Adventist Youth Conference 2010

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
10AYC000001 Video Transcript 0:46:59 Primetime: Playing With Fire Dwight K. Nelson
10AYC000002 Video Transcript 0:49:45 Five Blessings Peter Gregory
10AYC000003 Video Transcript 0:58:30 How To Enhance Your Intelligence Neil Nedley
10AYC000004 Video Transcript 0:55:15 Primetime: Down On All Fours Dwight K. Nelson
10AYC000005 Video Transcript 0:55:59 Purchased Paradise Peter Gregory
10AYC000006 Video Transcript 0:46:15 Pentecost 2: A Laptop, Cell Phone And Plane Ticket Dwight K. Nelson
10AYC000007 Video Transcript 0:55:59 Invisible Shame Peter Gregory
10AYC000008 Video Transcript 0:37:15 Who Are You? Justin Lawman
10AYC000009 Video Transcript 0:29:15 The Greatest Want William Moala
10AYC000010 Video Transcript 0:57:15 The Lesson Of The Nantucket Humane Society Dwight K. Nelson


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