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Participants: Adventist Review, GYC, 3ABN, Medicore Partners, Search for One Inc., Randall Electric Co.


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00:53 What a friend
00:56 We have in Jesus
01:03 All our sins
01:06 And griefs to bear!
01:13 What a privilege to carry
01:23 Everything to God in prayer!
01:35 Oh, what peace we often forfeit
01:44 Oh, what needless pain we bear
01:55 All because we do not carry
02:05 Everything to God in prayer!
02:23 Have we trials and temptations?
02:30 Is there trouble anywhere?
02:42 We should never be discouraged
02:49 Take it to the Lord in prayer
02:57 Can we find a friend so faithful
03:05 Who will all our sorrows share?
03:13 Jesus knows our every weakness
03:20 Take it to the Lord in prayer
03:29 Oh, how He loves you and me
03:40 Oh, how He loves you and me
03:50 He gave His life
03:55 What more could He give?
04:04 Oh, how He loves you
04:10 Oh, how He loves me
04:16 Oh, how He loves you and me
04:37 Are we weak and heavy-laden
04:42 Cumbered with a load of care?
04:50 Precious Savior, still our refuge
04:58 Take it to the Lord in prayer
05:05 Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
05:11 Take it to the Lord in prayer
05:26 In His arms He'll take and shield thee
05:33 Thou wilt find a solace there
05:42 Thou wilt find
05:51 Thou wilt find
06:00 A solace there
06:30 Amen. Amen.
06:33 Good evening, ASI.
06:35 Welcome to the evening session on Thursday evening.
06:37 We're just delighted that you're here
06:39 to be with us this evening.
06:41 We're looking forward
06:42 to the blessings that are in store.
06:44 We're looking forward to the encouragement
06:45 that we're going to receive here.
06:47 And we have a very special evening,
06:49 this evening we have something special on your seats
06:51 that we've placed there.
06:53 I hope you've all found them.
06:55 We have a special edition of the "Adventist Review"
06:57 that has been placed there for your enjoyment,
07:01 and to be blessed.
07:03 And in fact, you might notice that it says right on there,
07:06 "ASI Issue", and it's been a few years now
07:09 that we've been collaborating with the Adventist Review,
07:12 and it is just a blessing to have this relationship.
07:15 It's a blessing to be working together
07:17 and I'm not gonna be doing
07:18 most of the talking in the next few minutes,
07:20 I'm going to give the time to the two gentlemen
07:22 that I have here with me.
07:25 We have Bill Knott, who is not a stranger to us.
07:28 He has been here a number of years.
07:30 He's gonna tell us
07:31 how many years in a few moments.
07:33 And we also have Claude Richi, who is here with us as well
07:37 and we're delighted to have him.
07:40 Well, you know, people have begin to ask questions
07:42 when there's changes,
07:43 I'm sure you get questions as well
07:45 and you know, with printing that is recently been
07:48 terminated in Maryland, by the Adventist--
07:53 the Review and Herald Publishing Association.
07:56 You know, a lot of people wonder
07:57 what impact is that gonna have on us,
07:59 so would you like to address that question?
08:03 The Adventist Review, and the Review
08:05 and Herald Publishing Association have,
08:07 for 160 years enjoyed
08:10 one of the most special partnerships
08:12 in the history of Christian publishing.
08:14 We have been through so much together,
08:17 working side by side to deliver assurance,
08:20 comfort, truth and mission to generations of Adventists.
08:25 When the decision was made to consolidate printing,
08:28 however in one publishing house,
08:30 many people thought that perhaps
08:32 that meant something about the future
08:33 of the Adventist Review, that we were,
08:35 ourselves going away.
08:37 The good news is, no.
08:38 Your Adventist Review is going to be what it has been
08:40 and what it will continue to be by God's grace,
08:43 a journal of inspiration and hope,
08:45 as the ad in the inside front cover
08:47 of your edition says, "We're pressing on."
08:50 Amen.
08:51 Well, we're delighted to have you here
08:52 with us this evening, Claude.
08:54 In fact, Claude and I have something in common,
08:57 we've both spent time in Quebec.
08:59 I live there currently
09:00 and he's lived there in the past.
09:02 He was the Quebec Conference president
09:03 and fulfilled other roles there as well.
09:07 So we're delighted to have him.
09:09 He's actually in-charge of marketing,
09:11 he is the marketing director
09:12 among other responsibilities that he has as well.
09:15 And we'd like to know, what do you feel
09:18 people need to know about this transition
09:20 that you going through right now?
09:21 The transition is not going to affect
09:24 our readers in any way, shape or form.
09:25 They will continue to receive the magazine
09:27 in their mailbox on a weekly basis.
09:30 What they can look forward to is in fact,
09:33 a redesign of the magazine.
09:35 We're going to use this opportunity
09:37 also to bring the magazine
09:39 even to the next level of excellence.
09:40 Amen.
09:42 You're already used to excellence,
09:43 and we want to even-up this game further,
09:46 and also to do even better in terms of digital delivery
09:49 by developing a tablets version of the magazine.
09:55 So-- those of you,
09:56 who are familiar with what we have
09:58 on the website have noticed that we have done--
10:00 made some significant strides there,
10:02 also, but again, we want to improve
10:05 as the opportunities allow.
10:07 Okay, wonderful.
10:09 Bill, I noticed here in the magazine
10:11 on page six in your editorial,
10:13 some very interesting questions here,
10:16 especially in your article it's called,
10:18 "The Visit of the Magi."
10:20 Would you like to tell us a little bit
10:21 what's on your heart and may be some of the things
10:23 that you are wanting to express?
10:26 My geometry teacher in high school taught me
10:29 that the shortest distance
10:31 between two points is a straight line.
10:34 Well, the shortest distance between a spirit inspired idea
10:37 and it's accomplishment in the life of the church
10:40 ought to be a straight line and with all deference
10:43 to where I work not another committee.
10:45 My concern is that we need to find a way
10:49 to empower good ideas in Adventism,
10:52 to make sure that we learned
10:54 how to be cheerleaders and supports
10:56 of what the spirit is doing among us.
10:59 ASI represents such a rich diversity
11:01 of giftedness and calling
11:04 and one of our goals at the magazine is to discover
11:06 what God is calling people in this organization to do
11:09 to tell those stories
11:11 and to see what the Spirit is going to do.
11:13 I think that means for a lot of us that
11:15 we've got to be take a few more risks
11:17 in the name of the Gospel and see what God can do for us.
11:21 Amen.
11:22 Claude, Adventist Review
11:24 actually has a sister publication
11:27 and in fact, it's the one we receive up
11:28 in Quebec, Canada, it's translated into French
11:31 and it's translated I believe,
11:32 into about a dozen languages actually.
11:34 Oh, at least.
11:36 As a matter of fact, right now, we are printing the magazine
11:38 and its daughter publication,
11:41 Adventist World Digest in 29 languages.
11:44 Wow.
11:45 We have just launched at the beginning of this year,
11:47 12 languages for the Indian sub continent.
11:50 Okay.
11:51 Including Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Guajarati,
11:55 Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil
12:00 and we've introduced this quarter,
12:03 Urdu for Pakistan and Vietnamese,
12:05 and at the end of this year
12:06 we will launch our first languages
12:09 in the African context,
12:12 one being Kinyarwanda for Rwanda
12:15 and Amharic for Ethiopia.
12:18 And we're also looking forward
12:20 to creating a number of additions
12:22 for the Inter-American region
12:24 where they speak, believe it or not,
12:26 besides French, Spanish or English,
12:28 they also still speak a number of native languages
12:31 such as K'iche, Quechua, Cakchiquel,
12:35 Nahuatl, Maya and others,
12:36 and we would like to be able to reach
12:38 those members as well.
12:41 You know, one of the things that
12:42 really, really is important about Adventist World is that
12:45 it is a magazine to unite Seventh-day Adventist
12:48 everywhere in beliefs, faith, mission and hope.
12:54 And we are, indeed, perhaps the most tangible
12:58 presence besides the Seventh--
13:00 the uarterly Sabbath School Bulletin
13:05 to unite our members around the world
13:07 and to do that in those various languages.
13:10 Amen. Amen.
13:12 Bill, I think you've actually been coming to ASI
13:15 for a quite a number of years, maybe around 15 years even.
13:19 What brings you back to ASI?
13:21 Why do you come year after year?
13:23 In one word, this is where I find hope.
13:26 I come here each year
13:28 and I find people genuinely excited about their church,
13:31 excited about mission, eager to press on
13:34 and do what the Spirit is bidding us to do.
13:36 It's fun to come here because you're around people
13:39 who have stories of God's grace and goodness
13:42 and those of the kinds of stories
13:43 we love to tell in Adventist Review
13:45 and Adventist World.
13:47 We've been taking the opportunity
13:48 to give you the window to come
13:50 and talk with us and tell us your stories.
13:52 Many of you have signed up for those windows over the--
13:54 yet today and tomorrow, we look forward
13:57 to meeting you in the hallways and learning what God is doing.
13:59 This is where we find encouragement
14:01 and we share it with the world church.
14:03 Thank you so much.
14:07 I am delighted to bring you
14:09 another Offering in Action segment,
14:11 we want you to know how God is using your offerings
14:15 and we'll use your offerings to impact the world
14:18 for His soon coming.
14:20 With me is Natasha Nebblett, she is the president of GYC
14:24 and next to her is Erwin Nanasi,
14:28 who is the assistant to the president
14:29 for International Affairs.
14:31 Natasha, tell us for those who are new to ASI,
14:35 or may not be aware what does GYC stand for
14:38 and what is the organization?
14:40 So GYC stands for Generation of Youth for Christ.
14:43 And it was a moment that was started about
14:45 10 years ago a little bit more than that by three college age,
14:49 young people, that looked around them
14:52 and said, that they wanted to get back to the Bible,
14:55 get back to the Bible with such seriousness Debbie,
14:58 that we are willing die for it
15:00 as so many have throughout the years
15:02 and also to live that lifestyle to know that
15:05 when Christ told His disciples to--
15:09 to go into all the world
15:10 and make disciples of all nations,
15:11 He didn't add an age qualifier,
15:13 and that means the young people
15:14 are bound to do that too
15:17 and also to live a lifestyle of excellence
15:19 and an uncompromising life.
15:22 And so we took-- the young people took that--
15:25 those values and that dedication
15:28 and they started having meeting together with their friends,
15:30 out of that GYC kind of as we know it now, was born,
15:34 and we have a conference every December
15:37 here in North America, where we get together,
15:40 we seek the Lord, worship, pray,
15:43 we also receive a lot of training in evangelism.
15:46 I mean how to reach out to other people,
15:48 seek that renewal.
15:49 When 5,000 young people to get together
15:51 that have that goal, it is powerful.
15:53 That's powerful, its sounds like,
15:54 just like a little of ASI.
15:56 It is.
15:57 Erwin, I understand that you just had a convention
15:59 in Austria, share with us a little bit about
16:02 what happened there?
16:03 What were some of your observations about
16:04 what occurred?
16:05 Well, the description that Natasha
16:07 just gave is very fitting
16:08 because that's exactly what happened.
16:10 People studied scripture, they prayed together,
16:12 they listened to powerful sermons
16:14 and the Lord was able to use the speakers that
16:16 we had invited for the workshops that
16:19 we had and also the evening messages
16:21 with powerful appeals and the people responded.
16:24 And so it was very interesting
16:26 to see how the Lord can use young people
16:28 that lead other young people.
16:30 We have it here, we had it there
16:32 and it was very powerful
16:33 because in only these five days lives were changed.
16:36 People came from all over the world,
16:37 not just from Europe, not just from Austria,
16:39 from all over the world and spending the time together
16:41 and just going through that renewal
16:43 and that refreshing that revival
16:46 that can spark a reformation.
16:47 And so it was wonderful to see that
16:49 young people had the opportunity to do it again
16:52 because we had it before.
16:54 But this time it was very special
16:56 and we are looking forward
16:57 to what is going to happen in the future.
16:59 I just want to pick up on something you said Natasha,
17:01 you were in Austria sometime ago,
17:03 so this is your second time here.
17:05 You were in Austria couple of years ago,
17:07 share with us some, some of the things that
17:09 you observed might have been different
17:10 from the first time that you were there.
17:13 So some of the differences, we went--
17:15 we went to Austria,
17:16 actually same location, same city, Linz,
17:19 two years ago, in 2012 in July,
17:21 and so then we went back this time.
17:23 I'll tell you it was interesting
17:26 because we're going back to the same location,
17:28 same venue and everything is like, you know,
17:29 how was the conference going to be different?
17:32 And as we there--
17:33 I'll just share a couple of the things,
17:35 that were quite a few things
17:36 that were maybe different to about it,
17:37 but sharing a few of the things one of the first things
17:40 we noticed was just the atmosphere.
17:43 Two years ago it was kind of, a bit of novelty
17:47 that GYC was coming to Europe
17:48 and we were holding a conference
17:50 that was for every young--
17:52 every young person across Europe,
17:53 as far as you know, we were concerned,
17:54 we want them all.
17:56 And as, so young people were like
17:58 oh, here's GYC they've heard about it in America,
18:00 here it's coming,
18:01 and so a lot of young people came and experienced GYC.
18:06 But this year people understood
18:09 a little bit more clearly what the idea behind GYC was.
18:13 And so our attendance was actually a little bit lower,
18:16 it was about 800 to 1,000 but the young people that came,
18:21 came because they wanted to be there,
18:23 they wanted to be in the Word,
18:24 they wanted to be on their knees,
18:25 the prayer times were powerful,
18:27 they wanted to be out doing evangelism.
18:30 And so we saw a difference in the atmosphere
18:32 as far as the spirit of reverence was amazing,
18:38 it was something like, I have like,
18:40 I don't think ever experience before.
18:43 And the dedication, the seriousness,
18:45 the music last time because of the--
18:48 the music restrictions that they have in Austria,
18:50 last time we just had to have a couple groups
18:52 just do all the music, but this time
18:54 we were able to let the attendees do it, like
18:55 we usually do here in North America.
18:58 And it was so amazing to see the--
18:59 the amount of investment, the buy in, the excitement,
19:03 during the outreach we did it a few differences
19:05 with the outreach as well.
19:07 Last time we just went door to door,
19:09 and we went door to door again,
19:11 but we also had a couple of other things
19:12 such as a health expo.
19:14 We did actually like a flash mob into the city of Linz,
19:18 where we went into downtown and sang
19:20 and a lots of people responded to that.
19:22 We had a prayer booth where we went
19:24 and pray with people in the middle of the city.
19:27 It was just a-- it was just
19:29 such an amazing experience to see
19:30 how the young people responded,
19:32 acknowledged the Word of God, and--
19:35 but to also being able to reach out
19:36 to other people in many different ways,
19:38 not just in one way,
19:40 but to be able to use their talents
19:41 in whatever the capacity
19:42 they had them to reach out to other people.
19:44 Erwin, just in a last few seconds that we have left,
19:47 what kind of impact that it have on so many young people?
19:50 That anybody come up to you and say this was really great
19:52 I had a fun time, were they moved spiritually
19:55 What might they have shared with you?
19:56 Well, with an attendance of 800 to 1,000 people,
19:59 if more than 100 people make the decision for baptism,
20:02 it's very powerful.
20:03 And so many more, when they appeal was made
20:05 did not just response to be Baptist
20:07 but also to spend their life as a missionary and be trained.
20:10 And so those are effects that these results
20:13 we will see in the future also.
20:15 And so many came back and said this was powerful,
20:17 the songs that we sang and the straight messages,
20:19 straight testimony, back to the Bible,
20:21 the spirit of prophecy, the hope that
20:23 we have the Jesus is coming soon
20:24 and we can be ready, that was something that was felt
20:27 and that is heard and at this point
20:29 we also want to thank ASI because without ASI
20:32 we would probably not have been able to go there
20:33 and so thank you there also.
20:35 And the Lord has really blessed
20:37 and we're looking forward to expand not just in Europe
20:39 but all over the world so that Jesus can come.
20:41 Thank you very much, Natasha and Erwin.
20:43 ASI we have a work to do
20:45 and our young people have a work to do.
20:47 We are in good hands as long as we train them right
20:50 and support them as they go out to spread the message.
20:53 Now coming to the podium are two individuals
20:56 that should be no strangers to you.
20:58 I kind of recognize them, let's see this is Jim Gilley.
21:05 I'm Danny, and this is Jim.
21:06 Okay. And this is Danny Shelton.
21:08 Listen, we are so grateful, as ASI for 3ABN,
21:13 because of you the world knows a little bit more about ASI.
21:18 We're even more grateful for 3ABN
21:20 because of all the wonderful things
21:21 that you have done and accomplished
21:23 and allowed ministries to do through your assistance.
21:26 So we just wanted you to share a little bit about
21:27 what's going on.
21:29 Praise the Lord.
21:30 So I'm just gonna let you take it away
21:32 and do your thing watching the clock.
21:34 All right. Watching the clock.
21:35 We're good at that. We watch every day.
21:38 You know, Danny, this is-- how many have you been to?
21:42 This is actually 29, my first ASI was Big Sky, Montana.
21:47 And in 1985.
21:50 That's where the miracle took place,
21:51 actually, the rainstorm.
21:53 Absolutely.
21:54 And you were able to tell people about 3ABN
21:58 during the rain.
21:59 That's right, in 1985 several folk had heard,
22:02 I was 33-years-old,
22:03 you can do the math from that now.
22:05 I was excited, thought everybody
22:07 would want to know about this new Adventist station
22:10 to reach the world,
22:11 trouble was I didn't have any money,
22:13 didn't have an education in television
22:15 didn't have much for an education period,
22:17 and I thought everybody would be excited about it,
22:19 but some folks started saying, but we want to hear about it,
22:22 but of course ASI says,
22:23 but we plan our programs way in advance.
22:25 Yes.
22:26 So they said that's okay, may be next year.
22:28 And then Friday came-- was Friday afternoon,
22:31 there were gonna be rides up in the mountains
22:35 and a big rainstorm came in.
22:38 Any of you who was there in 1985?
22:40 All right, so I got witnesses out here.
22:42 They're are still alive, Danny.
22:43 Big storm came and it's pouring down raining,
22:45 I was setting into meeting,
22:46 the National Convention had about 250 to 300 people then,
22:51 was much smaller organization and I remember seeing--
22:54 Phil Winstead was president,
22:57 Henry Martin was vice president.
22:58 I remember him looking over my way
23:00 and doing like this, so I didn't know anybody,
23:03 nobody knew me, and so I thought well,
23:05 they're not talking to me.
23:07 So they kept motioning for me, so finally I said well,
23:10 I went like this, I didn't want to do this,
23:12 and them say no, I'm not talking to you.
23:15 So I did this and they nodded,
23:17 so I finally, I said well, I'll walk by them,
23:18 if they stop me then I'll go,
23:20 you know 'cause maybe they're still looking.
23:23 So finally I remember Henry said,
23:24 can you do us a big favor?
23:26 I have several hundred people here this afternoon,
23:29 we were schedule for a free time
23:31 but because of this storm we need to hear your story
23:35 about this new television network
23:37 you're building called 3ABN.
23:39 And that was a start of our relationship with ASI,
23:44 and just a few short years later
23:46 probably three or four years later,
23:48 we were able to start televising
23:50 those literally around the world.
23:52 ASI is an incredible organization.
23:54 We've supported it
23:55 from the very first time I went there.
23:58 We're so privileged and we want to thank all of you
24:00 and ASI for your support of 3ABN.
24:04 What a great relationship to get the gospel
24:07 into all the world.
24:08 You know, one of the things that they told me
24:10 before I came on the stage is, your phone turned vibrate,
24:13 and by the way the only telephone call
24:16 I ever got on the air was from Danny,
24:18 and we were doing a live-- he wasn't there
24:22 and I don't think he realized that
24:24 I was doing a live at the time,
24:26 but I do want you to remember that--
24:30 the 3ABN app if you don't have it
24:33 on you iPhone or on-- we got on the other one too,
24:37 the android, if you don't have it get it.
24:40 It's not gonna cost you anything,
24:42 and you can watch 3ABN wherever you are.
24:46 Anywhere in the world 24/7,
24:47 all six networks on your phones,
24:50 your iPhones, your androids, your iPads,
24:53 that's incredible technology.
24:55 It really is.
24:56 And we're finding people telling us
24:58 that they watching all the time.
25:02 A few weeks ago, we were just finishing
25:05 our anchor series with Ron Halverson.
25:07 How many of you saw some of that with Ron?
25:10 We had him there with us in West Frankfort
25:14 and Ron was, we're just finished
25:17 and we stepped down off the platform
25:18 to have an after glow with the folks that were there.
25:22 Phone rings, and its my daughter,
25:25 and she says, dad, we've got a person,
25:28 they live in Dyersburg, Tennessee,
25:30 so we have a man that's been coming here with his wife
25:33 have been coming to church for a few weeks,
25:36 we're without a pastor right now,
25:39 he wants to be baptized
25:41 and each week he comes thinking there is gonna be a pastor
25:44 there to baptize him
25:45 and today he was really disappointed.
25:47 He thought a man was coming from the conference
25:50 but then he founded out the man
25:52 was not physically able to do the baptism,
25:55 and he is so disappointed, we came--
25:58 he came home to have a celebration with us.
26:00 If we were to bring him up would you baptize him?
26:04 And I said yes, we would baptize him.
26:05 He will be a member then of the Dyersburg Church,
26:08 we've done that several times before.
26:10 And so they jumped in the car, I turned to our group
26:14 and I said, we having vespers tonight at our house, 7:30
26:17 and I bought this house, it already had a pool,
26:21 I wouldn't have built a pool, I don't swim very well,
26:25 but I float a little bit, but I--
26:28 I said we will baptize him our pool,
26:31 we've had a number of baptisms there,
26:32 it's been a great thing for that.
26:34 And so they got there, about 7:30,
26:38 I turned around to Ron and I said Ron,
26:39 why don't you do this baptism.
26:41 Ron says, I'll do it. You know Ron, he is ready.
26:44 And so Paul Hallas came,
26:48 tremendous middle aged gentleman,
26:51 a man who's had a real journey,
26:54 but this journey led him to 3ABN
26:58 and to the gospel of Jesus Christ
27:00 and the three angels' message.
27:02 He knows this message better than I do,
27:04 I tell you and Ron baptized him there.
27:07 And it's happing all over the world.
27:08 Debbie just asked us are there any still,
27:11 you know, miracles?
27:12 We see miracles constantly.
27:15 Just in the last few weeks we get letters all the time.
27:18 Today, Angie Lomacang was telling me,
27:20 she works in 3ABN radio,
27:23 that a lady called the station a little upset.
27:26 She said, what is happening with my radio,
27:29 I turned to 3ABN and I got 3ABN,
27:33 but it was you know, Christiany,
27:34 what, heavy spiritual, so I didn't want to watch it
27:36 so I turned the channel,
27:39 it turn back by itself later on.
27:42 So she said it continued to do that
27:44 and she finally called the station and said,
27:46 what are you doing to my radio?
27:48 You are controlling the channels of here
27:51 because it keeps coming back?
27:52 Well, she ended up accepting,
27:53 you know, the Lord and joining the Adventist Church.
27:56 We could write a book on channels stuck on 3ABN.
28:01 Just the other day, we did a program with Jim and Mollie,
28:04 and Mollie had some good letters
28:06 and some of those continually say,
28:08 oh, I got my cable station only would get 3ABN
28:12 and for we could not get it fixed,
28:14 people with satellite dishes,
28:16 it's keeps getting stuck on 3ABN.
28:19 God knows who is ready and who isn't?
28:22 And so I believe Jesus is coming very soon, don't you?
28:25 And because of that I believe that there is,
28:28 that God has a plan for each and everyone of us,
28:31 individually, collectively as a church,
28:34 as a people to get the--
28:35 undiluted three angels messages into all the world.
28:39 And this November again is 30 years
28:41 and I think about that and I give God honor
28:44 and glory and praise.
28:45 I'll take the credit for the bad things,
28:46 but we give God the credit for all the good things.
28:49 Thank you for your love
28:50 and prayers and support of 3ABN.
28:52 You know, Stan and Kathy Smith,
28:54 were riding in taxi cab today and the cab driver asked them
28:59 what they were doing here
29:00 and they told him what was happening
29:02 and he said, now not by any chance
29:07 would Danny Shelton be here, would he?
29:10 And they said well, yes, he-- I think he is.
29:12 I haven't seen him but I think he is.
29:14 He said well, I just was sure
29:16 I saw him walking down Monroe Street here today.
29:20 And he said, I thought, what he can't be here,
29:24 but it's amazing this is a gentleman that
29:26 watches 3ABN all the time and was recently baptized.
29:30 So your message what you are doing
29:34 in supporting this ministry is having tremendous results.
29:39 We appreciate you're being a part--
29:41 our being a part of this offering that will be coming.
29:45 We ask you to pray about being generous,
29:48 there's so many different groups there
29:50 and they all are very much in need.
29:52 As you know we bring ministry
29:54 after ministry on 3ABN to talk about their needs
29:58 and we want you to support each one them`
30:01 because God wants us to share
30:05 and to be with each other
30:07 and to be supporting each other.
30:09 And this year, we're trying to,
30:12 to get our studio finished,
30:14 our control room in the worship center.
30:18 Because for years we've had to bring our mobile truck up
30:21 and hook up to it, which is okay,
30:24 but that means that
30:25 when the mobile truck goes out of town,
30:28 we can't have a television program
30:31 there in the worship center
30:33 or if we're having a program in the worship center
30:36 we can't send the truck out.
30:38 So we would really like to finish that this year,
30:41 and that's what the commitment is.
30:43 Thank you so much. All right, God bless you.
30:49 Ladies and gentlemen, once again welcome to ASI.
30:52 Are you ready for Members in Action?
30:57 Oh, are you ready for Members in Action?
30:59 Yes.
31:00 Now you know that Members in Action
31:03 is the very heartbeat of ASI
31:06 because only what we do for Christ will last.
31:09 And I'm gonna tell you, you might not be
31:12 as excited as I am now, but when you start hearing
31:15 some of the-- the testimonies
31:17 you will be exuberant with excitement, okay.
31:21 Right now with me I have Richard Alva,
31:24 who is a nutritionist and health educator
31:28 and we have Elton DeSousa
31:30 who is a chaplain and Bible worker.
31:33 Now the thing with these two gentlemen,
31:35 they both work at a medical practice, Medicore Partners.
31:39 Yes, we have a chaplain and Bible worker
31:42 with a nutritionist and health educator
31:45 at a medical practice.
31:46 How is this possible?
31:48 Good evening, ASI.
31:50 Well, we have an amazing opportunity
31:53 that God has provided.
31:54 Medicore Partners it's a medical practice
31:57 that was started by Dr. Manuel and Esther Alva,
32:00 those are my parents and they've been in ministry,
32:03 in health ministry doing that work for a few years now.
32:07 So how is the two married?
32:09 Because you know, traditional with,
32:11 you know, natural typically doesn't blend.
32:15 What's beautiful is that God is the one that
32:17 does the work.
32:18 Amen.
32:19 And so because God is the great physician
32:22 and salvation comes from Him and health also comes from Him
32:28 God is the means by which people receive health.
32:33 So God uses conventional means,
32:36 He uses natural approaches and that's why Elton
32:39 and I have the opportunity to work together in ministry.
32:41 Okay, so now how did the two of you come together?
32:46 I mean where did you find you know,
32:48 a chaplain and a Bible worker?
32:50 For a few years I was working
32:53 there in the clinic giving health education classes
32:56 and we have that going.
32:57 Inside the clinic?
32:58 Inside the clinic.
32:59 And so one thing that really laid the foundation
33:03 was the way that the doctors, my parents are physicians,
33:06 interact with the patients, praying with their patients,
33:10 talking to their patients about God,
33:12 winning their trust and their confidence that way,
33:14 introducing them to Christ.
33:16 So when I came along they were prepared
33:20 and ready to hear about nutrition,
33:23 to hear about health, to hear about better living,
33:26 and then Elton came along.
33:28 So Brother Elton, you are the chaplain
33:31 and Bible worker, how are you working this in?
33:34 I mean, you just, I'm sick and you're gonna
33:37 talk to me about the Bible, is that how you do it?
33:39 Yes. Really?
33:41 Well, Jesus is the great physician
33:44 and working at the clinic I learned that
33:49 eventually everybody has some level of stress
33:52 and the patients that Richard sees everyday,
33:56 with his class he introduces to the stress management class
34:02 that we have at the clinic and this class--
34:06 when people come to the class,
34:08 they expected to be healed with their stress,
34:13 there will be some kind of a psychologist
34:15 or some, you know, person.
34:18 So are they looking for a pill,
34:20 I mean because when I come to a doctor
34:21 or when people come,
34:22 they're typically looking for a--
34:24 yeah, yeah, quick fix.
34:27 That's right, they do, in especially
34:29 when they come with their stress they expect,
34:32 you know, way that we're gonna give
34:34 some kind of a pill or some kind of a,
34:37 you know, yoga treatment or something like that,
34:41 but then I tell them-- I have to be honest to you
34:46 I cannot help you but I know someone that can.
34:49 And when I say that they look at me
34:52 and I bring "Steps to Christ"
34:54 and I tell them Christ is the way.
34:57 Would you like to sign up and then continue
35:00 with this Bible study?
35:02 So you are prescribing "Steps to Christ?"
35:05 Yes. Wow, okay, okay.
35:07 So what happens, I mean you were telling me that
35:09 90 percent-- are they Seventh-day Adventist?
35:11 Are they--
35:13 No, 90 percent of the people that we are working with,
35:17 they are Catholics.
35:18 And in their region there,
35:20 there is a lot of Catholic people
35:22 so they start reading the "Steps to Christ"
35:25 and they get very impressed to how we are saved by grace--
35:28 Elton, Richard looks like he's just bursting
35:30 with something to say.
35:31 How about that?
35:32 It's incredible because when you see somebody
35:36 who has the right healthy living information,
35:41 but they don't have Christ its one thing,
35:45 but when Christ is introduced into that equation,
35:48 it changes everything.
35:50 Now since you brought in a Bible worker
35:52 into the practice what has been the results?
35:54 Now how long has he been in the practice?
35:57 Well, we are there for four months
36:01 and we have 105 "Steps to Christ"
36:05 given in the 105 Bible studies set up.
36:09 Okay, so now Richard, you been there since when?
36:12 Right.
36:13 I started working with my parents in 2003
36:16 with the health education in 2006
36:18 and then fulltime since 2011
36:21 with the series of health education classes.
36:24 But since we started making Bible studies available
36:28 to the patients we have not seen health outcomes
36:32 so quickly as we are seeing now.
36:34 So you're literally seeing physical results
36:37 in addition to spiritual.
36:38 Both.
36:39 And they go together, absolutely.
36:40 Okay, we gonna run out of time,
36:42 but I want to see your pictures.
36:43 I think we have a few pictures?
36:47 I want to share real quick, there this man comes to me
36:50 and when he hears about the stress management class
36:53 he calls me aside and he say, how do you do this class?
37:00 Because I been to a psychologist,
37:02 I been to you know, some yoga classes
37:05 and everybody tells me the same,
37:07 it's inside of me that I have the answer.
37:10 But then he calls me
37:11 and he ask are you gonna tell me something similar
37:15 'cause I don't want to waste my time?
37:17 And I tell him no I won't 'cause I believe that
37:20 only Christ has the answer.
37:23 Amen. Amen.
37:24 So they took our pictures away.
37:27 It's okay.
37:28 Well, with the results that you are seeing now
37:31 what would you admonish the rest of us to do?
37:35 I'm reminded of John, John 16:13
37:40 where it says Jesus is speaking
37:41 and He says that the spirit will lead you into all truth.
37:46 Christ is truth
37:48 and we see amazing results that work,
37:51 not because of us but because of the work
37:52 that the Holy Spirit is doing.
37:54 Amen. Thank you so much.
37:56 Thank you so much.
37:57 Truly the health message is the right arm of the gospel,
38:01 it's our entering wedge and when we use it
38:04 as the Lord has commissioned us to--
38:07 you see results.
38:08 I was just amazed, in a medical practice.
38:11 Now Gary, this gentleman--
38:14 now who still believes in modern day miracles?
38:21 This is Gary Morgan and his ministry
38:24 is Search for One Incorporated, now first, come on closer,
38:28 explain what Search for One Incorporated.
38:31 What is that? What do you do?
38:33 Melissa, Search for One, we're doing a medical ministry
38:37 in the Republic of Kiribati, South Pacific.
38:41 Where, who, what?
38:42 The Republic of Kiribati,
38:43 we are south of the Marshal Islands.
38:45 Not Kiricel. Kiribati.
38:47 Okay.
38:48 It's the local word for Gilberts.
38:49 Formally the Gilbert Islands in the South Pacific,
38:52 so we are south of the Marshall Islands
38:54 and were north of Fiji,
38:55 and about 2,000 miles away from Hawaii.
38:59 So right out there in the middle of nowhere.
39:01 Okay, so another words,
39:03 you don't have the Hawaiian feel
39:04 and all of the luxuries.
39:06 No, we do not. No.
39:07 How did you get way out there?
39:10 Well, you know, tonight is a very special night,
39:13 it was exactly 19 years ago, tonight,
39:16 that I walked into my very first ASI meeting
39:20 and I walked in and joined the audience
39:23 and I was blown away with what I heard.
39:25 The reports from around the world were phenomenal
39:29 and that night I walked through the display booths
39:32 and there was a sailboat set up in the back the auditorium,
39:36 it was "search for one's first ASI"
39:38 and they were there looking for a boat captain,
39:41 and a host family to go start the work
39:44 in Republic of Kiribati.
39:45 I said where do I sign up?
39:47 So I've been doing ever since.
39:48 Just like that?
39:49 Just like that.
39:50 Now what is the purpose of Search for One Incorporated?
39:55 Well, we are taking medical,
39:58 dental teams into the outer islands
40:00 where there are no doctors.
40:01 Tarawa has got a hospital/clinic with doctors,
40:06 but the outer islands do not have any.
40:08 So our focus has been to take medical help
40:11 to the outer islands.
40:12 But that work has been growing through the years,
40:14 we're now taking construction teams out
40:16 to help with building churches,
40:19 building on our Kauma Adventist School,
40:22 we are also taking evangelistic teams out there,
40:25 and we have some big things planed for the future.
40:27 And what are those big things?
40:29 We are looking forward to starting
40:31 a new clinic on Tarawa this next year.
40:34 Dr. Ray Andreassen, from Delta Junction, Alaska,
40:38 was out with us this last February.
40:40 And he-- he was so excited with
40:42 what he saw out there, the response from the people
40:45 and the needs that he is looking forward
40:49 to sharing his staff, his medical expertise
40:53 and time was setting up a clinic on Tarawa
40:56 for the people out there.
40:57 Okay, so now within this clinic
40:59 how are you and incorporating the building,
41:02 the evangelism, I mean everything that you've,
41:05 you know, expounded on?
41:07 You know, it all works together,
41:08 but the medical arm of our work is the leading edge.
41:12 Two years ago Dr. Dan Wilson, out of Lewiston, Idaho,
41:16 went with us to a closed island.
41:19 This is an island where they forbid
41:21 any evangelism, any teaching
41:23 other than the established religion on that island
41:26 with up to a threat of death for doing it.
41:29 So we went in with our dental team
41:32 and we were welcomed with open arms,
41:34 we now have an island opened to evangelism
41:36 because of the medical team that went first.
41:38 That right arm again?
41:39 Exactly.
41:41 Okay, now were telling me about the un-entered territories
41:45 that you are interested in going into, with the others.
41:48 We still have other islands that have never been entered
41:51 with any Adventist work and we are looking
41:54 for the volunteers that want to help us do that.
41:56 So I mean, do you already have these pegged out?
41:58 Do you know where you're gonna--
41:59 Yes, we do. Can you tell us?
42:02 So there are still a number of islands
42:05 that have never been entered due to the local people
42:09 and local religion.
42:11 Wanting to keep any other influences out.
42:14 Okay, so like right now, what is the projected plan
42:17 to try to enter into these areas?
42:20 Well, we are planning to start a mission college
42:22 for evangelism out there.
42:23 We want to train lay people in doing lay Bible work,
42:29 gardening, fundamental healthcprincipals,
42:33 we would like to have a lay evangelist
42:35 in every village in that country, God willing.
42:39 You have a very--
42:41 and this is what I was gonna tell you about the miracle,
42:43 you have a very special miracle to share with us,
42:45 it's a short story, but it's powerful
42:48 and it's encouraging to know that
42:49 God is still working miracles today.
42:52 You know, God has influenced every trip
42:54 we've made out there.
42:55 But last year we arrived with a construction team
43:00 and we got to the island of Abemama,
43:02 where we have our Kauma Adventist School,
43:04 we're gonna be working on the cafeteria,
43:06 and we found that the island was out of food.
43:09 The seas were running high,
43:12 and the government's supply ships
43:15 had not been there in quite some time,
43:18 so I tried for three days
43:19 to get our large sailboat started,
43:23 and I was unsuccessful.
43:24 I've never had that problem before,
43:26 but for three days in a row, would not start,
43:29 so I looked at Takamais, my local right hand man
43:32 who takes care of the boats out there.
43:33 I said, Takamais, what about taking the old Macgregor 26?
43:37 It was our first sail boat in the country out there,
43:40 but it had been on the beach for a while and not used.
43:42 He said yeah, he said I think that would make it.
43:45 So we put a new motor on the back of that boat,
43:49 spent a day preparing and we took off for Tarawa,
43:52 80 miles away to get a supply of rice
43:56 and flour and sugar, for the school
43:58 and to share with the island out there.
44:00 Now this happened
44:01 because you said you checked back at the school
44:03 and they had no food?
44:05 They were opening school with no food there.
44:06 Wow.
44:08 So we made a very quick trip to Tarawa,
44:10 got the boat loaded, 5 o'clock the next evening
44:14 we were back on the sea headed back to Abemama.
44:16 But as soon as we hit the open ocean,
44:19 we knew it was gonna be a rough rugged trip.
44:21 We'd taken twice the amount of fuel
44:24 that we usually budgeted for that particular trip.
44:27 But as we went through the night,
44:29 each time I transferred fuel
44:30 from our barrels to the running tank
44:32 it became obvious that we were running short.
44:35 The wind, the waves we had swells up over 25 feet
44:41 and we were bailing water, we had several ways--
44:44 Not to mention you got knocked up side the head and the--
44:46 I mean, that's a whole different--
44:48 That's right, by 2 o'clock Friday afternoon I picked--
44:51 pulled out my satellite telephone,
44:53 I called mission head quarters let them know
44:55 that we are running short on fuel,
44:56 we were 26 miles from the island of Abemama,
45:00 and we were late, it was questionable
45:02 whether we would make shore.
45:04 So it was God's blessing,
45:06 there was a secretary there to take that call,
45:09 she emailed the school principal
45:11 at our Kauma Adventist School,
45:13 he rang the emergency bell they had a prayer session,
45:16 assembled the whole student body
45:18 and faculty at exactly 3 o'clock.
45:21 The very same time that you are having issues with that.
45:24 Exactly, the engine at 3 o'clock quit,
45:27 I went back, opened up the big hatch
45:29 at the back of the boat,
45:30 to try and pull start the engine
45:31 after transferring more fuel to it,
45:34 a wave and wind caught that back of the boat
45:36 and as I looked up it hit me right square in the face,
45:40 forehead and nose, I had blood running down
45:43 in front of me on to the deck.
45:45 So I called Takamais who is down bailing water
45:47 out of the main cabin, I said Takamais,
45:49 I said need some help back here.
45:51 He looked out and says, Gary, oh, no what to I do?
45:54 I said, through me your shirt
45:55 or rag something I can clean my face with.
45:57 Now jump us to when you get to share the experience
46:01 because they gonna run me out of time.
46:02 Okay, so anyway that last transfer of fuel
46:07 ran twice as long as all of the other fuel tanks
46:10 that run on the trip and we traveled four times
46:14 as far on that tank of fuel,
46:15 that tank of fuel took us
46:17 all the way to the Lagoon at Abemama.
46:20 So I got in about 11:30 that night to my hut,
46:24 next Sabbath morning
46:25 I was able to walk into Sabbath School
46:28 and tell these children, beginning of the school year,
46:31 told them of our miracle the day before
46:34 and how their prayers had saved us at sea.
46:37 So it was a tremendous start for the--
46:39 their school year.
46:40 May the good Lord bless it and Gary, thank you so much.
46:43 You know, this almost makes me want to cry
46:44 because truly only what we do for Christ will last.
46:48 He is waiting for us
46:49 to go out there to step out on faith
46:52 and He will work miracles for you.
46:54 Don't be afraid, don't look for that security
46:57 under your feet, walk out on faith
47:00 even if you walking on air with the faith of God,
47:03 He will sustain you.
47:04 Thank you, Gary. Than you, Melissa.
47:08 You know, I don't know if you realize
47:12 how close to Christ's return that we are,
47:16 but when you hear some of these stories
47:19 you will understand
47:20 why the Lord is commissioning us to go
47:24 and will you hear our next couple,
47:27 you'll understand just what our mission really is.
47:29 Come closer, we have Don and Trudi--
47:34 Starlin. And your ministry--
47:37 I just-- I spent hours
47:39 just really going over it,
47:40 their ministry is working with refugees,
47:44 now when we say go, are you going
47:46 into all of these countries and lands,
47:48 where is your ministry?
47:50 Well, we have been involved in foreign missions,
47:53 between the two of us,
47:54 we have about 40 years of combined experience,
47:57 but now the refugees are here among us.
48:02 So you all are actually,
48:03 you have to tell me more about that.
48:04 Here in the United States of America?
48:06 That's right, approx of the 100 least reach people groups
48:11 on planet earth about 20 of them
48:14 are now here in significant numbers in the United States.
48:18 How is that so?
48:20 Well, five years ago we just found out that,
48:24 there is a lot of refugees, been immigrant to America
48:27 and when I was working in AFM
48:31 one of our development persons.
48:32 Oh, I work for them?
48:33 Yeah. Okay.
48:34 And you know, came back and said,
48:36 there's a church that have a group of people coming here
48:38 and they are from Burma,
48:39 that they don't speak the language
48:41 and they ask me if I could help them
48:44 and so I am originally from Burma
48:46 and I can speak Korean and Burmese.
48:48 And so I was able to help them connect
48:51 and trying to explain to them, who they are?
48:54 Where they are from? And that's how we got started.
48:59 Okay. Now in some of the--
49:00 You know, the information you sent,
49:01 you were saying that
49:03 you know America has a misunderstanding
49:06 or misinterpretation of what needs to be done.
49:09 Could you explain that?
49:11 Well, most of the refugee that comes
49:12 they are literally coming from the jungle.
49:15 And so they lived in a place there is no running water,
49:17 no electricity, and let alone having
49:20 to work or learning to drive.
49:22 And so when they come to America,
49:24 they are put in a housing places that--
49:28 it's basically concrete jungle and so they don't know
49:31 how to run the electric chimneys, that,
49:34 how to turn the stove on, you know, the running water
49:37 and having to learn to drive,
49:40 do the banking you know, and learn the language.
49:43 So simple daily things?
49:45 Right, simple daily things that we take for granted.
49:50 So you're saying that we need to go
49:52 and to reach them, here in the United States?
49:55 That's right they are here in United States.
49:59 They are all around us.
50:00 In fact, information is on government websites,
50:04 various refugee resettlement programs
50:06 that you can Google that
50:08 find people that are close to you.
50:10 Yeah, well, I made a list here,
50:12 you were saying there was some needs,
50:14 friendship, support their pastors,
50:17 what do you mean by support their pastors?
50:20 We found as we've gone around
50:22 and first of all made friends with the people,
50:25 met their needs,
50:27 we've discovered that God in his wisdom,
50:31 has placed strategically people
50:34 who are already trained spiritually
50:37 amongst many of these tribal groups,
50:39 they are here, but instead as working as pastors
50:42 and ministers they're doing menial tasks,
50:46 they are slaughtering chickens,
50:47 they're driving Ford trucks, they're involved in,
50:52 in fact there's one pastor right here
50:55 in the Grand Rapids area from Burma,
50:57 who is working at a factory
50:59 making wiring harnesses instead of out encouraging his people.
51:03 Or establishing churches, I mean--
51:04 That's right, and he could be.
51:07 So what is that we can do?
51:09 I mean, it sounds simple, I mean I can tell someone
51:12 how to shop, too good, you know.
51:15 Well, I think in North America,
51:17 we have been so focused abroad
51:20 that we haven't realized the massive influx of refugees
51:24 that have come in from these strategically located countries
51:28 in terms of the gospel outreach
51:30 places where we simply cannot work today
51:34 and have not been able to work for many decades
51:37 from Bhutan, Nepal, Burma,
51:41 and many of the Middle Eastern and North African countries
51:44 where work is very hard to do.
51:47 Okay, well, now Trudi, you were saying that
51:50 we need to rethink strategies
51:51 and I had to write this down so I wouldn't misquoted,
51:54 rethink strategies for church planting in North America.
52:00 Well, basically what I'm--
52:02 and would like to encourage everybody is that,
52:06 look around you, you'll see the people
52:09 they may look different to you,
52:11 but they are our brothers and sisters
52:14 and when allow this refugee
52:16 that came to America a lot of them are Adventist,
52:19 already Adventist and looking for Adventist
52:22 brothers and sisters to help them
52:24 and, they don't understand the language.
52:28 Tell them who is helping them, as we're not.
52:33 Well, she is really want me to say this.
52:38 Let me tell you one example,
52:40 the story that we visited
52:42 a family in Rock Island, Illinois,
52:45 and we stayed with the host family,
52:47 and Sabbath morning came
52:49 and they were worship in a home church,
52:51 you know, basically in home and Sabbath morning came
52:54 and he told us that Jehovah witness
52:56 is coming to give him Bible study,
52:59 this quarter to eight.
53:00 And Don and I looked at each other
53:02 and we said, we hear that all the time,
53:06 you know, they Korean people will say, yeah,
53:08 Jehovah witness is knocking our door,
53:10 but we have yet to Adventist come to our door,
53:12 so we wanted to see what they were doing.
53:14 So they came, they dressed up really nice,
53:18 you know, and they-- when they got to the door
53:20 they take their shoes off, this is Asian cultures
53:24 and they sit on the floor, and there is a couch there
53:29 but they do not choose to sit there,
53:30 they sat on the floor they spread their material
53:34 and to our surprise that
53:36 there was material in their language,
53:39 colorful illustrated and they had the Bible
53:41 in the Korean language
53:42 they have the father read the Bible in Korean,
53:45 and the little girl seven or eight years old
53:47 she's attending public school
53:48 so she was even reading it in English.
53:51 And so guess what's gonna happen that little girl?
53:55 We are missing out the opportunity.
53:57 So seize the opportunity.
53:59 Yeah, and we don't live by there
54:00 so we can't really go there, we can only go
54:02 and encourage whenever we can and are able.
54:07 Well, we have a commission not only from them
54:10 but especially from God.
54:12 Thank you, Don, thank you, Trudi.
54:13 Let me tell about the church.
54:14 Our time is run out. Our time, I'm sorry.
54:18 But I do want to leave you with the quote that
54:20 they had that I-- I want to share,
54:22 "If befriended and loved are more open to the gospel
54:27 than at any other time in their lives
54:30 because their entire world view is being reinterpreted."
54:34 We can give them the truth we have the truth,
54:38 so let's each one reach one. God bless.


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