Spring Camp Meeting 2013

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
13SCM000001 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Welcome and Music Jim Gilley (Host), Danny Shelton (Host)
13SCM000002 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Near the Cross: The Eleventh Commandment Dwight Nelson
13SCM000003 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Another Look at Thyatira Stephen Bohr
13SCM000004 Video Transcript 0:58:00 The Joy of the Investigative Judgment, part 1 Shelley Quinn
13SCM000005 Video Transcript 0:57:59 That Woman Jezebel Stephen Bohr
13SCM000006 Video Transcript 0:58:00 Self Control Magna Parks
13SCM000007 Video Transcript 0:57:59 False Armor John Lomacang
13SCM000008 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Near the Cross: Till Death Do Us Part Dwight Nelson
13SCM000009 Video Transcript 0:57:44 Bible Question Panel Jim Gilley (Host), Danny Shelton (Host), Dwight Nelson, John Lomacang, Shelley Quinn, Stephen Bohr, C.A. Murray
13SCM000010 Video Transcript 0:58:00 The King, the Mother, and the Daughter Stephen Bohr
13SCM000011 Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Word and the World C. A. Murray
13SCM000012 Video Transcript 0:58:00 Revelation's Apostate Trilogy Stephen Bohr
13SCM000013 Video Transcript 0:58:00 Growth Through Trials Magna Parks
13SCM000014 Video Transcript 0:57:59 The Joy of the Investigative Judgment, Part 2 Shelley Quinn
13SCM000015 Video Transcript 0:57:44 Music Concert C.A. Murray, Celestine Berry, Danny Shelton, Darrell & Brenda Marshall, J.D. Hatfield, Lisa Yeager, Melody Firestone, Sandra Entermann, Tammy Chance, Valley View Quartet, Yvonne Lewis
13SCM000016 Video Transcript 0:57:44 Near the Cross: the Sunflower Dwight Nelson
13SCM000018 Video Transcript 0:57:29 Near the Cross: The Last Word Dwight Nelson
13SCM000019 Video Transcript 1:27:59 Music and Ministry Updates NA
13SCM000020 Video Transcript 0:58:00 Music Concert Jim Gilley (Host), Danny Shelton, Tammy Chance, Melody Firestone, C.A. Murray, Yvonne Lewis, Sandra Entermann, Valley View Quartet, John Lomacang, Rosemary Malkiewycz, J.D. Hatfield, Celestine Berry, Justine Terosian & children
13SCM000021 Video Transcript 0:57:59 I Will Do a New Thing Dwight Nelson
13SCM000022 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Get Ready! John Lomacang


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