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00:37 You're on the narrow road
00:41 And I've been with you all along
00:45 This race that you're running
00:49 Is not given to the strong
00:53 I know sometimes you're weary
00:57 And faith is hard to find
01:01 You feel you'll never reach the finish line
01:07 But, that's when I carry you
01:11 That's when I carry you
01:16 I have kept you through the storms
01:20 You have never been alone
01:23 I'll carry you
01:27 Yes, I will carry you
01:32 When the road is much too hard to make it through
01:38 I will carry you
01:48 I'm with you when you're hurting
01:52 I know how hard you try
01:56 To bare your heavy burdens
02:00 I hear you when you cry
02:04 I know sometimes it's easy
02:08 To believe all hope is gone
02:12 When there is no more strength to carry on
02:18 But, that's when I carry you
02:22 That's when I carry you, my child
02:28 I have kept you through the storms
02:31 You have never been alone
02:34 I'll carry you
02:38 Yes, I will carry you
02:43 When the road is much too hard to make it through
02:49 I will carry you
02:53 You may not understand what's going on
03:00 And you may not have
03:03 the strength to be strong
03:14 But, that's when I carry you
03:18 That's when I carry you
03:23 I have kept you through the storms
03:27 You have never been alone
03:30 I'll carry you
03:34 Yes, I will carry you, my child
03:39 When the road is much too hard to make it through
03:45 I will carry you
03:49 Yes,
03:52 I will carry you
03:55 I have kept you through the storms
03:59 You have never been alone
04:02 I'll carry you
04:05 Yes, I will carry you, my child
04:11 When the road is much too hard to make it through
04:17 I will carry you
04:29 Yes, I will I promise you
04:35 Yes, I will
04:38 I'll carry you
04:52 Amen. Amen.
04:58 Good afternoon.
05:00 I want to welcome you all to a special town hall program
05:04 that is coming to you live from Grand Rapids, Michigan
05:07 where we are having our annual ASI Convention.
05:11 And our special guest today are Pastor Dan Jackson,
05:14 the president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
05:16 in North American known also as the North American Division
05:19 and Pastor Ted Wilson, who is the President
05:22 of the World Seventh-day Adventist Church
05:23 also known as the General Conference.
05:26 And we are very pleased to have you
05:27 as special guests, gentlemen
05:30 and I want you on behalf of the ASI officer group
05:34 welcome you to our convention and glad that you are here.
05:37 And would like have to you give a greeting
05:39 if you would like to to our both audience
05:42 that is watching by television and the live studio audience
05:44 we have here in this hotel.
05:48 Well, its great, great privilege to be here
05:51 at the ASI Convention and to see so many friends
05:55 and those who are very strong supporters
05:58 of God's precious word and the last day message
06:02 for this troubled world of ours and it will be a privilege
06:05 to chat with you today about some of those things.
06:08 We are looking forward to that, Pastor Wilson. Pastor Jackson?
06:10 Its all is good.
06:12 One of the best parts of my job is to meet God's people.
06:17 And so its good to be here
06:19 and I'm thankful for the opportunity to sit
06:23 and talk and discuss issues that are very near and dear
06:27 to the hearts of Seventh-day Adventists.
06:30 And of course, those who are in our studio audience
06:33 today don't need to be told who ASI members are
06:36 but those who are watching on television
06:38 you may need to be reminded, just let you know,
06:41 ASI members are Seventh-day Adventist lay people
06:45 who are business people or who operate ministries.
06:48 And these individuals are here gathered in a convention,
06:52 a series of conferences and meetings
06:54 that are designed to help them
06:56 know how to join together more effectively
06:59 with the leadership of our church.
07:01 And one of the things that in case someone
07:04 who is watching may not even know,
07:05 you may not be a member
07:06 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
07:08 I would like to ask you over Jackson
07:10 what is a Seventh-day Adventist?
07:12 Seventh-day Adventist is a Bible believing,
07:16 God fearing individual who has accepted Jesus
07:21 as their Lord and Savior
07:22 and who is committed to the proclamation
07:25 of the grace of God in the context
07:27 of three very special messages found in Revelation 14
07:32 that we call the Three Angels Messages.
07:34 Okay, and that's individually
07:35 now from a world perspective Pastor Wilson,
07:38 what is the Seventh-day Adventist movement?
07:42 Well Dan, it involves over 18 million baptized members
07:50 and many, many more children
07:52 and those who feel some what connected
07:54 to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
07:57 The world church has 13 world divisions
08:00 which are different regional areas
08:03 one of which is the North American Division.
08:06 And we operate in about 208 countries of the world or so.
08:13 Multiple languages,
08:16 helping in the area of better health,
08:20 social activities, helping with young people
08:23 and the challenges they face,
08:25 helping in education and most of all spiritually.
08:29 And of course, that emphasis
08:33 is following in Christ footsteps
08:35 where He ministered to people
08:37 and help people where they were hurting.
08:40 And so we emphasis
08:42 the physical, social, mental and spiritual realm
08:47 and the Seventh-day Adventist
08:48 is one who simply follows God's leading
08:52 and realizes here on this earth its time to share with people
08:56 the good news that Jesus is coming.
08:58 Amen, and one of the things that
09:00 we have been known for is-- I've heard the phrase
09:03 and of course, we are all familiar with it,
09:05 that Seventh-day Adventists are people of the book.
09:09 And when we say the book, we are talking about Scripture.
09:11 And for a Seventh-day Adventist how important
09:15 is the Scriptures, Pastor Jackson?
09:17 You know, Seventh-day Adventism in reality comes
09:20 out of a long heritage of Protestantism.
09:24 And when the reformers back in the 16th century
09:28 talked about the Bible, they talked about it
09:31 as the soul rule of life and faith and practice.
09:37 And for the Seventh-day Adventist
09:39 how important is this book to us?
09:41 We find the grace of God
09:42 and the goodness of God in this book
09:44 and we find those messages that are unique and specific
09:48 that God has asked us to give to the world.
09:51 So, it still is the soul rule of faith and practice.
09:55 If I can just ask-- Oh, yes.
09:58 Probably one of the biggest objectives
10:00 that the devil has is to neutralize
10:03 the effectiveness of the Word of God
10:06 and he can do that in different ways
10:08 helping people to pick apart
10:11 the Bible using their own educated status
10:15 and believing that they know
10:17 how to somehow rearrange things or decide
10:20 for what is truth and what is not.
10:23 Another way is simply to get people
10:25 to ignore the Word of God.
10:27 So you can do it in different ways,
10:29 attacking it or helping even
10:32 Seventh-day Adventist Christians to ignore
10:35 the need to study God's word everyday.
10:40 You know, Dan, I believe that
10:41 the time is coming when all people
10:45 will not be able to trust their senses.
10:49 The devil is very clever, he is very cunning.
10:52 He knows how to fool us, to trick us and if our lives
10:57 and our understanding of God is not based upon this book
11:02 we can so easily be deceived.
11:03 So we can't trust our sense, we have to rely
11:06 on what the Word of God says to us everyday.
11:10 And of course, in the world
11:12 that we are living in there is a cultural shift,
11:14 it's almost like a runaway train
11:17 in some descriptions that I have heard
11:20 and where people are looking at experience in their lives
11:25 and they are actually starting new courses
11:27 without the Word of God.
11:28 It's around us in the culture
11:30 but its' also in Christianity in churches.
11:33 And one of the things that we are gonna do here
11:35 there are elephants in the room
11:37 and we are gonna be talking about the elephants
11:39 that are in the room because these are real issues.
11:43 One of the things that we have all seen this summer
11:46 is the announcement church after church,
11:50 now I'm not talking about Seventh-day Adventist churches
11:51 I'm talking about other Protestant denominations.
11:54 There have been news releases after news release
11:57 of different groups that are now saying
11:59 we are going to embrace what is commonly talked about
12:03 as the gay marriage issue or LGBT issues.
12:07 And that popular thing--
12:09 in fact, there's only one denomination
12:11 that did not go that way from all the announcements
12:13 that have been made this summer.
12:15 But where do Seventh-day Adventist stand
12:17 with regard to issues-- well, I guess,
12:21 I would talk about it in terms even in larger,
12:23 the whole arena of human sexuality.
12:26 We have people that are talking about
12:28 pornography and pornography addictions
12:30 especially among certain age groups of people,
12:34 also the gay lifestyle, the gay marriage et cetera.
12:36 How does that relate
12:38 in Seventh-day Adventist thinking and leadership?
12:41 How you look at that?
12:42 And I would ask you at first, Elder Wilson.
12:45 Well, interestingly
12:46 the Seventh-day Adventist world church
12:50 had a conference in Cape Town, South Africa
12:54 in a month of March of this year
12:57 where we focused upon
13:00 this particular aspect of human sexuality
13:04 and in particular homosexuality and some of those aspects.
13:10 And the Seventh-day Adventist Church
13:12 is very clear on its position regarding homosexuality
13:19 and areas related to that.
13:22 We stand firmly upon the Word of God.
13:26 We stand firmly upon what Scripture says
13:29 that variants of what God's idea
13:34 is they are not what God wants.
13:37 We are opposed to that type of lifestyle.
13:41 Now, that doesn't mean that we come at it
13:43 from a very self righteous position
13:45 because there are people who are involved
13:49 in heterosexual activity
13:51 that is very much out of line with Scripture.
13:54 And so we have to be very clear that we support
13:58 what God intended for human beings
14:01 and that was a man and a woman would be married
14:05 and form a family
14:08 and God will bless that family and that relationship.
14:11 Now regardless of what situation
14:15 people may face, God has a solution
14:19 and an answer to bring them back into a wholeness.
14:23 And so another aspect of the conference
14:25 that we had in Cape Town
14:28 was to help our church understand that
14:30 we need to reach out to people everywhere
14:35 who are facing challenges and difficulties
14:38 and to remind them and ourselves
14:40 that Jesus, has the power to help us
14:45 to live a victorious Christian life in Him.
14:49 And so I think
14:50 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
14:51 is quite clear on our biblical stand
14:55 and also on how we want to reach out to people,
14:58 not in a self-righteous way but pointing people to the one
15:01 who can give us victory and that's Jesus Christ.
15:06 You know, I think one of the teachings
15:07 of the Scriptures is that, God does give free choice.
15:14 If you read Roman's Chapter 1
15:15 it's a very serious discussion of what happens
15:19 when men take their choice
15:21 and run contrary to the will of God.
15:24 I don't believe the time will ever come
15:28 when the Seventh-day Adventist Church would
15:30 or should move away from this book.
15:33 But I thank to every human being
15:36 we have another mandate that expresses to them
15:41 that when Jesus died upon the cross
15:43 He did two things-- more than two things
15:46 but two things that I want to mention.
15:49 He overcame the power of the grave.
15:53 So no matter what happens in my life
15:56 if I die in the faith of Jesus, I know He will raise me again.
16:00 But the second thing that Jesus did
16:02 at Calvary was to overcome sin.
16:07 So that for every person,
16:08 no matter how pained they are right now,
16:11 how challenged they are right now,
16:14 the reality is that Jesus offers freedom
16:16 to every human being.
16:18 And I think our approach to this whole question
16:21 we need to, we need to acknowledge
16:23 that if there is any hierarchy of sin
16:26 the number one on the list is pride.
16:31 However we reach out to every person acknowledging that
16:35 the Word of God sets a standard for us
16:38 and we are never to compromise on this standard.
16:41 So we pray for those individuals
16:44 who maybe caught in certain sexual problems,
16:48 whether heterosexual, homosexual,
16:51 whether its a problem with pornography
16:53 we need to pray and reach out to them
16:55 with the love of God assuring them
16:57 that they can have victory.
16:59 Go ahead, please.
17:00 Jackson made a very important point there that
17:03 we need to reach out with the love of God.
17:05 So compassion and love is very important
17:08 but then again God's word says something.
17:12 and so God has to help balance that in a beautiful way,
17:16 but never should we be a mean spirited or angry,
17:21 we should reach out in true Christian love pointing people
17:25 to the source of all victory, Jesus.
17:28 And of course, one of the things that
17:29 the devil has done in his entire great controversy plan
17:34 is to try to normalize sin anyway that he can
17:38 and I'm thinking right now Pastor Jackson, you mentioned,
17:41 you know, someone who might be struggling
17:43 with the pornography addiction
17:44 and incidentally that's just a male only issues.
17:48 The statistics show that there are a number of females
17:50 that are caught in that as well.
17:52 And if there is someone here in this audience
17:54 or someone who is watching us right now
17:56 that maybe struggling with that and feeling ashamed or sorry
17:59 and not knowing what to do,
18:01 what would you say to that person, Pastor Wilson?
18:04 Well, first of all I think one has to recognize
18:08 that there is a being and that is God himself
18:14 who wants to create a restoration
18:17 of wholeness in all of our lives.
18:20 And so God first of all needs to be looked at is someone
18:24 who can really help in a situation like this.
18:28 And anyone who is suffering
18:29 from that kind of an addiction or that challenge,
18:32 they need to recognize that the first thing
18:35 they need to do is to come to God
18:38 and accept that God will help them
18:40 and give them assistance and encouragement.
18:43 But I would like to encourage anyone
18:45 who is facing some of those challenges to be able to go
18:49 to Seventh-day Adventist websites,
18:51 to be able to also contact the Seventh-day Adventist
18:54 pastor or church leader, a local church leader
18:58 who can then put them in touch with very competent individuals
19:03 who can help them work through
19:06 some of those challenging situations.
19:08 Because one of the worst things
19:10 that a person face, faces in a situation like that
19:14 is that they feel rejected, cut off,
19:17 or that there is no hope and there is a lot of hope.
19:20 Yes, there is hope.
19:21 Pastor Jackson, would you like to add to that?
19:22 Well sure, You know, years ago
19:25 Del Delker sang a song and the words,
19:28 first words or the chorus was
19:30 "Never give up, Jesus is coming.
19:32 It's the darkest just before dawn."
19:34 And it is true.
19:35 We live in the context of the eminent return of Jesus
19:39 but for the person who is struggling,
19:42 who feels as Elder Wilson had said on their own
19:44 and isolated, you are not alone.
19:47 You are not alone, because Jesus has promised
19:51 to be with you in that situation
19:54 and He will give healing
19:56 if you surrender your life to Him.
19:58 You know, the Scripture say, you will search Me
20:01 or seek for Me and you will find Me,
20:04 when you search for Me with all your heart
20:06 and I will be found of you, says the Lord.
20:09 So, no matter how deep the problem
20:11 or how in mesh the habit God can give deliverance.
20:17 Amen, I want to move on to another topic
20:20 because our time will get away from us.
20:21 One of the areas we got many questions
20:26 had to do with the women's ordination issues
20:29 that is before the church right now
20:31 and I have a question
20:32 I would like to ask in this way.
20:35 You know, many of our lay people
20:37 may not be fully understanding the process
20:41 that the church uses to wrestle
20:43 with these kind of issues,
20:44 we know that there are commissions that have met,
20:47 we know that this coming fall there will be Annual Council
20:50 where I'm certain that this will be discussed.
20:53 And of course, next year at this time
20:55 we will have already been through
20:56 the General Conference session of 2015 in San Antonio.
21:00 My question and I would like
21:01 for both of you to be able to respond to this is,
21:04 what will be the impact upon the church?
21:08 And I'm gonna start with your Pastor Jackson,
21:10 what will be the impact
21:12 upon the church in North America, A,
21:15 if the church votes to ordain women
21:18 and B, if the church votes not to ordain women?
21:22 What would be the impact
21:24 of the decision of upon North America?
21:26 But Dan, I want to profess my comment by saying
21:29 that I believe there are God fearing,
21:33 God honoring, Bible believing Seventh-day Adventists
21:38 who find themselves on both sides of the equation
21:42 and I think we need to look at it from that perspective.
21:45 Okay.
21:47 No matter what the outcome
21:49 of the Annual Council and the General Conference
21:52 there will be individuals in North America
21:55 and I'm speaking only for North America
21:57 but I'm assuming in other parts of the world too.
22:00 Now that will be highly disappointed
22:02 regardless of the outcome.
22:05 There is not just one point of view
22:09 I don't think in most divisions,
22:11 I don't-- well, let's not get into that.
22:13 But in North America
22:14 there is not just one point of view.
22:18 So no matter which way the discussion ends
22:21 there will be some great disappointment.
22:24 I will tell you plainly two things.
22:27 Number one, I believe that
22:30 God has given us the inalienable right
22:33 to make choices, to look into His word,
22:36 to study it and understand it.
22:38 And as we do that
22:42 we need to surrender our lives to God
22:44 and give our lives to Him.
22:46 But when it comes this matter of what will be the impact,
22:50 I think that there will be some fundamental decisions
22:54 that all of us will have to make.
22:56 Everyone of us no matter
22:57 which side of the equation one might sit
23:00 and that is we will have to make a decision,
23:04 is this God's church or isn't it?
23:06 Did God call me into this movement?
23:09 So the impact I believe or at least the impact maybe
23:16 that there is a lot of disappointment,
23:18 there maybe some anger, there maybe alienation
23:22 and so on and yet what do we do about that?
23:25 That is my issues at this point
23:28 in response to your question.
23:30 What do we do about that?
23:32 We anchor in Jesus Christ.
23:36 We acknowledge that this is His church,
23:40 this is His movement
23:42 and we come to the place where we say,
23:45 I want to be a part of the movement
23:49 that heralds the messages of the three angels
23:52 and no matter what happened at a General Conference
23:56 or an Annual Council
23:58 let me focus on the driving mission
24:01 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:04 Pastor Wilson, from a world perspective
24:07 what is the implication?
24:09 Whether we vote yes, to ordain women
24:11 or no, not to ordain?
24:14 Well, let me paraphrase that by saying
24:15 that we are carrying out a very careful process
24:18 to make sure that what is done
24:20 is being fair to all parties concerned
24:24 and those who hold differing opinions.
24:27 We have groups that have of course,
24:31 especially one group recently
24:32 that is very carefully studied from Scripture
24:36 and from the writings of Ellen White
24:39 and in much prayer to decipher exactly what the positions are?
24:44 Well, people end up holding different positions.
24:46 So how do you move that process along?
24:49 And we will be providing materials
24:53 of different perspectives
24:54 to all of the delegates coming to the Annual Council.
24:57 Those who are official representatives
25:01 at the Annual Council,
25:04 members of the General Conference Committee
25:06 and we will be engaging
25:08 in some very careful prayer approaches
25:12 and a listening to each other.
25:14 Now one of the main things
25:15 that we want to do is to make sure
25:17 that people don't become too over anxious and emotive
25:22 because this is a very challenging subject
25:25 and people can become extremely almost angry
25:31 on either side of the question.
25:34 And we want the Holy Spirit's presence
25:36 in a very careful way as I think all do.
25:40 So the process will be very carefully done,
25:43 we will be listening, we will be praying,
25:46 we will be talking and no one by God's grace
25:50 will be shown any kind of depreciation
25:54 for their own self worth and their own positions.
25:59 We are looking towards a situation
26:04 where we will probably have to take some kind of a vote.
26:07 We don't have the luxury of having the high priest
26:11 with the Urim and Thummim and asking a question.
26:14 We don't have a living prophet with us to ask.
26:17 We do have the Holy Spirit
26:19 and the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.
26:23 What I think is the most important thing
26:25 even beyond what will be decided
26:28 is as Pastor Jackson has said, how will you react?
26:33 One way or the other
26:34 regardless of what decision is taken,
26:37 will you understand
26:39 that you are part of the body of Christ.
26:41 And that there is a bigger challenge
26:44 and opportunity for the church
26:46 and that is the proclamation of the Three Angels' Messages.
26:50 Are you willing to be part of that
26:52 even though you may not agree whether decision
26:55 that's been taken one side or the other?
26:59 And I think as we move into this
27:00 we are going to be emphasizing more and more
27:03 the need for unity in the church
27:06 and not for disgruntle groups to run off
27:09 into one corner or off into their own directions.
27:12 And you know, one wonderful thing
27:15 recently Pastor Jackson and I got together
27:18 and we had a real time
27:20 when we just talk to each others hearts.
27:24 And we may not agree
27:26 on every single little thing in live
27:28 but we are agreed on the very important fact
27:31 that we must be united in the mission of the church
27:35 and the prophetic mission God has given to this church.
27:39 And so we are excited about that aspect.
27:42 So I ask for your prayers
27:43 as we move into this whole process
27:46 and ask that the Holy Spirit will give us true compassion
27:50 and understanding for each other
27:53 but then to live with the vote that's taken.
27:56 And I guess I would ask our audience today.
27:58 How many of you will be praying with Pastor Jackson
28:02 and Pastor Will on this process.
28:03 Thank you. all of these people here
28:05 and I'm sure those who are watching from home,
28:08 you will be praying as well.
28:10 I want to move to another question that's coming in.
28:12 By the way so you know,
28:13 we've had I think of 60 or 70 questions
28:15 that have been submitted to us.
28:17 We are not able to get to everyone,
28:18 we grouped them in different ones
28:20 but that came up is interesting.
28:22 And the question is what about this rumors
28:25 that we hear that the NAD, the North American Division
28:28 maybe moving or planning to move out of the GC building.
28:33 Elder Jackson?
28:34 Well, that's a fair question
28:35 and I don't think it needs any speculation.
28:41 You know, every organization needs to grow
28:47 and needs to do what I call self differentiate.
28:51 The General Conference and the North American Division
28:55 and I think Elder Wilson
28:56 is the one who uses the word have enjoyed
29:00 for many years a symbiotic relationship.
29:03 I don't see the need for that to end.
29:07 I don't believe that a desire to move
29:10 to another location is a reaction
29:12 to the General Conference or a wild child saying
29:17 we are gonna go and do what we want.
29:19 But every organization has need for its own structure
29:23 and its own delivery of mission.
29:26 The North American Division, you know, just as it says--
29:31 when you look at the formal title of the NAD
29:34 it is the North American Division
29:36 of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
29:39 And so there is a natural symbiotic relationship
29:42 and that not to end.
29:44 But yes, to be frank we are contemplating
29:48 a move to another part of either the area
29:52 that we are in right now
29:53 or somewhere in the United States
29:56 where we feel we can deliver the mission
30:01 of God's church to North America.
30:03 This about mission, its not about rebellion,
30:06 it's not about pushing away.
30:08 It is about mission and mission delivery
30:11 and that is a key thing that we are working hard toward
30:15 because we believe Jesus is coming
30:18 and we need to do what is most effective
30:20 and most efficient for His work.
30:22 Okay. Thank you.
30:24 We are not, we are not pushing them out,
30:25 we would like for them to stay but they are looking at it
30:28 and we want the best for the mission--
30:31 the prophetic mission
30:32 here in the North American Division.
30:35 And we will just leave it in God's hands.
30:38 We'll see what happens. Here's another question--
30:40 I didn't want to say that the brethren have said to us,
30:44 we don't want you to go
30:46 but we will support you in your move.
30:49 So we are not leaving in any kind of animosity
30:53 or and we are not leaving.
30:55 We are studying it carefully and-- but that's the story.
31:00 Okay, well, now we know, we heard it straight,
31:02 the straight testimony as we say.
31:04 You almost said from the horse's mouth.
31:06 I almost did but I did. I caught myself.
31:10 Another question, do we still believe
31:12 in the Spirit of Prophecy in this church?
31:14 Pastor Jackson, then let's Pastor Wilson to respond.
31:17 You know, I have believed for so many years
31:21 that the greatest unifying force
31:24 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
31:26 has been the writings of Ellen White
31:29 and I believe that at this very minute.
31:32 We need, we need the counsel that we can give.
31:36 We do believe in Sola Scriptura
31:40 but everything that God gifted us
31:42 was through the writings of Ellen White,
31:45 shines a light on this book.
31:47 And so for us to say in anyway
31:51 well, we can just lay those writings aside
31:55 would be very wrong and inappropriate
31:58 and that would be in my opinion a trick of the devil.
32:02 That gift was given for us till the day
32:07 that Jesus comes, it is a blessing to us
32:10 and it is enlightenment
32:13 as I've said on the Word of God.
32:16 Pastor Wilson?
32:17 One of the very specific characteristics
32:19 of God's last day church
32:20 as outlined in Revelation 12:17,
32:24 there are two of them.
32:25 Keep the commandments of God
32:27 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
32:29 And from Revelation 19 verse 10
32:32 we understand the testimony of Jesus Christ
32:34 to be the Spirit of Prophecy
32:36 and we believe that the writings of Ellen White
32:38 were inspired fully by God
32:41 and that they are just as relevant today in 2014
32:46 as they were hundred years ago or more.
32:49 The Lord I think is using today
32:52 even more those precious writings
32:55 to point us back to the Bible
32:57 and to give us practical counsel
32:59 in almost every area of life including Mission to the Cities
33:04 which we may talk about in a few moments.
33:06 How to reach the millions of people
33:09 in these huge metropolitan areas?
33:12 So, yes, the Spirit of Prophecy
33:14 as I like to say is one of God's greatest gifts
33:17 to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
33:18 It is just as fresh today as when it was written.
33:22 Amen. Amen.
33:24 The single area that had the most questions
33:28 that came in during the time
33:31 when people were able to put their questions in
33:33 with this town hall gathering had to do with the whole arena
33:37 and I'm gonna use several different words,
33:39 contemplative spirituality, spiritual formation, et cetera.
33:43 This whole idea of the blending of different,
33:47 different elements together
33:49 in kind of a new age kind of a thing
33:52 and I guess what I want to ask is this.
33:54 What about movements?
33:56 How should, how should Adventists,
33:58 how should we are hear other Adventist relate
34:01 to movements that draw us away
34:04 from the distinctive beliefs in the prophetic vision
34:08 that God has entrusted to us?
34:10 And I'm gonna start with your, Pastor Jackson.
34:14 Can I tell you a story? We love stories.
34:16 It's a funny little story. Okay.
34:18 Years ago I was a baker.
34:20 I used to go into the bakery first thing in the morning
34:22 and I would make mint tarts.
34:26 And the mince tarts,
34:27 you know, were sent from the bakery to the--
34:30 a restaurant in Downtown Victoria, British Columbia
34:34 where British ladies would sip tea
34:36 and eat mince tarts.
34:38 One day I went into mix
34:40 the mince prior to taking them out,
34:44 they felt a little stringy.
34:46 But I none the less took the materials away,
34:49 then the second day I did the same
34:51 and it was little more stringy.
34:52 By the third day I said,
34:53 something's wrong with the mince.
34:56 You know, I took the whole bucket out
34:59 and I've got a big tray
35:00 and I scooped it out on to the tray
35:03 and discovered there were seven dead mice in the mince.
35:09 Now those ladies in that-- That tea.
35:13 Tea in the downtown Victoria they were sipping their tea
35:16 and they thought they were eating regular mince tarts.
35:20 They looked like mince tarts, they smelled like mince tarts,
35:23 they tasted like mince tarts but they had the addition
35:27 of the entrails of seven mice in them.
35:31 This is true confession time.
35:33 I want you all to hear, this is true confession time.
35:35 You know, you may see things that look like they are truth,
35:41 they may smell like truth, they may feel like truth
35:45 but if they do not sit based on this word
35:49 they are not truth.
35:52 So when there are calls or enticements to embrace
35:57 some other teaching or some other word--
36:02 we tested on this book and we don't--
36:05 we never to move away
36:08 from the plain teachings of scripture.
36:10 No matter whether somebody tells us
36:12 they have got a unique way to pray
36:14 or there is a church that is building
36:18 kind of a syncretistic way of embracing
36:21 Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism and Christianity.
36:26 No, no, no, no, rely on
36:29 what is the reliable, God's word.
36:31 So that would be my answer.
36:33 Okay, Pastor Wilson.
36:35 We need to be prepared
36:37 that in the very last days of earth's history
36:40 which I believe we are living in right now
36:43 I believe fully that Jesus is coming soon.
36:46 In these days the devil will try to throw
36:49 every possible curve at anyone who is interested in truth
36:55 and especially at Seventh-day Adventist.
36:58 So there are gonna be all kinds of winds
37:00 or strange aberrant understanding
37:05 of what people think is truth.
37:08 Also there will be renewed efforts
37:12 on the part of the devil to deceive people
37:15 into thinking that there is revival,
37:19 when in reality the revival
37:21 is not based on the Word of God as Pastor Jackson has mentioned
37:25 but it is based upon emotion.
37:28 It is based upon an existential kind of approach.
37:32 We need to be very careful about
37:34 anything that cannot be proven from scripture
37:37 that is not based on a cognitive understanding
37:41 of the Word of God because from day to day
37:43 you can feel all kinds of different ways.
37:46 So there is this tendency today,
37:49 especially with certain charismatic
37:51 and Pentecostal influences as well as new age influences
37:56 that you need to experience something.
37:59 Yes, Christianity and an understanding
38:03 of Christ is an experience but it must be based upon
38:06 a firm understanding of the Word of God.
38:10 Now I want to caution anyone
38:13 who is dabbling in aspects of belief
38:17 or understanding that could take them
38:21 away from solid pillars of God's truth
38:24 that will focus on only one particular area of truth
38:29 and not see it in a big picture that will say
38:33 well, if you just repeat these words over and over gain
38:37 or just fix your mind on something
38:39 or allow your mind to become vacant
38:42 and allow God to fill you.
38:45 You got to be very careful about that.
38:47 The Prayer is a directed kind of understanding.
38:51 It is not just a vacating of your mind.
38:54 Because If you take everything out of you minds
38:56 some things gonna go in it.
38:57 and I don't think its gonna go be the Lord.
38:59 So you got to be focusing on those things
39:01 which are honest and true and pure
39:04 as Paul tells us in the Book of Philippians.
39:07 And I think we need to be very careful about areas
39:10 and movements that are gonna take us away
39:14 from a very basic fundament understanding of what is truth.
39:21 Jesus said, if you love Me keep My commandments.
39:25 He didn't say you are going to be saved
39:27 by keeping My commandments
39:28 but if you love Jesus and you understand
39:31 who He is then through His righteousness
39:34 which another subject we need to touch on,
39:37 He will then through the Holy Spirit help us
39:39 to live the Christian life,
39:42 justification and sanctification.
39:45 And movements are a foot
39:47 which will take people away from this precious word
39:50 and a literal understanding of God's word.
39:54 You know, we are told we ought to read the Bible as it is,
39:58 not try to impute all kinds of different ideas to it.
40:02 If there is a mixing of truth
40:05 and a mixing of human understanding
40:08 with the Bible stay away from it.
40:10 If there is something that overly emotional
40:13 and taking you away from a cognitive understanding
40:16 of God stay away from it.
40:18 Stay with God's word and the Spirit of Prophecy,
40:22 you will not be disappointed.
40:24 Okay, now I would assume based upon the answers
40:27 both of you just have just given
40:29 that if someone hears someone say
40:32 well, listen let's go for a whole year,
40:35 no Spirit of Prophecy
40:36 and only talk about the stories of Jesus,
40:38 not the teachings of Jesus but the stories of Jesus.
40:41 What should-- should there be red flags going off
40:43 for that individual
40:44 when they hear something like that?
40:46 Why would you ever want to limit yourself
40:49 to the amount of truth that God has made available?
40:53 I think we need to be individuals
40:55 who will draw on everything possible that is fully truth
41:00 in order to have a full experience in Christ.
41:03 Okay.
41:04 You know, I tell people all the time
41:06 and it is my belief there is only one true north
41:09 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
41:11 and His name is Jesus.
41:12 However having said that
41:14 I think its important to know that
41:17 Jesus said He would give us the spirit
41:19 and when he the spirit of truth is coming
41:21 will guide you into all truth.
41:24 So to limit ourselves to just one aspect
41:28 to talk about the stories of Jesus
41:30 and not the teachings of Jesus, to say I accept You as Lord
41:34 but I won't let You leave me-- wait a minute.
41:37 You are limiting not only your own exposure to truth
41:42 but you are limiting the access that
41:44 God can have to your mind.
41:46 So for us to say in any sense,
41:50 I'll only read the stories of Jesus
41:52 but I wouldn't then go ahead and take the application that
41:56 the Word of God makes of those stories
41:59 and then implement those things into my own life,
42:01 certainly is I think limiting
42:05 of God's ability to work in my life.
42:08 So and the same is true of the Spirit of Prophecy
42:11 to say, no, I'm gonna exclude,
42:13 I'm only gonna do this one thing
42:14 and I'm gonna exclude this, this and this.
42:19 I would like to be able to give an illustration
42:21 it's just not coming to my mind but it would be unfortunate.
42:24 Anyway I can't think of it right now but...
42:26 Okay.
42:28 Let me also try and encourage people
42:30 to stay away from the fallacy
42:33 that somehow the doctrines of the church,
42:37 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
42:38 we have 28 fundamental beliefs but somehow those are dry
42:42 and legalistic and really have no relationship to Christ.
42:47 And that all you need to do is just talk about Jesus
42:50 and that's really about the extent
42:52 of what your experience should be.
42:54 I want to tell you that every single one of those
42:58 28 fundamental beliefs has at the center,
43:01 at the core of that belief Jesus Christ who is the word.
43:06 Amen. Amen.
43:07 And if we teach them or we understand them
43:11 in a way where Jesus isn't in the center
43:14 then we need to restudy them again.
43:16 That's right, I think there is lot of people
43:19 that would agree with that just now.
43:21 Now, going back to the talking about
43:24 the contemplative spiritual formation,
43:26 Pastor Wilson, I want to specifically ask you,
43:28 this question has come in that back in 2001
43:32 there was some kind of a committee.
43:33 I think the initials were IBMTE,
43:36 maybe you can tell us what that is.
43:38 But this committee met
43:39 and supposedly passed resolution
43:41 to promote the teaching of spiritual formation
43:43 throughout all of Seventh-day Adventist.
43:44 Would you please address that situation?
43:48 Well, that is absolutely positively incorrect.
43:52 The IBMTE stands for the International Board
43:55 of Ministerial and Theological Education.
44:00 It is a board which was essentially set up
44:03 to help to bring all seminaries and theological schools
44:08 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
44:10 back to a very firm foundation
44:14 of what Seventh-day Adventist believe
44:16 and to make sure that teachers
44:18 who are involved in that seminary professors
44:22 are very loyal to the teachings
44:24 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
44:26 Back in 2001 and I was part of that
44:31 as were many, many others
44:33 and I'm still a part of that board.
44:35 They deal with exactly what I was explaining to you,
44:39 trying to help keep seminaries
44:41 and teachers very focused upon the Word of God.
44:45 But back in some of those days
44:48 that the early part of the 21st century
44:52 which is the century we are in right now,
44:55 most people didn't know what spiritual formation meant
45:01 and the words spiritual and formation were simply words
45:05 which sounded good like,
45:08 this is a way to develop your Christian character.
45:11 Only a number of-- a few years ago
45:15 were these words meaning a particular thing.
45:18 I can categorically, absolutely tell you
45:22 that if that language were found in any document
45:25 coming from the General Conference
45:27 and the world field that it absolutely
45:30 had no relevance whatsoever to what people interpret
45:34 to be spiritual formation today.
45:37 Unfortunately somebody who reported information
45:40 coming out of this particular meeting
45:44 use those words in a press release
45:47 and people have pounced on that to indicate that somehow
45:50 the General Conference was promoting that.
45:53 That is absolutely categorically wrong.
45:56 I've already stated
45:58 how it is that we ought to relate to God's word
46:01 and stay away from those influences
46:04 which are going to compromise
46:05 or neutralize God's precious word.
46:09 And I can tell you absolutely that's where I stand personally
46:13 and I know that
46:15 the General Conference does as well.
46:17 Okay, thank you for that clarification.
46:20 We mentioned just a moment ago
46:22 the idea of righteousness by faith and the idea
46:27 and I want to phrase the question this way
46:29 and I'm gonna give it to you first Pastor Jackson,
46:31 and then Pastor Wilson can jump in.
46:33 We obviously understand grace.
46:36 The word grace
46:37 we are all the beneficiaries of God's grace.
46:41 How do we relate
46:43 to the concept of grace in our lives
46:47 together with the concept,
46:49 biblical concept of victorious Christian living?
46:56 God's grace or God in His graciousness
47:01 reaches out to each one of us.
47:04 You know, our natural state we are deters to law
47:09 and we can't live that law.
47:12 So what was weak in the flesh, what the flesh could not do
47:18 God did by sending His son Jesus Christ.
47:21 And He made us deters in another way.
47:26 We were deters to law but through Jesus
47:30 we become deters to grace.
47:33 God never gives us anything
47:36 that He does not intend us to share
47:40 or to utilize in our personal growth.
47:43 So as God's grace comes into my life
47:46 there must be a response.
47:48 You know, Paul-- Ephesians Chapter 2,
47:51 "For by grace are you saved through faith,
47:54 not of works, it is the gift of God,
47:57 lest any man shall boast."
47:58 Now some folks stop right there but Paul goes on.
48:02 Doesn't he?
48:03 He says "For we are His workmanship,
48:07 created by God unto good works
48:11 that we might fulfill His purposes."
48:14 So as we accept
48:16 the righteousness of Jesus Christ
48:19 it becomes a motivator for us to grow up
48:23 into what the apostle Paul says in Ephesians Chapter 3,
48:27 into the fullness of the stature
48:30 of a man in Christ Jesus.
48:33 So grace not only cleanses us and makes us whole,
48:40 it becomes the basis upon which we grow up into Jesus.
48:45 And that's not legalistic because you and I know
48:49 and that's why it started that way,
48:51 you and I know that naturally speaking
48:54 anytime we take our lives out of God's hands
48:58 we could turn anything upside down and backwards
49:00 and become outright legalists, right.
49:02 That's correct.
49:03 We can't live without the presence of the Holy Spirit
49:08 and the authority of the Holy Spirit leading us
49:11 into the good works that God has created
49:16 in advance for us that we should do them.
49:18 So that would be at least one part of an answer.
49:20 Okay. Pastor Wilson.
49:22 Many times Seventh-day Adventists
49:23 have been accused of being legalist.
49:25 Perhaps because we focus upon
49:28 keeping the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments
49:32 but in reality we can never achieve eternal life
49:36 through a legalistic approach to keeping the commandments.
49:42 This is a magnificent subject of Christ our righteousness
49:45 and I'm so glad that the ASI Convention
49:47 is featuring that here at this convention
49:52 right here in Grand Rapids.
49:54 You know, in Ephesians Chapter 2, it tells us,
49:58 "By grace you have been saved through faith"
50:01 and that not of yourselves.
50:04 The all encompassing righteousness
50:06 of Jesus Christ is the only way
50:10 that any of us will achieve eternal life.
50:14 It is based upon what Christ did for us
50:17 and what He is doing for us.
50:21 It is based upon His justification
50:24 placing a robe of righteousness over us
50:27 which we have nothing to do about
50:30 and then at the same time sanctification
50:33 where the Holy Spirit begins to work in us
50:37 so that we become more and more like Christ.
50:41 It has to do with what Christ did on the cross
50:44 and what He is doing in the most holy place
50:48 in the heavenly sanctuary.
50:49 It says in Hebrews 7:25,
50:54 "He always lives to make intercession for them."
50:58 What a privilege to know that we have a High Priest
51:00 we can come to, we can come boldly
51:02 to the throne of grace because a High Priest,
51:06 Jesus Christ has gone through the process
51:09 of being the sacrifice and now He is the High Priest.
51:13 This is a subject I love to preach on,
51:16 the all encompassing righteousness of Christ,
51:18 our dependence totally upon Him.
51:21 There's one little quotation I want to read,
51:23 it's a one sentence quotation
51:26 from the book written by Ellen White,
51:29 compilation Last Day Events and its page 283.
51:34 Its a marvelous quotation.
51:37 "Christ, only Christ and His righteousness,
51:42 will obtain for us a passport into heaven."
51:48 That's awesome. That's awesome.
51:51 That's not to minimize our daily lives
51:56 in sanctifying process
51:58 that the Holy Spirit works in us in order for us
52:02 to become more and more like Christ.
52:04 It is not diminished that in the least
52:06 but it is all Christ's righteousness.
52:09 And you know that, I think about myself
52:12 and I'm sure that many of the people in our audience
52:14 and many of those of you who are watching from--
52:16 on television at home or on YouTube,
52:18 on the internet, we wrestle with things.
52:22 Well, this is real life but because the grace of God
52:27 and He is all sufficient for us
52:29 can we expect to live victorious?
52:32 See, the words justification and sanctification
52:34 are great words and they mean things
52:36 but, to me what is it mean to live victorious?
52:40 And I believe I heard you say it normal those words.
52:43 Amen.
52:45 You know, Paul makes the statement
52:48 in Philippians Chapter 1.
52:50 "Be confident of this very thing,
52:52 that He who began a good work and you will also complete it
52:56 until the coming of the Son of Man."
52:58 So can we grow up into Jesus?
53:02 That's His plan
53:04 and we just open our lives to Him
53:06 and say You take me and You use me.
53:08 One little quotation Steps to Christ,
53:10 page 118 she says,
53:13 Christ will never abandon the soul
53:16 for whom He gave His life.
53:19 So that, no matter where we are,
53:20 no matter how we feel, whether we are stumbling
53:23 or we falling God doesn't give up on us.
53:25 We can grow up into Jesus. He will finish what He bean.
53:30 And using that book, Steps to Christ,
53:33 if you look and read carefully
53:35 chapters 7 and 8 carefully read it
53:39 chapter 7 and 8 you will find answers
53:43 to almost every question about
53:46 this beautiful all encompassing righteousness of Christ.
53:49 Amen, you know, one other things
53:51 I want to do is hold up this little book,
53:53 this is the Desire of Ages which if you--
53:57 if the camera can pull in on this,
53:58 this is a special ASI edition of the book Desire of Ages
54:02 which we focus on as a give away
54:05 and in fact, everyone who is attended
54:07 the ASI Convention here
54:08 this year in Grand Rapids received one copy of this.
54:11 I just want to say that these are available
54:13 by the case to give away
54:15 because the righteousness of Christ
54:17 is beautifully portrayed in this little book
54:19 as well as book Steps to Christ.
54:23 I want to talk about health because we are gonna segue
54:24 into global mission and the mission
54:27 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
54:28 And Pastor Wilson, what is the role
54:32 of our Adventist health message
54:35 in the whole arena of global mission?
54:37 Then we will talk about get more definitive
54:39 of gone into the nitty-gritty of what global mission means
54:41 but how important is health,
54:42 the health components of our mission?
54:45 Well, 3 John, verse 2 tells us that God wants us
54:49 to be in physical health
54:50 just as we are in spiritual health.
54:53 Christ spent more time healing than He did preaching.
54:59 In other words, the physical body
55:02 which God made is an absolutely important vessel for which God,
55:08 which God wants to use in order to reach other people.
55:12 Our minds are part of the body,
55:14 that's why God has asked us to live healthy lives.
55:19 We do not earn our way to heaven
55:21 by being a vegetarian or a vegan
55:23 or whatever you-- a plant based diet
55:26 that helps us to be in better health
55:29 so that our minds will be in better condition
55:32 to receive the delicate inspiration
55:37 on the nerve endings in the frontal lobes
55:39 of the brain from the Holy Spirit.
55:42 Its so vital that we understand that for us personally
55:46 and that our lives need to be healthfully lived
55:50 so that we can benefit but also to share with others
55:54 that God is in the business of complete restoration
55:58 and physically is one of those distinct points.
56:03 Also everyone seems to be interested in health.
56:06 So God has asked that we use that
56:09 especially in reaching those
56:12 who maybe resistant in other ways
56:14 and that's why its one of the most important ways
56:18 of reaching out as we term it today
56:21 comprehensive health ministry,
56:23 reaching out to people in the community
56:26 in what is also termed medical missionary work,
56:28 something that everyone can be involved with.
56:32 Health professionals and pastors
56:34 need to be working together in a blended ministry
56:36 but everyone in the church
56:39 can be part of a comprehensive approach
56:42 simply sharing with neighbors simple health tips
56:46 as to how something is made them feel better.
56:49 Walking, exercise, diet, sleep, water,
56:53 whatever it happens to be, health is--
56:57 the health message is the right arm to the gospel.
57:01 And recently we had an incredible meeting in Geneva
57:04 where representatives
57:05 from all the world divisions met.
57:07 We had about 1,200 people
57:10 so much excitement now about using this
57:13 as the right arm to the gospel entering the cities
57:17 and helping people to better nderstand
57:19 they can have a fuller life physically,
57:22 mentally, socially and spiritually.
57:26 Well, I do want to refer to a firm that
57:29 the health message is the right arm.
57:32 When you look at, when you look at
57:34 the ministry of Jesus and the compassion
57:36 with which He reached out to touch broken
57:39 and bruise people where He healed them
57:42 and He restored them.
57:43 We find a model for ministry, don't we?
57:46 Yes, we do.
57:47 And in north of-- In the North American Division
57:49 recently we've seen some amazing events,
57:53 sponsored one of them by ASI and--
57:56 Yes, Pathways to Health. Pathways to Health.
57:58 you're gonna hear a lot more about that.
57:59 In San Francisco and Oakland
58:01 where almost four million dollars
58:04 of free medical care was given to that community
58:07 and people lined up, they lined up
58:09 in the streets of that city to receive free medical care,
58:15 people who couldn't afford it.
58:16 You know, I think that's the process
58:19 whereby we reach into people's minds to say,
58:23 in a disinterested benevolence where we say to them,
58:27 God loves you and so do we.
58:30 And so the health message not only in a personal way
58:34 where we take care of our bodies
58:36 and we do our best.
58:38 And health is a continuum isn't it?
58:41 Not everybody is sitting on the same mile marker.
58:46 We all grow at different rates
58:48 but, but not only is it vital to us
58:51 for the reasons Elder Wilson has given
58:53 but it is vital that we share that great news
58:56 that we can have, we can have a better life,
58:58 we can have wholeness in our lives
58:59 spiritually and physically as well.
59:02 And I want to just thank ASI for--
59:05 There's so many organizations within the ASI family
59:08 that promote the right arm of the gospel.
59:11 They are valued and appreciated and the church wants to work
59:15 much more closely with those entities.
59:18 Amen. We all say amen to that.
59:19 Amen.
59:21 Also you mentioned Bridges to Health?
59:24 Right.
59:25 That is actually going to be taking place again.
59:27 It had happened in San Francisco once
59:29 but in San Antonio in April of 2015,
59:34 ASI members together with everyone else
59:36 who will join will be doing that same health outreach
59:40 in the great city of San Antonio.
59:42 Leading up to a large
59:44 evangelistic meeting in San Antonio
59:46 just prior to the General Conference session
59:49 and we are just delighted that this is being partnered
59:52 with North American Division,
59:53 Southwestern Union of Seventh-day Adventist.
59:56 Its gonna be a phenomenal success in the name of Jesus.
01:00:00 Amen.
01:00:01 And Dan, this is a good time for an ad that says,
01:00:04 we need doctors, dentists, nurses,
01:00:07 physiotherapist to participate in that event.
01:00:11 Because it can only be successful on that basis
01:00:14 but we are making a broad appeal to people to come,
01:00:17 need as many volunteers as medical professionals.
01:00:21 But we are hoping by God's grace
01:00:23 to see a wonderful outpouring
01:00:25 of disinterested benevolence in the city of San Antonio.
01:00:29 And for those dates, for those of you
01:00:30 who might be watching and here in our audience
01:00:32 that would like to be a part of that great event,
01:00:35 if you are a professional
01:00:37 that could add some value to that event,
01:00:39 I want toencourage you to contact our ASI office
01:00:43 and we will have to get a super up
01:00:45 because I wasn't prepared for that ad.
01:00:47 But we want you to contact
01:00:48 our ASI office in Silver Spring, Maryland
01:00:51 if you want to participate in that event.
01:00:55 Now that brings you one last question here.
01:00:58 Well, in fact, I'm gonna skip that question
01:01:00 because of our time, our time is getting away.
01:01:02 Pastor Wilson, I want you to talk first about
01:01:06 the whole idea of global mission
01:01:08 and especially Mission to the Cities
01:01:10 and give the broad global perspective
01:01:13 and Pastor Jackson to bring that home to North American
01:01:15 and this will be probably the last question
01:01:17 we are able to do today.
01:01:20 About four years ago, five years ago
01:01:23 the world pass the mark of more people living
01:01:26 in the metropolitan areas than living in rural districts.
01:01:29 That's the first time it's ever happened.
01:01:32 It will only grow greater.
01:01:35 By the year 2050 or so if the Lord has not returned
01:01:40 I believe He will come very soon.
01:01:42 Yes.
01:01:43 But by that time it will have increased
01:01:46 to at least 70 percent
01:01:50 of the world's population living
01:01:51 in these large metropolitan areas.
01:01:54 The church has initiated
01:01:55 and has very wonderfully accepted
01:02:00 the challenge of Mission to the Cities
01:02:02 of reaching these large metropolitan areas.
01:02:05 Here in North America, all over the world
01:02:08 we are seeing divisions and unions
01:02:11 and local fields take the responsibility
01:02:14 of trying to organize in a creative way
01:02:17 following principles from the Bible
01:02:19 and specific council from the Spirit of Prophecy
01:02:22 as to how we can be able
01:02:24 to penetrate these great cities.
01:02:27 It's just so gratifying to me
01:02:29 to see that church members are taking hold
01:02:31 of this in a very dynamic way.
01:02:35 We do have areas of the world which are heavily influenced
01:02:41 by the Seventh-day Adventist message
01:02:43 and other areas where there is hardly anything.
01:02:47 Just to contrast it, in some places
01:02:51 we may have Seventh-day Adventist
01:02:53 for every 15 or 20 people.
01:02:56 In other places it is an incredible ratio.
01:03:00 In the Middle East there are 500 million people
01:03:04 with perhaps only 2,500 Seventh-day Adventists.
01:03:08 So you see the challenges not only in the 10/40 Window
01:03:12 but also in the developed world.
01:03:15 In fact, Europe itself is now becoming a great challenge
01:03:19 because of its materialistic secular approach.
01:03:23 North America, Australia, New Zealand, places
01:03:27 where development has taken place
01:03:30 and where people have lost perhaps
01:03:33 their first love of the Lord,
01:03:35 we are seeing great challenges as well.
01:03:38 So the Lord is using
01:03:41 so many people to be able to reach
01:03:43 into some of these very challenging areas.
01:03:46 So the mission field is not just over there anymore,
01:03:50 it is everywhere.
01:03:52 Pastor Jackson, specifically
01:03:53 well, whatever else you are gonna say,
01:03:55 how can individuals be involved in global mission
01:04:00 to the cities in North America?
01:04:01 Well, let me begin by saying that
01:04:03 this summer has been an amazing for me.
01:04:08 I've been able to be at 10 camp meetings this summer
01:04:11 and in those camp meetings, you know, what I find
01:04:13 when I travel across our division?
01:04:16 I find that God's people want to be involved.
01:04:21 They want to be a part of the ministry of the church.
01:04:25 So, in every union and conference
01:04:30 in North America-- by the way,
01:04:31 we discovered in the North American Division
01:04:33 not like it was a great discovery,
01:04:35 all we had to do was to go to the people who knew
01:04:39 but we discovered there are 50 cities
01:04:42 in the North American Division
01:04:43 that have one million plus people.
01:04:46 That's an amazing statistic.
01:04:49 Yet, one of the other things we know that is that
01:04:51 in the North American Division
01:04:53 whether it is Caucasian or African American,
01:04:58 we are not attracting individuals
01:05:00 who were born in this country to the church.
01:05:05 We have a huge issue here.
01:05:07 So what can people do?
01:05:09 Well, first of all, we need to have an outpouring of prayer
01:05:12 for the Holy Spirit of God to give us
01:05:15 the level of understanding that we need.
01:05:17 Then we need to have willing hearts that say,
01:05:20 man, we are seeing a great focus
01:05:23 coming to our city or our community
01:05:25 how can we participate?
01:05:30 We have recently been reshaping our media ministries.
01:05:35 We did that not to save money
01:05:37 but to focus media
01:05:39 on the large cities in our territory
01:05:43 along with the comprehensive health approach
01:05:45 that Elder Wilson is talking about.
01:05:47 We want to combine in a grand collaboration
01:05:51 everything that we can utilize to zero in on the cities
01:05:56 to reach out to the men and women
01:05:58 of North America for Jesus Christ
01:06:00 and with the message of the Three Angels.
01:06:02 So we've been very intentional about it,
01:06:06 we have started a process called
01:06:07 Transformational Evangelism which looks at two things.
01:06:12 How may we transform the church
01:06:16 into an evangelist agency not just a place
01:06:20 where once every five years we hold 28 nights in whole,
01:06:24 how do we transform the church
01:06:26 and there-- and by doing that
01:06:28 how may we transform our communities
01:06:31 by the grace of God?
01:06:34 And that really is a kind of patchwork felt
01:06:38 of where we are headed in North America.
01:06:40 We are very, very earnest and very desirous
01:06:44 to complete the mission task that God has given us.
01:06:47 Amen, now I'm--
01:06:48 we have just a few more minutes
01:06:50 so I'm gonna slip one more question in here.
01:06:52 There's been a lot of discussion about publishing
01:06:55 Pastor Jackson, and specially in North America
01:06:57 we know that that one of our publishing houses is closing,
01:07:01 at least that's the report
01:07:02 that we all read and things are changing.
01:07:05 You mentioned media, you mentioned health,
01:07:08 but where does publishing for North America
01:07:10 fit into this global mission for the cities?
01:07:13 Well, first of all let me say that
01:07:16 Ellen White makes the comment
01:07:18 and we believe it that the publishing work
01:07:20 will go on right to the time when Jesus returns.
01:07:23 Amen.
01:07:24 Now she doesn't say the printing work will go on
01:07:26 but she says publishing will go on.
01:07:29 So we have under our wings, we have a publisher
01:07:31 in the North American Division
01:07:33 known as Pacific Press Publishing.
01:07:35 Our dream and we are just in the process,
01:07:38 we headed down the road and then we--
01:07:41 because we are trying to understand
01:07:42 how may we reintegrate into the minds
01:07:46 of Seventh-day Adventists in the North American division
01:07:49 that its important for you and for me
01:07:52 to be involved in literature ministry.
01:07:55 How can I pick up that track?
01:07:57 How can I get involved with that social media
01:08:01 where I can send things?
01:08:03 You know, it's fascinating that ASI did what they did
01:08:05 by slipping one of these in every packet.
01:08:08 They didn't do it as it gift, they did it as a give away.
01:08:13 So you can give it to someone else,
01:08:16 but the goal in the North American Division is,
01:08:20 how may we utilize the great movements
01:08:25 that have begun with our young people in particular
01:08:27 who in the last few years have given our
01:08:29 68 to 70 million pieces of literature.
01:08:33 How can we bring that together
01:08:36 with, you know, broad perspective
01:08:38 but involve our people even in the local church,
01:08:43 with giving out literature,
01:08:45 truth filled literature to their neighbors and friends.
01:08:48 Jesus is coming soon, we can't afford
01:08:50 to leave anything out of the picture
01:08:53 when we talk about reaching our community for Christ.
01:08:56 Amen, in about 45 seconds Pastor Wilson,
01:09:00 give us a word of encouragement.
01:09:03 Well, one of the most hopeful signs
01:09:08 that Jesus is coming is to see what He is doing in the lives
01:09:13 of thousands of people all over this world.
01:09:18 And Nancy and I have the great privilege
01:09:20 of visiting many countries.
01:09:22 We just come from a fairly long trip recently
01:09:26 and it is marvelous to see what the Lord is doing
01:09:30 to reenergize His people and people in other churches
01:09:35 as they focus upon last day troops.
01:09:39 So the hope that we have in Christ
01:09:42 is truly a remarkable encouragement for all of us
01:09:47 and as Seventh-day Adventist
01:09:49 I think we can absolutely have great assurance
01:09:54 that the best days are ahead even though
01:09:56 they are gonna be the most troubling and challenging
01:09:59 but it means, we can lean on the Lord
01:10:01 in a more powerful way
01:10:03 and that's what He is longing to see it happen.
01:10:07 By God's grace I'm excited and I hope others are
01:10:10 because soon we are gonna see that glorious return.
01:10:14 Amen. Amen.
01:10:15 Now I just want to make a small statement
01:10:18 before we go to the prayers.
01:10:19 We are gonna have a special prayer.
01:10:20 I just want to say that,
01:10:22 you know, new things happen at ASI Conventions.
01:10:25 The DVD project was born here that has gone all over
01:10:28 and many other things you can point to here.
01:10:30 I don't-- I didn't get through of third of the questions
01:10:32 that we had put in here.
01:10:33 So maybe this is the beginning
01:10:35 of something that we will do more often.
01:10:37 How of you like to hear some more questions sometime?
01:10:39 This has been extremely valuable,
01:10:41 and thank you both for participating in this.
01:10:44 And I would like to invite Pastor Jackson,
01:10:47 if you will pray and then if you will do
01:10:49 a short prayer after that.
01:10:50 Just pray for each other, for our ministry,
01:10:52 for the ASI members, for those people
01:10:54 who will be watching this by television.
01:10:56 Would you please?
01:10:59 Oh, God, our Heavenly Father, we thank You and we praise You
01:11:04 cfor the magnificent gift of Jesus Christ,
01:11:07 Your son our Savior.
01:11:09 Heavenly Father, You have called this church
01:11:12 into existence to carry out Your great
01:11:16 evangelistic enterprise on planet earth.
01:11:20 I pray for our colleagues in ministry,
01:11:22 I pray for Elder Wilson for his leadership,
01:11:26 I pray for our colleagues
01:11:27 all around the world in North America.
01:11:31 And Heavenly Father, please take us into Your hand
01:11:35 and bless us with Your presence
01:11:37 and with the outpouring of your Holy Spirit, amen.
01:11:41 Thank you Lord, for the opportunity
01:11:43 of coming to You in a direct connection to heaven.
01:11:47 Help us to remember that prayer is always available to us
01:11:50 and that we need to lean upon You more and more
01:11:54 as we come to the very end of time.
01:11:57 We earnestly ask that You will bless
01:11:59 the ASI organization and all of its various parts
01:12:04 as they seek to share
01:12:06 the precious love of God with others.
01:12:09 We thank You,
01:12:10 for the righteousness of Christ,
01:12:12 the all encompassing nature of God's righteousness
01:12:17 which can bring us into a right relationship
01:12:19 with the Lord now and for eternity.
01:12:23 Lord, I ask that You will bless every viewer today on 3ABN.
01:12:30 Bless each one who is hearing these words
01:12:34 and we ask that You will bring them
01:12:36 to the foot of the cross and a complete understanding
01:12:39 of what truth is
01:12:41 as the Holy Spirit leads their lives.
01:12:44 So Lord, we look to the future now,
01:12:46 we place it in Your hands
01:12:48 and we rest comfortably there even though
01:12:51 we don't know how to precede, we know that You do
01:12:55 and we rest comfortably in Your care.
01:12:59 Thank you, for hearing us.


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