Adventist Youth Conference 2009

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Available Episodes


Program Code Duration Description Participants
09AYC000001 Video 0:44:15 The Elijah Message Pr. Gary Kent
09AYC000002 Video 0:55:30 Flame On Pr. Ivor Myers
09AYC000003 Video 0:43:30 Something Beautiful William Moala
09AYC000004 Video 0:45:30 Sons Of God, Daughters Of Men Pr. Louis Torres
09AYC000005 Video 0:58:30 Two Things Not Even God Can Do Pr David Asscherick
09AYC000006 Video 0:56:15 Yes He Can! Charissa Fong
09AYC000007 Video 0:49:45 Remembering How It Was Pr. John Lomacang
09AYC000008 Video 0:57:15 The Beginnings Of Sorrow Peter Gregory
09AYC000009 Video 0:44:45 The Lost Virgins Peter Gregory
09AYC000010 Video 0:58:00 What Do You Expect? Pr. David Asscherick


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