Generation of Youth for Christ 2011

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
11GYC000001 Video Transcript 0:59:29 Opening Session - Wednesday Justin McNeilus
11GYC000002 Video Transcript 0:50:14 Morning Devotional - Thursday Charissa Fong
11GYC000003 Video Transcript 0:49:44 Noon Plenary - Thursday Janet Page
11GYC000004 Video Transcript 0:59:44 The Holy Spirit's Roll In Our Lives Kameron Devasher
11GYC000005 Video Transcript 0:52:59 Morning Devotional - Friday Charissa Fong
11GYC000006 Video Transcript 0:49:59 Noon Plenary - Friday Jan Cabungcal
11GYC000007 Video Transcript 0:58:29 Sunset Vespers - Friday NA
11GYC000008 Video Transcript 0:58:45 Evening Devotional - Friday Kameron DeVasher
11GYC000009 Video Transcript 0:48:29 Morning Devotional - Sabbath Charissa Fong
11GYC000010 Video Transcript 0:58:59 Sabbath School - Sabbath Sean Reed (Host), Elizabeth Asefa, Natasha Nebblett, Daryl Cheng
11GYC000011 Video Transcript 0:59:59 Worship Service - Sabbath Dwight Nelson
11GYC000012 Video Transcript 0:59:59 Evening Devotional - Sabbath Kameron DeVasher
11GYC000013 Video Transcript 0:59:14 Morning Devotional - Sunday Sebastien Braxton


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