3ABN Program Schedule

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All times are U.S. Central Time Zone.

Time Program Code Series Description Program Description Program Participants
00:00 HPOV000022 Heaven's Point of View Despicable Frank Fournier
00:30 EHW000015 Exalting His Word The Benefits Of Rhema Pt. 2 Shelley Quinn
01:00 CFTF000009 Contending for the Faith The Mathematics of Salvation Clifford Goldstein
01:30 UP000103 Ultimate Prescription Kiwi and other Fruits Nick Evenson (Host), Dr. James Marcum
02:00 CLR000135 Celebrating Life in Recovery Walking Dead Cheri Peters (Host), Damas Manderson
03:00 RAD170013 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries Revelation's Battle of Armageddon and the Seven La
04:00 SCM001711 Spring Camp Meeting Has God Predestined Whom He Will Save?
05:00 P000011 Praise Music Kelly Mowrer (Host) 01.Diane A
nders"No One Cared for Me Like Jesus"
02.Melody Firestone"Mercy Said No"
03.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Amazing Grace"
04.Jennifer LaMountain"In Your Mercy"
05.Reggie Samuel"The Love of God"
06.Valerie Walker"Above All"
05:30 AIM000000 Adventures in Missions
06:00 BAS000100 Body and Spirit Dealing With Aggression Dick Nunez, Jason Maxwell, Andrew Hard
06:30 LIF000010 LifeStart Seminars Prevent Cancer Naturally David DeRose MD (Host)
07:30 IIWC201318 It Is Written Canada Noah, The Real Story - How it All Started, Part 1 Chris Holland
08:00 TDYC000000 Today Cooking Placeholder
09:00 RYL000009 Remodeling Your Life Becoming Fireproof Jim Ayer
09:30 DIV000012 Divine Design Ask the Midwives Patti Barnes
09:45 GH000014 Grandma's House Slugs Joyce Neal
10:00 MFMH000328 Melody from My Heart 01. "I Walked Today Where
Jesus Walked" Steve Darmody
02. "Wondrous Love" Emily Felts-Jones
03. "We Believe" Pierre Van Der Westhuizen
04. "In the Garden Medley" Tim Parton
05. "Go Free" C. A. Murray
06. "Carry Me Away" Melody Firestone
10:30 SISS000020 Salvation in Symbols and Signs The Red Horse Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis
11:00 TT000502 Table Talk Rage Against The Covenant
12:00 OTR001023 3ABN On the Road Dare to Stand Alone Lincoln Steed
13:00 IAA000484 Issues and Answers The Life of Jacob Part 2 Shelley Quinn (Host), Paul Ratsara
13:30 AL000174 Abundant Living Beating The Blues Curtis & Paula Eakins
14:00 AFL000039 Action 4 Life Running Center #2 Casio Jones (Host), Marcie English
14:30 PFM000013 Perfecting Me Character of Love Wintley Phipps (Host), Adly Campos, Georges J Fleurimond, J.D. Quinn
15:00 TDYC000000 Today Cooking Placeholder
16:00 TTFJ000086 Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Is Always With His Friends Linda Johnson
16:30 KT000212 Kids Time The Rich Young Ruler Brenda Walsh
17:00 EG000000 Everlasting Gospel Place Holder
18:00 GYC001602 General Youth Conference Thu. Morning Devotional: Laughing Out Loud
19:00 ASHF000179 A Sharper Focus
20:00 TDYC000000 Today Cooking Placeholder
21:00 AFP000000 Amazing Facts Presents ==== Place Holder==== Pr. Doug Batchelor
21:30 IWTC000008 I Want This City The Right Arm
22:30 LI000385 Liberty Insider Money Matters
23:00 TDYC000000 Today Cooking Placeholder


Updated 2018-03-01