Generation of Youth for Christ 2008

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
08GYC000001 Video 0:50:15 For This Purpose (Wed. Eve.) Justin McNeilus
08GYC000002 Video 0:57:00 Wrongly Trained (Thur. Morn.) Justin Kim
08GYC000003 Video 0:59:45 God, I Don't Understand (Thur. Afternoon) Chelsy Jourdan
08GYC000004 Video 0:54:45 A Heavenly Calling (Thur. Evening) Randy Skeete
08GYC000005 Video 0:58:45 The Fear Of No Fear (Fri. Morn.) Justin Kim
08GYC000006 Video 0:49:45 Testimony (Fri. Afternoon) Radim Passer
08GYC000007 Video 0:49:00 Message Or Method? (Fri. Evening) Randy Skeete
08GYC000008 Video 0:56:45 Fri. Evening Concert NA
08GYC000009 Video 0:59:30 Beware (Sat. Morn.) Justin Kim
08GYC000010 Video 0:59:45 Missions Segment & Sermon (Sat. Morn.) + Something Is Happening Segments From Fri. Evening) Michael Ryan
08GYC000011 Video 0:59:15 Sabbath School Q&A Panel Yamil Rosario (Host)
08GYC000012 Video 0:59:30 The Paralysis Which Besets Us (Sabbath Morning Worship) Alistair Huong
08GYC000013 Video 0:55:30 Good For Something (Sabbath Evening) + Something Is Happening Segments From Fri. Evening Randy Skeete
08GYC000014 Video 0:55:00 Living Profoundly (Sun. Morn.) Shawn Boonstra
08GYC000015 Video 0:59:15 The Imperative Of Dedication (Sun. Morning) Justin Kim
08GYC000016 Video 0:58:00 Something Is Happening Segments From Sun. Morning And Wed. Evening NA
08GYC000017 Video 0:54:45 Something Is Happening Segments From Thur. Evening And Sat. Evening NA


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