3ABN Program Schedule

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All times are U.S. Central Time Zone.

Time Program Code Series Description Program Description Program Participants
00:00 DP000003 Discover How Near Is The End? Pr. David Asscherick
01:00 GYC001602 General Youth Conference Thu. Morning Devotional: Laughing Out Loud
02:00 POF000016 Pillars of Faith The First Angel's Message, Part 1 John Dinzey
03:00 AFM000014 Adventist Frontier Missions The Susu Chronicles -part 3
03:30 FSH000018 From Sickness to Health Exercise Rico Hill (Host), Sherry-Lynne Bredy, Reidland Bredy
04:00 ITB000007 In the Beginning And In The End Stan Hudson
05:00 RAD170013 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries Revelation's Battle of Armageddon and the Seven La
06:00 BASA000055 Body and Spirit Aerobics Hypertension Dick Nunez (Host), Bobby Jo Murphy and Jonathon Hopkins
06:30 MFMH000326 Melody from My Heart 01. "God's Precious Love"
Danny Shelton
02. I Miss My Time with You" Sandra Entermann
03. "Give Me Jesus" Victor Moreno
04. "It's Me" Cythia Winthrop
05. "I Love the Lord" Enthousiasmos
06. "God Leads Us Along" Jennifer LaMountain
07. Draw Me Nearer / I Need Thee Every Hour
07:00 KT000209 Kids Time The Demoniac Boy Brenda Walsh
07:30 P000011 Praise Music Kelly Mowrer (Host) 01.Diane A
nders"No One Cared for Me Like Jesus"
02.Melody Firestone"Mercy Said No"
03.Dave&Marlene Colburn"Amazing Grace"
04.Jennifer LaMountain"In Your Mercy"
05.Reggie Samuel"The Love of God"
06.Valerie Walker"Above All"
08:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today
09:00 YFBR000007 Your Favorites By Request
10:00 FGW000014 Focus on God's Word Jesus: Who Is He? Charissa Fong
11:00 16LON000013 London 2016 The Judgment Hour Pr. Richard Daly (Host), Pr. John Lomacang
12:00 HLFT000016 HeartLift Pride: A Boastful Heart Jill Morikone
12:30 PHP000012 Pressing In To His Presence Pleading for the Perishing Shelley Quinn
13:00 ASHF000178 A Sharper Focus
14:00 NBAS000017 Body and Spirit (New) Spinal Wrap: How To Straighten Your Posture Jeanie Weaver (Host), Garland & Donna Blanton
14:30 TTFJ000084 Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Forgives His Friends Linda Johnson
15:00 NP170415 New Perceptions Gone Fishin' -Part 2 Dwight K Nelson
17:00 SISS000019 Salvation in Symbols and Signs The White Horse Ivor Myers (Host), James Rafferty (Host), Jason Bradley, Yvonne Lewis
18:00 SSP180014 3ABN Sabbath School Panel
19:00 MOC000022 Multitude of Counselors His Addiction Or Mine Jennifer Jill Schwirzer (Host), Christina Ceccoto, Dr. Jean Wright II, Juliet Van Heerden, Shelley Wiggins
19:30 PFM000013 Perfecting Me Character of Love Wintley Phipps (Host), Adly Campos, Georges J Fleurimond, J.D. Quinn
20:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today
21:00 CLR000135 Celebrating Life in Recovery Walking Dead Cheri Peters (Host), Damas Manderson
22:00 AFM000014 Adventist Frontier Missions The Susu Chronicles -part 3
22:30 YFBR000007 Your Favorites By Request
23:00 TDY000000 3ABN Today


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