happy Sabbath.
12:29 All right, I'm gonna post that in just a minute
12:31 and you take your phone out and post ASI2014.
12:35 Now one other thing we want to let you know is that
12:38 this afternoon we have a special panel discussion
12:41 about the three angels messages,
12:42 isn't that right, Wayne?
12:44 How can they get involved
12:45 in that panel discussion this afternoon?
12:46 Yes. Thank you so much.
12:47 It's very important if you want to ask a question
12:50 it's very, very easy
12:52 and again you can do with your phone.
12:54 You can send a text message if you would like
12:56 and I will give you the number for that.
12:58 We might also have it up on the screen for you
13:01 but the number for sending message
13:04 with the question is 301-844-6035.
13:10 If you look in your program guide,
13:12 for those of you that have the program guide
13:14 you'll have it right there on the inside
13:16 front cover as well.
13:17 Because it's the same number that
13:18 we use for all of the other interaction
13:21 for text messaging or you can simply send an email
13:24 if it's easier to
13:28 Again that's
13:32 And we would love to have your questions
13:34 so that the panelist can discuss them
13:36 and answer them this afternoon.
13:38 The panel discussion this afternoon
13:40 just to give you a little bit a preview
13:42 it's how we can live and share the three angels' message.
13:46 So it's very pertinent to us
13:47 and it's gonna be divided into three different sections.
13:50 It's divided into how to make the three angels' message
13:54 a living practice in my own life.
13:56 How I can live the three angels' message?
13:58 How can I share that with other and how can we use
14:02 the three angels' message to finish the work?
14:04 So we invite your questions on those topics.
14:07 All right, God bless you guys. Happy Sabbath.
19:41 We've come now to one of the most
19:42 exciting parts of the program.
19:44 The part where we talk about
19:45 what God is doing in mission projects
19:48 all around the world through ASI members.
19:50 Good morning, ASI.
19:52 And those of you watching at home
19:53 we are so thankful that you could join us as well.
19:55 I'm standing here with Svitlana and Svitlana,
19:58 you and I have known each other for a long time
20:00 but I'm not even with all that time going
20:02 to hazard trying to pronounce your last name.
20:04 Would you mind pronouncing your name for us, please?
20:08 My name is Svitlana Kakabayev.
20:10 There we go.
20:11 See now why I couldn't do that. And you have husband doublet.
20:15 Yes, my husband is right here
20:17 and we have a baby Joseph with us as well.
20:20 How old is he now?
20:21 He will be four months next week.
20:23 Now the Lord has called you
20:25 to a unique ministry, hasn't He?
20:26 Yes.
20:27 And that ministry is in a certain part of the world
20:30 that probably we don't think of
20:33 as being an easy place to go.
20:35 And we do have actually a slide of where you are located.
20:39 Why did you choose to go to this
20:42 particular part of the world and where are you exactly?
20:44 Yes, we got ministry in central Asia
20:47 and we have few reasons why we are there.
20:50 We know that its 10/40 Windows.
20:53 It's many Muslims there
20:54 and there is not many ministries,
20:56 health ministries and I have been there
20:59 since 2004 in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
21:03 just serving and I have seen that
21:04 health ministry really can--
21:06 it's the best way to reach the Muslims for Christ
21:09 and also the blessing that my husband
21:11 is from Turkmenistan so we are in that area.
21:14 We know this people, we love the people
21:16 and we want to serve them.
21:18 And so the prevailing religion is Muslim them?
21:21 Yes.
21:23 And it's not one that
21:24 we think of as being typically very easy to work with?
21:26 Yes, its not but it's a blessing really to work
21:30 because they are special children of God.
21:32 Amen.
21:33 Tell us exactly where it is that you are located.
21:37 You know, we have the map there
21:39 but there is the picture
21:41 there of the place exactly where you are.
21:43 Yes, right now you can see this picture
21:46 it's located in the conference building,
21:48 its SDA South Conference.
21:51 The president invited us to come there
21:53 and so on the first floor we have the health room.
21:57 We have three rooms
21:58 where we are doing health consultations
22:00 and health treatments.
22:01 You can see some of the treatments over there
22:03 and we have patients coming all the time,
22:05 we are so thankful.
22:07 And so this is the main ministry.
22:09 On the third floor is the church building itself.
22:12 So you could call it a blended ministry then?
22:14 Yes, it is, it's like a center of influence
22:17 and we have health room right there
22:19 in the conference building.
22:20 So how is it that that you are going about
22:24 reaching these people in someway helping them
22:28 to come to know more about Jesus?
22:32 We all know that health is the ancient wedge.
22:35 So I will say every person,
22:37 you know, that we meet
22:39 they have some challenges with health.
22:41 So they can come with us with their need.
22:44 We're trying to serve as much as possible to their needs,
22:48 win their confidence and then we share about Christ
22:51 who can do and help them in every need.
22:54 And so explain to me now is the only thing that
22:56 you are doing-- we saw there on the screen
22:58 the building that you are in is that
22:59 pretty much the only thing you are doing?
23:00 No, actually this what we started with.
23:03 We have the health room, this is our main ministry
23:06 and we are so blessed for that
23:07 but also when God is opening the doors
23:10 we are using any opportunity.
23:12 Right now with health clock running
23:15 we are doing health cooking classes,
23:17 classes, health lectures,
23:19 health food fair, we have been doing--
23:21 we also like in this picture you can see we got invitation
23:25 from the orphanage to go to them
23:28 and teach just not even healthy cooking
23:31 but we were teaching healthy cooking
23:33 because when children leave
23:35 from they don't know what to do.
23:37 So, this was such a blessing
23:39 to be in touch visiting those special children.
23:41 Okay, before we got up here you were telling us
23:44 some stories and another problem
23:45 is not having enough stories to tell
23:48 it's having too many stories to tell.
23:50 So tell us a story
23:51 or two how the Lord is blessed in this.
23:53 You know, we are so blessed because actually every patient
23:56 who comes we have special story behind.
23:59 We are so blessed but you know
24:01 I have would like to share--
24:02 we have been doing lifestyle sessions,
24:06 11 day lifestyle session in the conference building.
24:09 Because we found out that this is the best way to reach.
24:12 People come to us, they stay for 11 days with us,
24:16 they eat with us, we do treatments,
24:18 cooking classes, lectures,
24:20 like everything in the lifestyle program.
24:22 We did 14 lifestyle sessions in two years
24:25 and most of them non-Adventist,
24:27 60 to 70 percent non-Adventist.
24:30 And just maybe I will tell two stories, quick stories.
24:35 One man came and he was in very bad shape.
24:39 He has wife, she is Adventist, she is a doctor, neurologist.
24:44 So she called and asked please can you take my husband
24:47 to your lifestyle program?
24:48 And first we told her no,
24:50 because here his condition was too severe for us,
24:53 we don't have really the medical doctor
24:55 and he had heart attack, he had bypass surgery,
25:00 he was on so many medications from high blood pressure,
25:04 overweight, depression, and very weak,
25:07 short of breath so we told no.
25:09 She called us back in few months,
25:10 in three months.
25:12 We have been praying we should and we agreed.
25:15 When he came it was his first time join us
25:18 at Sabbath for church service
25:21 and God in one week he felt much better
25:24 physically but also the miracle.
25:26 You know, this Muslim man
25:28 when he came back to his family he told to his wife
25:32 you and our children going to the true church.
25:34 Amen. How about that?
25:36 Amen. We are so blessed.
25:37 We keep in touch with him still.
25:38 We want to visit them as well.
25:40 And I will tell one more story.
25:42 You know, we had one lady came to us
25:45 during the week to the health room
25:47 and she told, I found from the internet that
25:50 SDA church this is the church that
25:52 is practicing the healthy lifestyle.
25:55 Can you share with me?
25:57 She told that she is a doctor,
25:58 she used to be and she used to work
26:00 as a doctor but for last six years
26:02 she has been fighting breast cancer.
26:04 And at the moment when she came to us
26:06 it was third stage cancer.
26:08 She had just open wound,
26:09 it was breast cancer, it was very severe.
26:13 And so we took her to our lifestyle program,
26:16 she went through two lifestyle programs
26:19 and you know, the treatments that
26:20 we are doing is very simple.
26:22 It wasn't organized for the health room
26:24 so it's the buckets, the control showers,
26:27 simple diet, juices very simple.
26:30 But very short story, God healed her physically.
26:35 Amen. Miracle.
26:36 She was healed only by God
26:37 not by any means that we were using.
26:40 God did the miracle.
26:41 But the second, the biggest miracle she was baptized.
26:44 Amen.
26:45 And in the picture you can see her,
26:47 you know, she was baptized
26:49 and now she is actually helping us
26:51 in the program as well.
26:52 She came and volunteer.
26:54 Can I help you, you know, with what I can?
26:57 At first she hardly could do some of the things
26:59 but she learned, she became stronger and stronger
27:02 and she is the amazing help for us now.
27:04 Amen, what a blessing.
27:05 Well, give us the very short version
27:08 of what your dreams are
27:09 for the future other than being in heaven.
27:13 Yes, you know, if your are doing these lifestyle sessions
27:15 in the conference building we are so thankful.
27:18 And I know we need to use any opportunity that
27:20 God is giving to us but also we have been given
27:23 as a special gift from God as a donation the property
27:27 to build lifestyle center.
27:29 And this is our dream to build the first lifestyle center
27:33 in the Central Asia is the big,
27:36 you know, many countries, six countries
27:39 in the Central Asia and we have people coming
27:42 from other countries to us as help for health.
27:44 So to some countries we can't go
27:46 but they can come to us.
27:48 So this is our dream to spread
27:51 the message through health message.
27:52 You know, the lifestyle center,
27:54 to have restaurant in that big city
27:57 and just to share God with those people.
28:00 Amen, svitlana, it's been a pleasure talking to you
28:03 and may God bless you
28:04 as you contine to work with Him.
28:05 Thank you. God's blessings to you.
28:06 Amen, you know, God can use simple people.
28:09 You don't have to be a physician
28:10 in order to be able to do His work
28:12 and yet He can use the simplest means
28:15 in order to be able to accomplish His work.
28:18 Joining me now is Dr. Viriato Ferreira.
28:20 Some may not know you.
28:23 Tell us a little, you are a physician is that correct?
28:25 Yes, I'm a physician. Good morning, everyone.
28:27 I'm a physician, my wife is a physician
28:30 and we work in Portugal in Europe.
28:33 Tell us a little bit about what's going on in Portugal.
28:36 Well, about 12 years ago, 13 years ago
28:39 with ASI help and OCI we--
28:43 the union the Portuguese union invited us to go over
28:46 and to establish medical missionary work in Portugal.
28:49 Now some of you know
28:50 where Portugal is, others don't.
28:52 It's the western most country of continental Europe.
28:57 And so I'm a Portuguese descent.
28:58 I was born in Africa but my parent are Portuguese
29:01 and so we went over in 2002
29:05 and with a little seed money open a city medical practice
29:10 in the capital city of Lisbon
29:12 which has about three and half million people.
29:14 And so from there we saw patients,
29:18 we starting from zero patients and we had no patients
29:20 when we started but they started coming.
29:23 And also with the help of OCI
29:28 we started doing health expos and the local union.
29:32 So you see interesting because it was the local union
29:34 that they invited these projects to set up
29:37 and then when we arrived
29:38 there the health expo started being done in Portugal
29:41 and then the Spanish heard about it
29:42 and the Italians and the French
29:44 and the German so the health expo spread
29:47 throughout Western Europe.
29:48 So it started as a city ministry.
29:50 Exactly.
29:51 Is it going from there?
29:52 Oh, yes now our objective
29:54 was actually to build a lifestyle center.
29:56 Not so far from Lisbon but we started
29:59 as a city ministry that still operating
30:01 the medical practice and it took us probably about
30:04 five, six years, seven years until we got a property
30:08 not so far from Lisbon and between--
30:10 actually in the center of the country
30:12 and we acquired that property about five, six years ago
30:17 and then the lifestyle center project started.
30:21 Okay, and how far long
30:22 is the lifestyle center project now?
30:24 Well, now, we are still in the building phase.
30:27 There is so much going on because the health expos
30:30 in Western Europe they took a lot of our time.
30:33 We felt we needed to strengthen the church,
30:36 to strength-- we went therwith one objective
30:38 but Lord said, the Lord said,
30:40 you know, strengthen the church
30:42 first and that's what happened.
30:44 And so the lifestyle center
30:46 five years ago we go that property
30:49 and its out in the country and a beautiful place.
30:52 It was in shambles, it was in ruins.
30:56 I mean, it needed a lot of money
30:58 and so we started renovating the first building
31:02 out of 13 buildings that they are on the property,
31:05 many of them small
31:06 but we started renovating and it's going on.
31:10 It's still in the building phase but now
31:11 we already have six bedrooms, we got consulting rooms,
31:16 we got dental practice, lots of other little things okay.
31:21 And so we are running parallel to the city ministry.
31:23 Okay.
31:24 You told a story and I've got to stop you right now
31:27 and would you mind telling that story
31:29 because it has to do with the fact
31:30 that you are in a building project
31:32 and that you're actually happy people coming to that.
31:34 Well, that was a bit of a frightening story,
31:37 you know, from an emotional point of view,
31:39 we in the building site and so we've got beautiful rooms
31:44 but it's still a building site.
31:45 So about a year and half ago
31:49 we started doing depressing recovery programs.
31:52 So we could have about ten patients,
31:54 we house them, we rented places nearby,
31:56 beautiful homes because we didn't have the facilities.
31:59 So this lady came, she got a ride
32:03 from Lisbon with a pastor.
32:06 And so she arrived and the mist was so thick
32:09 I could hardly see you there.
32:11 You know, it was on top of a mountain a building site
32:14 with thick mist and this lady came out of the car
32:17 and she says, you know, take me home
32:19 I don't want to stay here.
32:21 And I wouldn't blame her because you know,
32:24 it was such a thick, dark day for that day.
32:29 And so this lady was in her 40s
32:33 with severe depression on three antidepressants,
32:36 on three benzodiazepines to sleep and we realized,
32:42 you know, there is a spiritual battle going on.
32:44 This lady will probably have one of the few
32:46 opportunities to change her life.
32:50 And so we sensed the need of prayer so we prayed for her.
32:53 She agreed to stay that day.
32:55 And then the following day she was a bit happier.
32:58 We placed in a beautiful home nearby
33:00 and then at the end of the day she came and apologized
33:04 to everyone and she stayed for the ten days.
33:07 Now this lady is now much better.
33:09 She's gone back to work, she's gone back to university.
33:12 She is helping others now
33:13 and its a completely different person.
33:15 Amen. Praise the Lord, yes.
33:17 Praise the Lord.
33:18 Well, let's kind of get back on track.
33:20 You are in the middle of something and actually
33:22 you have some pictures that you could show.
33:23 Yes, I have. Okay.
33:24 You know, this is
33:25 a beautiful setting just nearby.
33:27 You've got another one that shows a little bit of
33:30 the one of the buildings that
33:32 its now-- I mean this place was in ruins.
33:35 Beautiful gardens by-- they made by volunteers.
33:38 A close friend of our Lilly Ray from Loma Linda,
33:42 she designed and she made the gardens.
33:45 It's being built
33:46 but while the building is going
33:48 on the building we are building lives.
33:51 God is building lives and that's our purpose
33:53 for being there is to build people's lives.
33:55 You see I have got that slide
33:57 there that shows-- where are the patients?
34:00 You identify the patients amongst that group.
34:03 No, they get involved in gardening,
34:05 in cooking,and they help wherever need is there
34:11 and that helps people change their lives.
34:13 Right. Right. Okay,
34:15 so I was gonna ask you about results but may be a good--
34:18 a good thing to ask didn't we havea an actual video of--
34:22 Yes, yes, I would like to show-- just to end off
34:24 by showing this video which is a testimony,
34:26 a very power testimony
34:28 of somebody that was there about three weeks ago.
34:30 Good.
36:25 Beautiful story, amen. Amen.
36:27 We are out of time.
36:28 I did want to leave though with just one thing
36:30 maybe you could encourage us
36:31 because you are in the unique position,
36:33 you are a head of a supporting ministry,
36:36 you are also part of the conference work there.
36:40 Can you encourage all of us and perhaps
36:44 moving forward in working with the church?
36:46 Look, I believe it is God's plan
36:48 to have a blended ministry.
36:50 Where is the church?
36:51 The church is here. Amen.
36:53 The church is an organization but the church is a members
36:57 and working together in this blended ministry
36:59 God can reveal His character and Jesus can come soon.
37:03 Amen. It's been a blessing talking to you this morning.
37:05 God bless. Thank you.
37:10 Good morning, ASI, and happy Sabbath.
37:14 What a great privilege it is to be here in Grand Rapids
37:17 at this 2014 ASI Convention
37:22 and to have such a marvelous theme
37:25 which your leaders have prepared,
37:28 "Lift Him Up.
37:33 "Luke 19:41."
37:40 Now as He drew near,
37:41 He saw the city and wept over it.
37:48 " As Jesus drew near Jerusalem
37:51 He saw the shinning rooftop of the temple.
37:56 It was glistening in the sun.
37:58 It was a magnificent sight.
38:02 He had been on the triumphal entry.
38:05 People have been paying all kinds of homage to Him,
38:08 He should have been so excited
38:12 but instead the Bible says He wept.
38:17 He wept for the people of jerusalem.
38:20 He wept for the people of the cities.
38:23 My question to you today is,
38:26 are you weeping for the people of the cities?
38:30 Are you joining Christ in looking towards
38:35 helping those who are suffering in the big cities?
38:40 This morning I've been asked to speak for a few minutes
38:43 about evangelism and my involvement with it.
38:49 In the book Medical Ministry which is not only
38:51 for health professionals but for all of us.
38:54 Page 304 it says that
38:56 "The work in the cities is the essential work for this time.
39:00 When the cities are worked as God would have them,
39:03 the result will be the setting in operation
39:07 of a mighty movement
39:08 such as we have not yet witnessed."
39:12 God has asked us to be involved in evangelism,
39:16 personal evangelism, public evangelism,
39:19 small group evangelism, literature evangelism,
39:22 media evangelism.
39:23 Every type of outreach is God's plan
39:27 as long as it's according to His word
39:31 and the Spirit of Prophecy.
39:33 What a marvelous give the Spirit of Prophecy is
39:36 because it gives us practical information
39:39 on how to reach people.
39:44 I want to pay a tribute this morning in the few moments
39:46 that I have to my father.
39:50 My heavenly Father and my earthly father.
39:54 My heavenly Father lives and very soon
39:58 my earthly father will live again too.
40:03 Jesus is coming soon and that's the reason for evangelism,
40:08 that's the reason for outreach.
40:11 It was 1970, I was a student
40:17 at Columbia Union College
40:19 now Washington Adventist University
40:23 and I was trying to figure outwhere it was
40:26 that I should be in God's plans
40:30 a intern, a ministerial intern.
40:35 And so I sent out letters to various conferences asking
40:39 if they would be interested in having a young intern
40:42 come to their conference
40:44 and would they be willing to sponsor me?
40:47 I received some responses back
40:49 from conferences and my father told me,
40:52 said, you know, many of these are fine places
40:57 but if you really want a challenge
41:00 accept the request
41:04 and the invitation from the Greater New York Conference
41:08 which covers the great city of New York.
41:13 I listened to my father
41:16 and I have never been the same since.
41:19 My experience in New York City has changed my life
41:23 forever and has helped me to identify
41:26 with Christ weeping for the people of the cities.
41:31 The Greater New York Conference led at that time
41:33 by a wonderful godly man, Elder Lloyd Reile
41:38 who went on to become president
41:40 of our church in Canada.
41:43 I saw Elder Reile just a few years ago,
41:46 it was such a marvelous thing
41:48 to reconnect with Elder Reile in his 90s.
41:53 What a privilege it will be to be with so many people
41:56 that we have known in the past
41:57 we will be in heaven forever together.
42:01 Elder Reile invested time and effort in a young man.
42:05 Let me tell you those of you
42:07 who are older invest in young people.
42:11 Take a risk with young people. Give them encouragement.
42:16 At the General Conference session
42:17 we are going to be featuring young people.
42:20 We are gonna help them to know
42:22 their part of the great mission
42:23 of this church and in fact
42:26 they will be part of those at the end of time
42:29 who will be very much involved in God's work.
42:32 The Greater New York Conference sent me
42:35 to not only the seminary but to Loma Linda University
42:39 where I obtained a masters of science and public health
42:42 which has also changed my life forever.
42:47 Right now both Andrews University
42:48 and Loma Linda are offering courses for those
42:52 who are interested in helping to know about
42:55 a blended ministry and I want to encourage
42:58 all of you to remember that is God's plan.
43:01 Comprehensive health ministry, everyone working together,
43:05 a blended ministry, comprehensive health ministry
43:08 is the right arm of the gospel.
43:13 All throughout my experience this has affected my outlook.
43:19 Evangelism, I can remember being in a field school
43:22 of evangelism in Glasgow, Scotland.
43:25 Tough place but I saw God's presence there.
43:28 I can remember going to an evangelism school
43:31 where we had together in San Jose,
43:33 strong representation from health
43:36 and from the Bible focused areas.
43:40 Pastor Bruce Johnston who is now dead
43:43 but was a wonderful evangelist and union president.
43:46 Dr. Mervyn Hardinge, who also has passed away
43:50 but was leading out in that.
43:51 It gave me the seeds of understanding
43:54 of this blended ministry.
43:56 I want to tell you brothers and sisters,
43:58 this is what God wants us to do
44:01 in the large cities of the world.
44:03 A blended ministry according to Christ's own plan.
44:09 I remember in New York as I served there
44:11 for about seven years,
44:13 Nancy and I worked for many years in that area.
44:16 I can remember being on the subway
44:18 and sometimes of course, the subway comes above ground
44:21 and looking at a particular graffiti
44:25 on the wall,
44:26 concrete jungle a hard life.
44:31 I want to tell you as we rest in this lovely auditorium here
44:34 I want to urge all of you not to forget
44:37 the people in the big cities including Grand Rapids.
44:43 Jesus wept for those people.
44:46 Throughout my life
44:47 evangelism has been a key factor
44:51 all the way from holding an evangelist series
44:53 with my father in Western Maryland
44:54 all the way down to us holding
44:59 an evangelist meeting together in Londonderry,
45:03 Northern Ireland a tough place.
45:07 I want to tell you evangelism has touched my life
45:10 in a very specific way.
45:15 Recently we've been involved
45:17 in a number of evangelistic activities.
45:20 You might say well, what does the president of the
45:22 General Conference do with all the other things
45:26 that need to be done by taking time to hold
45:29 evangelistic meetings?
45:31 I want to tell you that is our number one priority.
45:36 Committee meetings, all the other challenges,
45:39 yes, they are important.
45:42 Evangelism is the life blood of this church.
45:46 It is what God intents for us to do all the way down
45:49 to the very end of time.
45:51 In fact, we are told the last work we will be able to do
45:55 will be medical missionary work,
45:57 comprehensive health ministry.
45:59 Recently we've been involved with
46:01 at great and exciting program NY13 last year,
46:06 preaching messages of hope, working together with hundreds
46:10 of pastors and others across a large area of metropolitan
46:16 New York including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
46:21 Tremendous effort led by Don King,
46:24 president of the Atlantic Union and so many others
46:28 and I must say that Mark Finley and Robert Costa
46:31 who so ably worked in that series
46:35 are tremendous assets to God's church.
46:38 We had a wonderful time in New York
46:39 and we don't have time to tell you the illustrations
46:42 of that particular setting but it continues
46:46 thousands of new believers in Jesus because of NY13,
46:51 hundreds of hundreds of meetings
46:53 all over that site.
46:55 Recently its been a privilege to be involved
46:59 in short evangelistic reaping meetings in Papua New Guinea,
47:06 in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City
47:09 where by God's grace it was my privilege
47:11 noting due to me but to the power of God
47:13 and our local leaders to bethe first non-indigenous
47:17 person to preach an evangelistic meeting
47:20 in Ho Chi Minh City
47:21 since 1975 and we praise God because things are opening up.
47:27 We had a meeting in Manila just recently,
47:29 I'm gonna tell you about that in an about an hour
47:33 from now in about three minutes,
47:36 three minute duration about God's great openings.
47:39 Huge evangelistic meetings held all across Manila
47:43 with now about 10,000 baptisms resulting from it,
47:48 many people involved not just one evangelistic meeting.
47:53 Next year Nancy and I will have the privilege
47:56 of working in Harare, Zimbabwe.
48:01 It will be a great privilege again
48:02 to have a combined effortworking
48:05 with the South Western Union
48:06 here in the United States and ASI
48:10 and ShareHim and so many others.
48:14 Also we will have a great evangelistic meeting
48:16 in San Antonio, Texas.
48:17 just before the General Conference session.
48:21 Mark Finley, Duane McKey,
48:23 Robert Costa and others and leading out in that.
48:26 But this is just a little example
48:30 of what God is doing through thousands
48:33 of people across this globe
48:36 in working for Christ through evangelism.
48:39 Let's invest our time in God's great work
48:44 for soon Jesus will come.
48:46 Matthew 9:35,
48:50 "Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages,
48:53 teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel
48:55 of the kingdom, and healing everysickness
48:58 and every disease among the people."
49:01 " God is calling for you
49:04 to be part of the last great loud cry,
49:09 weep with Jesus for the people of the cities.
49:15 Amen.
49:35 Take my life and let it be
49:41 Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
49:47 Take my hands and let them move
49:53 At the impulse of Thy love
50:00 Take my hands and let them move
50:09 At the impulse of Thy love
50:25 Take my feet and let them be
50:30 Swift and beautiful for Thee
50:36 Take my voice and let me sing
50:42 Always, only for my King
50:48 Take my voice and let me sing
51:18 Not a mite would I withhold
51:23 Take my moments and my days
51:29 Let them flow in endless praise
51:35 Take my moments and my days
51:45 Let them flow in endless praise
52:00 Take my will and make it Thine
52:06 It shall be no longer mine
52:12 Take my heart, it is Thine own
52:17 It shall be Thy royal throne
52:23 Take my heart, it is Thine own
52:33 It shall be Thy royal throne
52:37 It shall be Thy royal throne
53:05 Good morning. Happy Sabbath.
53:08 We've come to that time
53:10 in our Sabbath morning experience
53:13 where we are able to worship our God through study.
53:17 And I trust that all of you
53:20 have been studying your Sabbath school lesson.
53:22 We are talking about the teachings of Jesus
53:24 this quarter and as we begin as my custom is in
53:29 my home church Fallbrook, California whenever I teach
53:33 we always pause at the beginning and ask
53:35 the presence of God to be with us
53:37 to invite His Holy Spirit to take control of everything
53:40 that happens in this room and I would like to invite
53:43 you to bow your heads with me right now.
53:46 Holy Father in heaven, we come to you just now
53:49 claiming the promise
53:51 that wherever two or three
53:53 are gathered together in your name
53:55 you will be among us.
53:57 And I pray right now that you would take control
53:59 of my mind and my lips and my tongue.
54:03 May the words that I speak be Your words and Lord,
54:06 not only may the words that I speak be Your words
54:08 but may each person that is here,
54:11 that is watching on television as well that Your Holy Spirit
54:15 would be with them each one that they may hear exactly
54:18 what You have in mind for them.
54:19 I pray in Jesus name, amen.
54:28 Nicodemus was a man
54:31 who could have been an ASI member.
54:35 He had become very successful in his business.
54:41 He had attained the success where he was able to spend time
54:44 studying the scriptures.
54:46 He had become if you will a doctor of the Jewish law.
54:51 He had also been so well thought
54:53 of that he had been elevated to a position within
54:56 the Jewish ruling council called the Sanhedrin.
55:01 He dressed well.
55:02 Whenever he walk someplace
55:04 people acknowledged his presence.
55:07 Within his society he had already reached
55:10 the top rung if the ladder
55:13 that he could expect to reach.
55:16 But somehow deep within his heart
55:20 there was still a dissatisfaction.
55:23 There was something more.
55:24 Have you ever felt like in your Christian walk
55:28 that there is somethingmore out
55:30 that your just can't quiet
55:31 put your hands on that was Nicodemus.
55:36 Nicodemus was in that moment and as he was going through
55:39 the process of going to the Sanhedrin meetings
55:43 as he would interact with the leaders of the nation,
55:47 as he would have social gatherings
55:50 with Pilate the Roman proconsul.
55:55 He would have this since there's got to be more than
55:58 what I'm experiencing here.
56:03 Whenever the young Galileans teacher
56:08 came along and began to show his presence
56:13 in the temple and along the walkways
56:15 through Jerusalemand as he observed that
56:19 he became quite concerned because he noted the way
56:25 that the ruling scribes, his associates actually
56:30 looked upon this young Galilean
56:33 and a course in his mind
56:34 because he was a great scholar
56:36 and a student of the scriptures.
56:40 He was well aware of how his ancestors
56:43 had treated the prophets that had come.
56:46 A little uncomfortable with how that was working
56:48 and then he couldn't help but notice that in a world
56:53 where everybody seemed to be corrupted on the take
56:57 in someway self dealing
57:00 that here was the man uncorrupted.
57:04 Strangely, mysteriously drawnto this man
57:09 Nicodemus is seeking.
57:11 He also took not of the fact that
57:16 this man though uneducated within their system
57:20 had extreme authority
57:22 when it came to certain matters.
57:24 He had been an observer of when Jesus cleansed
57:29 the temple and turned over the money changers tables.
57:34 Something inside said I need to know this man but yet
57:38 the pride that was there refused to let him
57:42 walk upto Jesus and begin to engage Him in conversation.
57:45 I can only imagine
57:47 that perhaps he went up to one of the disciples,
57:51 maybe he sent a delegation to one of the disciples
57:54 and said, listen, I would like to get
57:56 a chance to talk with this man.
57:58 Can you arrange for us to have a little consult
58:03 and by the way could it be in some
58:05 out of the way place and at night?
58:10 And Jesus being gracious and I don't know,
58:12 we don't know, scripture does not record
58:14 which one of the disciples
58:15 if there was one of the disciples
58:16 or how that took place but in John Chapter 3
58:20 and if you have your Bibles I would like to invite
58:22 you to turn there with me.
58:24 In John Chapter 3
58:28 we find the story of Nicodemus.
58:33 I'm gonna begin reading in verse 2 of chapter 3.
58:38 "This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him,
58:41 'Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God,
58:45 for no one can do these signs
58:47 that You do unless God is with him.'"
58:48 See he had been paying attention.
58:50 He had been watching.
58:51 He had been alert to what was going on.
58:54 Jesus recognizing that soul hunger
59:01 that was being expressed in this unique way
59:04 from this man successful in all the ways
59:07 of the worldand even in the nation of Judah.
59:11 Here he was cutting right to the chase if you will.
59:15 Jesus cuts right through the chase in verse 3.
59:17 "Jesus answered and said to him,
59:19 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again,
59:22 he cannot see the kingdom of God.'"
59:24 You see what Nicodemus was really after was recognizing
59:28 that he needed to continue to grow
59:31 all that he had achieved had not satisfied.
59:35 And you know, that is the title
59:37 of our lesson today is "Growing in Christ.
59:42 " There is never a time where we come to a place
59:45 where we have achieved in this life.
59:49 We must continually be on the growth track
59:53 that the Holy Spirithas for each one of us individually.
59:58 And Jesus was helping Nicodemus
01:00:01 to come face to face with what he was really after.
01:00:06 He says, you cannot see the kingdom of God
01:00:08 unless you are born again.
01:00:10 Now, it's interesting that the word born again
01:00:14 is actually, it had kind of a double,
01:00:17 a double meaning if you will.
01:00:19 It was-- let me see if I can find it here
01:00:22 where the Greek word is in our lesson.
01:00:24 It's not jumping out of me but it had two meanings.
01:00:28 One was to be born from above
01:00:31 and obviously if you are already born in this world,
01:00:35 if you have been born of a woman
01:00:37 as the scripture is referred to that
01:00:40 and nowyou are being told that you must be born from above.
01:00:44 The common way to understand that was to be born again.
01:00:47 If you've already been born once you got to be born again.
01:00:49 So Nicodemus not used to being as timid
01:00:55 as he was in the presence of this great teacher,
01:00:58 immediately begins to respond he says in verse 4,
01:01:02 "How can a man be born when he is old?
01:01:04 Can he enter a second time
01:01:06 into his mother's womb and be born?
01:01:10 " Now actually that was kind of
01:01:11 a foolish defensive question
01:01:16 on the part of Nicodemus because see,
01:01:18 he was a student of scripture.
01:01:21 He knew the scriptures and obviously he knew
01:01:24 that if he was talking about being born from above
01:01:28 he understood what that was all about
01:01:30 because there had been many references to scripture.
01:01:33 We are gonna come to that in just a moment.
01:01:35 In the scriptures he knew what that was.
01:01:36 Jesus continues and says "Most assuredly,
01:01:40 I say to you, unless one is
01:01:42 born of water and of the Spirit,
01:01:45 he cannot enter the kingdom of God."
01:01:49 Now do you think that Nicodemus
01:01:51 was acquainted with being born of water?
01:01:55 How would he have been acquainted
01:01:57 with being born of water?
01:02:00 John the Baptist, exactly.
01:02:01 John the Baptist ministry had-- you know,
01:02:04 they didn't have television in those days
01:02:06 and they didn't have the Jerusalem Times that I know of,
01:02:10 the word had gotten around and impacted the entire nation.
01:02:14 That in fact, John the Baptist was out there in
01:02:17 what looked like the forum of one of the ancient prophets
01:02:21 and he was baptizing in with water
01:02:24 but he also had said one is coming after me
01:02:27 who will baptize you with the Holy Spirit
01:02:29 and I'm not even worthy to untie His shoelaces.
01:02:33 So Nicodemus was aware of all that,
01:02:36 so when He says water he knows what that is
01:02:38 but the spirit he senses that he may be right on the cusp
01:02:45 of the most important thing in his life.
01:02:48 Even though he's had all these classesand he has done
01:02:50 all these things and he has accomplished all these,
01:02:52 he is on the verge of what is really important
01:02:57 for his spiritual growth.
01:03:00 And I want to suggest that that very same thing
01:03:04 applies to each one of us today.
01:03:06 We could all be in Nicodemus shoes
01:03:10 as we think in terms of seeking
01:03:13 that that additional element
01:03:17 that brings the satisfaction to our lives
01:03:20 that all of our hearts yearn for.
01:03:23 So He says,
01:03:25 you must be born of water and of the spirit.
01:03:28 It's a double baptism.
01:03:31 Nicodemus continues the dialogue with Him--
01:03:34 well, actually Jesus continues to talk
01:03:36 and its interesting that Nicodemus
01:03:38 only says a few more words in this context.
01:03:42 Jesus says in verse 6,
01:03:43 "That which is born of the flesh is flesh,
01:03:45 but that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
01:03:49 Do not marvel that I said to you,
01:03:50 'You must be born again.'
01:03:52 See when He is talking about the baptism
01:03:54 of the Holy Spirit He uses
01:03:56 the incredible example of the wind.
01:04:02 Anyone here ever been able to cause the wind to blow?
01:04:06 Anyone?
01:04:07 You know, I don't see a single hand.
01:04:10 Isn't it interesting that Jesus
01:04:11 took something that we all understand.
01:04:14 How of you eve been in a windstorm
01:04:16 where you felt the wind blow?
01:04:19 I've actually been in a windstorm where,
01:04:21 you know, your clothes are completely
01:04:23 plastered to you and you lean into the wind, okay.
01:04:27 You know what I'm talking about.
01:04:28 Jesus uses the example of the wind
01:04:32 to illustrate the great principle
01:04:34 of the power of the spirit baptism
01:04:37 and He goes on to say, you do not--
01:04:39 "The wind blows where it wishes,
01:04:42 and you hear the sound of it, but you cannot
01:04:43 tell where it comes from and where it goes.
01:04:45 So is everyone who is born of the Spirit."
01:04:48 Now there is a couple of things I want to note
01:04:50 when you look at the--
01:04:53 at the baptism of the--
01:04:55 water baptism and the baptism of the spirit.
01:04:59 How many of you had anything to do
01:05:01 with being born the first time?
01:05:04 Anybody?
01:05:06 Everyone of us were born without our permission
01:05:10 or our knowledge
01:05:12 that something that happened in this life
01:05:15 that was not something we had anything to do with.
01:05:18 Just in the same way being born again
01:05:22 is something we can assent to, we can choose to happen
01:05:26 but we can no more control being born again
01:05:30 and the process that it involves
01:05:33 than we can be involved in our own natural birth.
01:05:37 The one thing that is different
01:05:40 is that we have the ability to choose
01:05:43 and say Lord, take me and wash me clean
01:05:49 by the power of Your Holy Spirit.
01:05:52 Now when I think about this whole idea of being born again
01:05:59 it really dwells down to one very simple concept.
01:06:03 When I'm born of the spirit
01:06:05 or when you are born of the spirit
01:06:09 we are being renewed on the inside of our minds
01:06:15 by the power of the Holy Spirit
01:06:17 moving just as the wind moves around us.
01:06:22 As that power comes in and I was in a discussion
01:06:25 in with one of my brothers as we were preparing
01:06:28 for-- as I was preparing for this lesson.
01:06:30 Last week we happened to be together at a wedding
01:06:32 for my niece down in Texas and my brother
01:06:35 who is a pastor in Arizona we were talking about this
01:06:37 and he was saying, you know, I'm convinced, you know,
01:06:41 we always think in terms of our
01:06:42 conscious decision making power in our minds.
01:06:46 But he said we must be experiencing the washing
01:06:51 and the renewing power of the Holy Spirit
01:06:53 at our subconscious mind level.
01:06:57 That's where the renewal must take place
01:06:59 so that we have the ability to make the right decisions
01:07:03 because that washing needs to take place.
01:07:06 Now that doesn't diminish the ability
01:07:08 of having the conscious mind washed as well
01:07:12 so that we can make choices as
01:07:14 we walk through this life for sin is so prevalent.
01:07:20 The Bible tells us that Nicodemus
01:07:23 actually I think the last thing that
01:07:25 we see him saying here, he says,
01:07:27 "How can these things be?"
01:07:31 Those are the last words that we hear.
01:07:33 Jesus has the last word and the record indicates
01:07:38 that Nicodemus slipped silently into the night.
01:07:42 But you know, what, in some cases conversions
01:07:44 will take place instantaneously where someone gets
01:07:50 knocked off their horse like Saul who became Paul.
01:07:54 There are those examples, there are also examples
01:07:57 like Nicodemus who came was confronted
01:08:02 by the living God in the form of Jesus Christ.
01:08:06 And over a little bit of time as that soaked into his mind
01:08:11 and soaked into his being.
01:08:12 And the power of the Holy Spirit
01:08:14 began working more and more with him.
01:08:16 A little later on we find him stepping forward
01:08:19 with great courage and it was Nicodemus
01:08:23 several years later because this happened in John 3
01:08:27 at the beginning near the beginning of Jesus ministry
01:08:30 toward the end we find Nicodemus
01:08:33 actually coming to Pilate and saying
01:08:38 I want the body of this just man.
01:08:41 And he together with Joseph of Arimathea--
01:08:44 you see the results.
01:08:45 See that's the way this works.
01:08:47 The rebirth in the heart by the Holy Spirit
01:08:50 and when it talks about heart and mind
01:08:53 you see the results of it
01:08:54 even though you can't see the wind blowing.
01:08:57 You see the results and I want to suggest that
01:09:02 every one of us can experience that growth
01:09:08 that Nicodemus was seeking and obviously found.
01:09:12 Because you see having that new life in Christ,
01:09:16 that new life in Christ that only comes by the Holy Spirit.
01:09:20 You know it's talked about in Titus Chapter 3
01:09:22 it talks about the washing of regeneration.
01:09:25 It talks about bein justified by His grace.
01:09:28 In 2 Corinthians 5:17
01:09:32 it talks about being made a new creation.
01:09:34 How many of you here today would be willing
01:09:37 to trade in everything you've got to be a new creation
01:09:40 in the hand of God?
01:09:41 Everything you got to be a new creation? We all would.
01:09:44 We recognize that no matter what status,
01:09:47 no matter what milepost we have accomplished
01:09:50 in this life but God has in store for us is so much better.
01:09:56 What did, what did the Psalms say?
01:09:58 "I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
01:10:02 than to have all the success that the world can offer.
01:10:06 " And that's what the new life is all about.
01:10:09 That's what we are talking about having that new creation.
01:10:13 And here's what's beautiful.
01:10:15 As the Holy Spirit does his work imperceptibly
01:10:18 where you can't see the results begin in this way.
01:10:21 I love what the lesson author said,
01:10:23 "Through the Holy Spirit,
01:10:24 Christ implants in us new thoughts.
01:10:29 " Now if you're gonna be honest
01:10:32 could you use some new thoughts?
01:10:36 Could you use some new thoughts?
01:10:37 Every one of us needs new thoughts.
01:10:40 That comes from the Holy Spirit.
01:10:42 He wakens our conscience.
01:10:45 Aren't you glad you got a conscience to guide you?
01:10:49 What is that conscience?
01:10:50 He awakens-- it says that the Holy Spirit
01:10:52 awakens that conscience and it's also described in Jeremiah
01:10:56 that there is a voice you hear behind you saying,
01:10:58 this is the way walk ye in it.
01:11:02 in other words I'm not smart enough
01:11:06 and frankly neither are you to be able to walk this path
01:11:12 through life alone.
01:11:15 Without the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us--
01:11:17 In fact, I'm fascinated.
01:11:19 This is a little departure and I do that that regularly
01:11:22 in my own Sabbath school class.
01:11:25 Do you know that in Ellen White's writings
01:11:27 and I should have that quote but I don't...
01:11:29 because it just came in my mind that,
01:11:31 on our journey up into clouds to meet Christ in the air
01:11:35 that we all have as a hope as Seventh-day Adventist.
01:11:40 You know, what she says?
01:11:42 The first voice that you will hear
01:11:45 is one that you will recognize.
01:11:48 It will be a voice that you have heard many times
01:11:51 because it is the voice of your guardian angel that
01:11:53 by the power of the Holy Spirit has been guiding your life.
01:11:57 I'm so grateful for that, I don't know about you.
01:11:59 Can you say amen to that?
01:12:00 Amen.
01:12:01 I want to have
01:12:03 the Holy Spirit guiding my life.
01:12:06 And sometimes I wonder why at times
01:12:07 we have such little power, such little strength
01:12:10 and we make such little progress in our lives
01:12:13 and I stop and think perhaps,
01:12:17 it's because I'm trying to do too much on my own
01:12:20 and not letting the Holy Spirit actually
01:12:22 work his will through me.
01:12:25 But he promises to make a new creation,
01:12:28 a new life in Jesus Christ.
01:12:30 And then I come to the two elements
01:12:33 that are most important for maintaining
01:12:37 that growth in Christ.
01:12:38 Keeping-- you know, once you achieve a certain level
01:12:40 you don't want to go back down,
01:12:41 you want to keep going up, you want to keep going up.
01:12:44 How do you do that?
01:12:47 How many of you ever heard of reading the Bible and praying?
01:12:52 Any of you ever heard anybody say that? Okay,
01:12:54 so I've been thinking about okay, how can I point out
01:12:58 these fundamental building blocks in the growing in Christ
01:13:03 that has the power of the Holy Spirit?
01:13:05 I've been praying about that
01:13:07 because I want to present these two things in a way
01:13:09 that the Holy Spirit will bring hometo your hearts
01:13:14 the scriptures.
01:13:16 You know, there is something about this book
01:13:23 I hold in my hand.
01:13:24 Many of you are holding it in your hand as well.
01:13:26 Some of you have it on
01:13:27 you iPad or your iPhone or your android phone.
01:13:30 There is something about scripture.
01:13:34 Part of the world I live in we actually put ink on paper
01:13:39 and ink on canvas and as I look at this,
01:13:44 this sheet of paper ran through a press at some place
01:13:47 and these words were all put on this paper.
01:13:51 But I want to tell you that
01:13:52 this is so much more than ink on paper.
01:13:58 This word is the living word of the Almighty God
01:14:04 and it will transform, it will guide, it will direct
01:14:07 and if this, there are two dangers,
01:14:11 two dangers with this.
01:14:13 One is that it stays on the shelf
01:14:16 and we don't look at it.
01:14:18 We know its there, we refer to it with great joy.
01:14:22 We may even have one lying out on our table in our home
01:14:25 that you can go to the front
01:14:26 and you will see the record of marriages and births
01:14:29 and family history were based on scripture.
01:14:32 One of them, one danger, roadblock is that
01:14:35 we leave it sitting on the shelf somewhere
01:14:36 and don't actually bring it in, eat the word if you will
01:14:41 and that's talking about bringing it into our lives
01:14:43 and letting it transform us.
01:14:45 I can tell you from my own experience
01:14:50 that opening this word,
01:14:52 this Bible lays on my nightstand at home.
01:14:56 When I wake up, reach over and pick it up,
01:15:00 I actually happen to be a person
01:15:01 that loves to mark my Bible.
01:15:03 Anybody, any Bible markers out here? Okay.
01:15:05 This is the fourth or fifth Bible
01:15:07 that I've marked completely, okay.
01:15:10 And so anytime it's-- you know, in fact,
01:15:13 I will hold up so that camera can see.
01:15:14 I've got red-- I have a red pencil and a ruler.
01:15:17 So its need, I like it that way.
01:15:19 Everybody has their own way of doing this
01:15:21 but I actually can pick this Bible up
01:15:23 and I can open it to any page
01:15:26 and I can spend 10 to 15 minutes
01:15:27 just reading what I've already marked
01:15:30 and sometimes I say wow, that's so new.
01:15:34 Did I mark that?
01:15:35 Have you ever had that experience?
01:15:37 Yes. Did I mark that?
01:15:38 But yet it's fresh and new every morning
01:15:42 for what I need for that day.
01:15:44 Amen.
01:15:46 Did it night.
01:15:47 I'm one of these people that likes to read at night
01:15:50 until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.
01:15:52 Now I will read it again.
01:15:54 I read Great Controversy or one of the Ellen White books
01:15:56 which I love to read her books as well.
01:15:59 There is something about the mighty power
01:16:02 of the Holy Spirit that comes through these pages.
01:16:04 It says, if it comes-- the print comes right off
01:16:08 and into my life and I want to suggest that
01:16:12 if you want to deepen your spiritual experience,
01:16:17 if you want to been on that
01:16:19 upward growth curve spend more time in this word.
01:16:24 That's called, it's listed under our lesson today
01:16:27 under the broad umbrella of abiding.
01:16:30 If you are going to abide in Christ
01:16:32 you've got to be listening to His voice because,
01:16:35 you know, for whatever reason He has chosen
01:16:38 and I'm grateful for however He chooses
01:16:42 to communicate to us through the pages of this word.
01:16:48 The other side of the equation is prayer.
01:16:52 Well, before I go to that side let me--
01:16:54 I mentioned one
01:16:55 the danger is that you put this on the shelf.
01:16:57 The other danger is that you put some kind of
01:17:01 human element into how you understand the scripture.
01:17:07 The interpretation of scripture can be such
01:17:10 that can totally destroy what God had-- did you know
01:17:17 that some of the greatest biblical scholars
01:17:19 that teach at some of our great universities.
01:17:22 I'm not talking about Adventist universities
01:17:23 I'm talking about outside worldly universities
01:17:26 that are not affiliated with our church.
01:17:29 Some of those individuals are great scholars
01:17:33 of the Bible as literature but they are a vowed atheists.
01:17:37 They are looking at this just from a historical,
01:17:39 critical method to understand that is literature.
01:17:43 That's not what we are talking about.
01:17:44 Those two dangers--
01:17:46 let and the Bible speak to you as it reads
01:17:49 and let the Holy Spirit impress your heart
01:17:51 as you are reading and let it transform
01:17:55 and wash with the washing
01:17:58 of regeneration your heart and mind.
01:18:00 So that's God speaking to you through the scriptures.
01:18:03 But we have the privilege of speaking back to God
01:18:05 through prayer.
01:18:08 How of you ever had a prayer answered? Okay.
01:18:14 Whenever you have a prayer answered,
01:18:15 now sometimes I have to say the answer may not
01:18:18 be quite the answer you wanted.
01:18:23 I've experienced that.
01:18:25 Lord sometimes says, yes. Sometimes He says, no.
01:18:29 Sometimes He says, not yet.
01:18:31 Doesn't He? But yet He is awesome.
01:18:36 He is overall, I trust Him.
01:18:40 But prayer to spend time talking with Him
01:18:44 as well as listening to Him.
01:18:46 Now, here's an interesting thing.
01:18:47 How many of you would say you are good listener?
01:18:51 Anybody?
01:18:52 Well, I don't see very many hands.
01:18:54 Listeners? Okay.
01:18:56 How of you are good talkers? Okay, more hands, more hands.
01:19:00 Now, here's the thing,
01:19:01 whenever you are in a conversation with someone
01:19:07 and they are not a good listener
01:19:10 how well does that conversation go?
01:19:13 Kind of-- okay, we will get this over with.
01:19:16 But you know, what happens is in a relationship,
01:19:19 in a good conversation
01:19:21 you have one person sharing another person responding
01:19:25 and then some sharing and then some responding
01:19:27 and there is a good communication that goes on.
01:19:30 So if we only pray
01:19:33 and never study or read our Bibles
01:19:35 and let God speak back to us then what are we guilty of?
01:19:39 We just talk,
01:19:40 we're just talking and want Him to listen.
01:19:42 Now, does He want to listen? Yes, He will.
01:19:44 But if there is gonna be a good healthy relationship
01:19:47 between you and God, me and God
01:19:50 it is got to involve me talking with Him
01:19:54 and Him talking back to me.
01:19:57 Now I want to give you an example
01:19:58 from scripture of how that conversation works.
01:20:02 David, he had a moral fall that put him flat on his face
01:20:07 and you all know exactly what I'm talking about.
01:20:10 He though a friend of God was now
01:20:14 at complete variants with God.
01:20:17 in Psalm Chapter 51.
01:20:20 the heart cry of a broken man begins this way.
01:20:25 "Create in me a clean heart, O God,
01:20:29 and renew a right spirit within me."
01:20:33 The heart cry of David.
01:20:35 Now I don't know about you but I have prayed that prayer.
01:20:38 Have you prayed that prayer? If you haven't you need to.
01:20:44 As David prayed that prayer what does it say in Ezekiel 36?
01:20:50 What is God's answer to that prayer?
01:20:53 Okay, he says, and the second time
01:20:56 I'm just going to-- just gonna summarize that.
01:20:59 He says, I'm going to put a new heart in you
01:21:03 and I'm gonna take that old stony one away
01:21:06 and I'm going to give you My Holy Spirit
01:21:09 and you are going to be Mine.
01:21:12 That's an example of the heart cry in prayer talking to God
01:21:16 and God answering back through His scriptures.
01:21:20 And if you are gonna grow
01:21:21 that's the kind of experiences gonna happen.
01:21:23 Now I wanted to say a word of caution,
01:21:25 there's all kinds of things in prayer.
01:21:28 People have those all kinds of exotic things
01:21:30 that people do around the idea of prayer.
01:21:33 Don't be drawn off sides by the devil
01:21:36 by some crazy thing relating to prayer.
01:21:41 Prayer is simply the opening of the heart to God
01:21:44 as to a friend speaking with Him.
01:21:47 Now in few moments that we have left
01:21:52 I just want to talk about
01:21:54 the whole idea of dying to self.
01:21:58 How many of you ever witness the baptism besides your own?
01:22:02 Okay.
01:22:03 What happens?
01:22:04 A person comes,
01:22:06 many times they have baptismal robe on,
01:22:08 black, white.
01:22:10 Sometimes it will be at a beach and people will just have
01:22:12 some clothes they don't mind getting wet.
01:22:15 But you seen a baptism
01:22:17 and a person comes with a radiant glow on their face.
01:22:21 You know what I'm talking about.
01:22:23 The pastor lifts his hands or his hand and says,
01:22:27 "I now baptize you in the name of the Father,
01:22:30 and the Son, and the holy ghost."
01:22:32 He takes the person dips them under the water
01:22:35 and brings them back up.
01:22:39 What kind of joy is there
01:22:41 as that person comes back out of the water?
01:22:44 In our church all of our kids come up.
01:22:47 There will be 40, 50 kids that are standing right beside
01:22:49 the baptistery to witness and to experience
01:22:54 this new birth, this water baptism
01:22:56 which is symbolic of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
01:22:58 But what that is symbolic of?
01:23:00 It is the death of the old person of sin,
01:23:06 the burial of the old person of sin
01:23:10 and the resurrection into newness of life.
01:23:15 And you know what, that symbolically is saying
01:23:17 you must be crucified every day.
01:23:21 Would you give the existence
01:23:22 you've got right now for the transformation?
01:23:24 I asked that question long ago.
01:23:25 You would.
01:23:28 But you know what, the scripture say Jesus said,
01:23:31 His words were I must die daily
01:23:37 to let the old person of sin be crucified and be resurrected
01:23:41 into newness of life every day.
01:23:44 That's why we have the foot washing.
01:23:46 That's why you have worship services.
01:23:47 That's why every morning I say Lord, I'm Your's today
01:23:53 give me something that will be in Your will
01:23:56 and that I can honor You with today.
01:23:59 And you know what that is?
01:24:00 There is a couple things and I'm gonna run out of time
01:24:04 and I just want to comment this way.
01:24:07 Why should you worry about growing?
01:24:10 Why should you be concerned about growing in Christ?
01:24:13 Because it is the person who is growing in Christ
01:24:18 that can be a channel for the Holy Spirit to reach out
01:24:22 and touch other people in the name of Jesus Christ.
01:24:26 So we should have great motivation to be
01:24:28 growing spiritually in Christ.
01:24:31 Because as we do we can be a greater,
01:24:34 greater channel and I want to read
01:24:35 this quotation out of "Heavenly Places" page 22.
01:24:39 "Those who are in connection with God are channels
01:24:44 for the power of the Holy Spirit."
01:24:46 So if your connection with God is strong daily, hourly,
01:24:50 moment by moments
01:24:52 you are going to have the privilege
01:24:54 of having the Holy Spirit work through you and of course,
01:24:56 what ASI is all about is sharing
01:24:59 Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
01:25:01 If you want to have power from on high for sharing
01:25:06 Jesus Christ in the marketplace
01:25:08 make sure that your heart is regenerated,
01:25:10 that the Holy Spirit is in you
01:25:12 that you are experiencing His love
01:25:14 so that you have something to share
01:25:16 and here's the last thing I want to say.
01:25:18 "Desire of Ages" page 173,
01:25:20 "The blessing comes when by faith the soul surrenders
01:25:25 itself to God and God creates a brand new being."
01:25:32 Let's pray.
01:25:34 Well, actually I'm not gonna pray
01:25:35 because there is gonna be
01:25:36 somebody praying right behind me
01:25:38 but I'll pray that you will pray,
01:25:39 you will be blessed of God
01:25:41 as you continue on your journey.
01:25:43 Thank you so much.
01:25:45 Amen. Thank you Dan,
01:25:46 for that wonderful lesson.
01:25:48 Wasn't that exciting to be able to see
01:25:52 how we can grow in Christ?
01:25:53 Have you born again, born in new?
01:25:55 That's what it's all about isn't it.
01:25:57 Let's pray together.
01:25:58 Let's stand and pray together actually.
01:26:03 Our Father in heaven, we thank You
01:26:05 so much for sending Your son Jesus into this world
01:26:08 and we thank you for that encounter
01:26:09 He had with the scholar Nicodemus
01:26:11 there that night long ago and for the words that
01:26:13 He said and we too want to experience that new birth
01:26:17 each and every day of our lives and we want to grown
01:26:20 in You so that we too can be that witness
01:26:25 of Your power in these last days.
01:26:26 So we do pray that You will baptize as a new
01:26:29 each and every day for the rest of our lives until
01:26:32 You come again and we thank you Lord,
01:26:34 for that privilege of knowing
01:26:35 You and being connected with You and growing in You.
01:26:40 Thank you Jesus for that we pray in Jesus name, amen.
01:26:44 We like to ask you to be seated
01:26:46 becausethere is a special announcement
01:26:49 that they are going to want to share with you this morning.
01:26:54 So we thank you for waiting for that announcement and...
01:27:06 ...I think that we have a moment of time before that
01:27:09 so I think my prayer was too short but anyway
01:27:13 its wonderful to think about growing in Christ
01:27:15 and being in Christ isn't it and its nothing
01:27:17 as wonderful as that and we praise God for that.


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