ASI Conventions, 2011

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
11ASIC000001 Video Transcript 0:55:29 Be Courageous (Keynote Address) Doug Batchelor
11ASIC000002 Video Transcript 0:58:59 Giving Our Best To Our Loving God David Kulakov
11ASIC000003 Video Transcript 0:57:29 Members In Action NA
11ASIC000004 Video Transcript 0:57:59 Why Should You Believe In You Matt Parra
11ASIC000005 Video Transcript 0:58:29 The Blueprint: Earth's Final Movie Ivor Myers
11ASIC000006 Video Transcript 0:58:59 Sabbath School Lesson Lyndi Schwartz
11ASIC000007 Video Transcript 0:58:29 Sabbath Worship Service Pastor Ted Wilson
11ASIC000008 Video Transcript 0:54:59 Music And Members In Action NA


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