ASI Conventions, 2013

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
13ASIC000001 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Music & Members in Action Debbie Young (Host)
13ASIC000002 Video Transcript 0:58:30 Look a Little Longer Frank Fournier
13ASIC000003 Video Transcript 0:57:30 Be Smart, It's Time to Start Grace Daley
13ASIC000004 Video Transcript 0:55:29 Music & Members in Action Debbie Young (Host), Leasa Hodges (Host)
13ASIC000005 Video Transcript 0:57:29 Music & Members in Action Calvin Thrash (Host), Steve Dickman (Host), Chuck Cleveland (Host), Debbie Young (Host)
13ASIC000006 Video Transcript 0:58:29 Dying to Self Pavel Goia
13ASIC000007 Video Transcript 1:01:29 Youth Reports and Music NA
13ASIC000008 Video Transcript 0:55:44 ...to Jesus by Night Justin Kim
13ASIC000009 Video Transcript 0:56:59 Members in Action + Ted Wilson (150th Anniversary of SDA Church) + Mark Finley (Sabbath School) Ted Wilson, Mark Finley
13ASIC000010 Video Transcript 0:51:29 Music & Members in Action NA
13ASIC000011 Video Transcript 1:01:59 Members in Action + Sabbath morning sermon C.D. Brooks
13ASIC000012 Video Transcript 0:50:44 The Second Advent (panel) Don Mackintosh (Host)
13ASIC000013 Video Transcript 0:55:59 The Second Advent -part 2 (panel) Don Mackintosh (Host)


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