Generation of Youth for Christ 2012

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
12GYC000001 Video Transcript 0:49:29 Friday Evening Plenary and Keynote Address Israel Ramos
12GYC000002 Video Transcript 0:56:44 Sabbath Morning Devotional "Rediscovering Character" Wes Peppers
12GYC000003 Video Transcript 0:59:14 Sabbath Worship Service "The Finished Portrait" Adam Ramdin
12GYC000004 Video Transcript 0:47:59 Sabbath Evening - Music and Members in Action NA
12GYC000005 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Friday and Sabbath evenings David Shin, Justin McNeilus
12GYC000006 Video Transcript 0:58:44 Sunday Morning Devotional "Redefining Culture" Wes Peppers
12GYC000007 Video Transcript 0:50:49 Sunday Noon Plenary Zippora Ansen
12GYC000008 Video Transcript 0:53:59 Sunday Evening Plenary David Shin
12GYC000009 Video Transcript 0:58:28 Monday Morning Devotional Wes Peppers
12GYC000010 Video Transcript 0:49:59 Monday Noon Plenary "Hear the Wind Blow" Vincent Samuelson
12GYC000011 Video Transcript 0:52:44 Monday Evening Plenary David Shin
12GYC000012 Video Transcript 0:58:59 Tuesday Morning Devotional "Reaching the Cosmos" Wes Peppers
12GYC000013 Video Transcript 0:58:59 Tuesday Late Morning John Bradshaw
12GYC000014 Video Transcript 0:50:14 Monday evening / Sabbath Late Morning - Music & Members in Action NA
12GYC000015 Video Transcript 0:42:44 Sunday evening & Tuesday Late Morning - Music and Members in Action NA


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