3ABN Program Schedule

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Time Program Code Series Description Program Description Program Participants
00:00:00 SF000030 Special Feature Majesty Of Creation (MCMS)
01:00:00 13GYC000011 Generation of Youth for Christ 2013 Missions Update and Music
02:00:00 AOT000146 Anchors of Truth The Law Before the Law Ty Gibson
03:00:00 NSN000156 NEWSTART Now Ron Giannoni (Host), Linda Marvin
03:30:00 MGH000001 Marriage in God's Hands Learning To Become One Alane Waters , Tom Waters
04:00:00 ITB000003 In the Beginning Pond Scum Or Divine Hand? Stan Hudson
05:00:00 RNN000001 Revelation Now (new) Daniel 2 Jac Colon
06:00:00 BASA000067 Body and Spirit Aerobics Osteoporosis Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez , Corrie Sample
06:30:00 HLFT000026 Heart Lift Transformation: A Heart that Witnesses, Part 2 Jill Morikone
07:00:00 KT000220 Kids' Time Mary Magdalene Brenda Walsh
07:30:00 P000020 Praise Music Kelly Mowrer (Host)01.Emma Mc
02.Angela Bryant-Brown"Amazing Grace Medley"
03.Clint McKay"Jesus Paid It All"
04.Lyndon Carriger"Amazing Grace"
05.Sandra Entermann"Were It Not For Grace"
06.Ron Woolsey"Cleanse Me/I Will Serve Thee" , Merciful Savior"
08:00:00 TDY015034 3ABN Today Testimony + 'My God is Bigger' book John & Angie Lomacang (Host), Helen Heavirland
09:00:00 SOR000001 Stones of Remembrance Kay D. Rizzo Karen Pearson (Host), Pierre Quinn (Host), Kay D. Rizzo
09:30:00 AIM000626 Adventures in Missions Vision for Reaching the Unreached
10:00:00 FGW000002 Focus on God's Word How To Study And Understand The Bible Geoff Youlden
11:00:00 EG002927 Everlasting Gospel Proven Secrets For A Healthy Marriage Pr. Doug Batchelor
12:00:00 MFMH000317 Melody from My Heart Alexej Muran , Cadet Sisters , E.T. Everett , Emily Felts Jones , John Lomacang , Nadeen Edwards , Steve Darmody
12:30:00 GPL000006 Grace Pipeline, The The Justifier And The Justified Shelley Quinn
13:00:00 ASHF000050 Sharper Focus, A Can We Have Assurance of Salvation? Pr. Kevin Hart
14:00:00 NBAS000012 Body and Spirit (New) Quick Fit: Get Control Of Your Waistline Jeanie Weaver (Host), Teresa Bonilla , Tim Tiernan
14:30:00 TTFJ000100 Tiny Tots for Jesus The Bible Tells Me To Remember The Sabbath Linda Johnson
15:00:00 TL016520 3ABN Today LIVE
17:00:00 CR001612 Carter Report, The The Prince Of Egypt And The Bearded Queen John Carter
17:30:00 CR001613 Carter Report, The The Search For Immortality John Carter
18:00:00 MBOTB000012 Books of the Book: Mark Baptism Of Blood Kevin Hart , Tom Shepherd
18:30:00 CKT000030 Cook 30 Jeremy Dixon
19:00:00 JFAN000001 Jesus 4 Asia Now What is 'Jesus for Asia'? Jon & Natalie Wood
19:30:00 HDS000004 Heavens Declare, The Astronomy from a Biblical Perspective -part 1 Jim Burr
20:00:00 TDY015034 3ABN Today Testimony + 'My God is Bigger' book John & Angie Lomacang (Host), Helen Heavirland
21:00:00 TT000039 Table Talk The Hard Questions: If We're Saved by Grace, Why Are We Judged By Our Works? David Asscherick , James Rafferty , Jeffrey Rosario , Ty Gibson
22:00:00 IIWC201332 It Is Written Canada The Book that Couldn't be Silenced Chris Holland
22:30:00 HDL000001 Help In Daily Living Influence Mike Lemon (Host)
23:00:00 TDY015034 3ABN Today Testimony + 'My God is Bigger' book John & Angie Lomacang (Host), Helen Heavirland


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