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All times are U.S. Central Time Zone.

Time Program Code Series Description Program Description Program Participants
00:00:00 TT000015 Table Talk Righteousness by Faith: Get Out David Asscherick , James Rafferty , Jeff Rosario , Ty Gibson
01:00:00 NL015004 Nightlight Live from San Antonio Texas
02:30:00 V000027 Variety Majesty Of Creation
03:00:00 ROHB000011 Revelation of Hope (Pacleb) Revelation's Final Showdown Pr. Taj Pacleb
04:00:00 LI000273 Liberty Insider Lincoln Steed (Host)
04:30:00 BOF000002 Battles of Faith "Sorcery" Atonte Myers , Ivor Myers
05:00:00 SSH021515 Sabbath School Study Hour Baptism and the Temptations
06:00:00 BAS000032 Body and Spirit Stress Dick Nunez , Miles Scruggs
06:30:00 HWAL000393 His Words Are Life Acts 7:10 Kelly Mowrer
06:45:00 GH000025 Grandma's House Amish Country Joyce Neal
07:00:00 RNN000010 Revelation Now (new) Baptism: Water And The Blood Jac Colon
08:00:00 TDY014037 3ABN Today France & Philippines Jim & Camille Gilley (Host), C. A. & Irma Murray
09:00:00 BTLP000009 Behold the Lamb Presents How We Receive That Power Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton
10:00:00 HFAL000176 Health for a Lifetime Hives Don Mckintosh (Host), David DeRose
10:30:00 IIWC201418 It Is Written Canada Beyond Questions - What's Next? Chris Holland
11:00:00 WOHII000004 Women's Ordination: History, Issues & Implications Male Headship in the Old Testament John Peters
12:00:00 RCK000015 Revelation of the Coming King The Mighty Angel With The Scroll Ranko Stefanovic
13:00:00 RYL000009 Remodeling Your Life Becoming Fireproof Jim Ayer
13:30:00 AL000157 Abundant Living Living Large Paula and Curtis Eakins
14:00:00 AFL000048 Action 4 Life Inspiration Casio Jones (Host), Frances Czeizinger
14:30:00 SCS000010 Steps to Christ in Song A Knowledge Of God
15:00:00 TDY014037 3ABN Today France & Philippines Jim & Camille Gilley (Host), C. A. & Irma Murray
16:00:00 TTFJ000102 Tiny Tots for Jesus The Bible Tells Me God Made Our World Linda Johnson
16:30:00 KT000305 Kids' Time Jacob is Forgiven Brenda Walsh
17:00:00 NSN000140 NEWSTART Now Ron Giannoni (Host), Debra Seaver
17:30:00 MFMH000244 Melody from My Heart Music Jennifer LaMountain , Jonathan Meharry , Mark Trammell , Michael Cruz , Roland Gresham , Sandra Entermann , Valor
18:00:00 13GYC000008 Generation of Youth for Christ 2013 Friday Plenary Session Jeffery Rosario
19:00:00 15AMEN000003 Adventist Medical Evangelism Network Evening Meeting Mark Finley
21:00:00 NL015005 Nightlight Live from San Antonio Texas
22:00:00 GMS000702 Global Mission Snapshots This is Home Gary Krause (Host), Julian Kastrati , Mfakazi Ndebele
22:30:00 HIM000033 Hope In Motion Ark for God's Children
23:00:00 TDY014037 3ABN Today France & Philippines Jim & Camille Gilley (Host), C. A. & Irma Murray


Updated 2015-04-11