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Time Program Code Series Description Program Description Program Participants
00:00:00 TT000026 Table Talk Righteousness by Faith: Faith That Works by Love David Asscherick , James Rafferty , Jeffrey Rosario , Ty Gibson
01:00:00 TL015522 3ABN Today LIVE
03:00:00 ROHB000002 Revelation of Hope (Pacleb) Superpowers of Bible Prophecy Pr. Taj Pacleb
04:00:00 LI000284 Liberty Insider America’s Christian Nation Debate Lincoln Steed (Host), Greg Hamilton
04:30:00 BOF000014 Battles of Faith The Science Of The Forgotten Beast Atonte Myers , Ivor Myers
05:00:00 SSH021526 Sabbath School Study Hour Crucified and Risen
06:00:00 BAS000069 Body and Spirit How To Burn Body Fat Brittany Nunez , Christy Soderling , Dick Nunez
06:30:00 HWAL000404 His Words Are Life Romans 5:18 Kelly Mowrer
06:45:00 GH000022 Grandma's House Sailing Joyce Neal
07:00:00 RNN000021 Revelation Now (new) The Last Day On Earth Jac Colon
08:00:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today
09:00:00 BTLP000016 Behold the Lamb Presents Trusting God In The Hour Of Trial Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton
10:00:00 HFAL000187 Health for a Lifetime The Cause And Effect Of Eating Disorders Don Mckintosh (Host), Jennifer Jill Schwirzer
10:30:00 IIWC201317 It Is Written Canada The Final Journey Chris Holland
11:00:00 ASTPP000019 Anchor School of Theology: Prophetic Principles The Letter and the Spirit Stephen Bohr
12:00:00 RCK000026 Revelation of the Coming King The New Earth / The Epilogue Ranko Stefanovic
13:00:00 RYL000008 Remodeling Your Life Are You Tempted? Jim Ayer
13:30:00 CKT000009 Cook 30 Salad Mix Jeremy Dixon
14:00:00 AFL000018 Action 4 Life Choosing The Right Bicycle Casio Jones (Host), Dora Bayles
14:30:00 SCS000008 Steps to Christ in Song Growing Up Into Christ
15:00:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today
16:00:00 TTFJ000122 Tiny Tots for Jesus China Linda Johnson
16:30:00 KT000304 Kids' Time The Broken Vow Brenda Walsh
17:00:00 NSN000145 NEWSTART Now Ron Giannoni (Host)
17:30:00 MFMH000332 Melody from My Heart 01. "The Hammer Holds" Ann
ette Campbell
02. "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" Alexej Muran
03. "You were There" Yvonne Lewis
04. "Be Still and Know" Burchfield Brothers
05. "Carry You" Neville Peter
06. "He Knows My Name" Melody Firestone
07. The Lord's Prayer" Steve Darmody
18:00:00 14HC000005 3ABN Homecoming 2014 A Test of Citizenship Shelley Quinn
19:00:00 AOT000067 Anchors of Truth The Last Links Of Sympathy Kameron DeVasher
20:00:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today
21:00:00 IIW001343 It Is Written Who are You? Facing the Judgment with Confidence John Bradshaw
21:30:00 MMS000000 Maranatha Mission Stories
22:00:00 GMS000703 Global Mission Snapshots Happy 100 Years: Spicer Adventist University Gary Krause (Host), Justus Devadas , Ted Wilson
22:30:00 HIM000031 Hope In Motion Light of Lanka
23:00:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today


Updated 2015-05-25